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Below: Who said you can get to class in six 
minutes? Just look at the size of this establish- 

Right: Kim Tuscano admires Melissa Murphy's 
fine school spirit. 










Sct+icA, £i/&h£t 


Below : Ed Crow ly, Mannie Cabral. and Tom Breen. 

[Above: Jill Furlong gets encouragement from her cronies. 
Lett: Leslie Mauriello. alias "Elsie", shrieks Pizza, Pizza. Pizza! 


We spoke out. 

We yelled, laughed, cried. 

We said what was on our minds and in our hearts. And 
sometimes we let our actions speak for themselves. 

We spoke out and said who we are, who we want to be, 
and how we want the world to be. 

We've said hello . . . and good-bye. 

We said what we believed in. 

We told the world what we wanted and made them listen 
to our words. 

Everyday we say who we are and what we stand for. and 
that is something we will say again, and again, and again. 


U v* t&t \jCfit<M*L t&£4& A^yi t&t 

C4*C vhAy 1$*4*M- O^C &UiC4 Aid- lAy 

Find Your Own Voice 

The evening began with a growing roar of 
voices as students poured into the Nashua 
Sheraton-Tara. The sounds of the prom were 
charged with excitement as more and more 
people filled the room. May 14, 1993, was to 
be a night remembered by all. 

There was a buffet filled with foods from all 
around the world, and students traveled to 
exotic locales right there in the ballroom. The 
foreign flavor seemed to speak a strange and 
wonderful language all its own. 

The night was filled with voices, speaking 
of plans, hopes, outfits. Anything and every- 
thing could be spoken that night and everyone 
spoke in his own voice, somehow finding the 
right words to say. 

The one thing that wasn't heard that night, 
however, was the prom song. "We've Got 
Tonite" was silent and still. Had anyone clued 
the band? 

Silence also reigned as the crowd eagerly 
awaited the voice of Mr. O'Brien announcing 
the prom Queen and King. Queen Stephanie 
Giblin and date Ryan Davenport let their ac- 
tions speak for themselves as they danced the 
night away. 

Right: Did you say 
"classy" officers? 

Bottom: The hills are 
alive with the sound 
of music . . . 

Left: Scott Fisher. David Cushing. Lynn Polsi.Todd Baldwin. 
Lauren Wells. Ruth Huerta. Mike Henkler. Noelle Walsh, and 
Jason Sawicki all line dance. 

Left: Mike Mastrullo and Courtney Cronin dance the night away. 
Below: Sean Jenkins, w ith Amy Petipas. just had to say it in a song. 

Vbove: Prom Queen Stephanie Gihlin 
ind date Ryan Davenport sit with the 
:ourt. Court: Katie Chaplin. Tiffany 
journey. Carla Romano. Amy Falite. 
■Cristie Roaers. and Lvnn Polsi. 

Mrs. Ouellette's raspy but powerful voice — the new voice of 
Billerica high since Mr. DeFeo's retirement from the rally circuit — 
blasted through the gym at the traditional Wednesday-before- 
Thanksgiving rally. 

Rousing the crowd, demanding their attention, and miraculously 
getting their attention, Mrs. Ouellette paced around the podium like 
a general rallying the troops. 

And rallied we were! The newly structured Spirit Week had 
lessened needless competition between the classes, so it was a 
unified and very loud crowd that welcomed the fall performances 
in all sports. 

As they have for the last four decades, the cheerleaders escorted 
sports captains to their seats among their teammates. One by one the 
captains were called forward to sing the praises and/or rue the 
shortcomings of each team. 

The Band, stretched casually across the gym stage, belted out 
inspiration, and the color guard, in new uniforms, dazzled the crowd 
with some highlights from their halftime program. The cheerlead- 
ers soared toward the rafters in death-defying pyramids, causing the 
teachers bunched at the doors to turn a little pale. 

But it was the football team, with its incredible 9 - record, that 
stole most of the thunder. The chance to whip Chelmsford had never 
before seemed such a possibility, and the crowd, fueled by the 
captains and Coach Flynn, told the Indian players that they were 
behind them, expecting nothing less that victory. 

Spirit wtck U- |<**v 

t&t A^jtcr |«/tvv yt*A4 «| 

Above Right: Rondell Sawyer gets the crowd fired up 
Right: Cheerleaders shout out their spirit 


Ltf, * Hot £v*4* 1M- M**4 tt.. 

li A 

Above Left: The Face-Off! 

Above: Coach Flynn instructs Mastrullo before 
the play. 

Above Risht: Where's the ball? 

Above: It is so cold! 


Below: Billerica wins possession of the hall. 

For the first time in Billerica history, the B.M.H.S. Indians, won the State 
Division 2A Superbovvl Championship (XXII) versus the Woburn Tanners. Was it 
our time? Did we prepare and plan and hope for this? You bet we did! 

The team just came off a#l season, and we wanted to "bring home the gold" 
with a victory over Woburn. During the year we set new records and established 
ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. We had the means, the direction, and the 
support to make our team great. Coach Flynn gave us the training and direction that 
our team needed and we wanted to make not only ourselves proud but our coaches 
proud of us. We headed into the Superbowl Game after a disappointing Thanksgiving 
game, so we needed to prove to ourselves and Billerica that we were a team that would 
not give up. Our coaches gave us the strength and motivation to come back strong, we 
were not quitters and we held our heads high and were determined to be a strong force- 
of will and pride. 

We had the town of Billerica behind us. What a feeling coming into that 
game! It was our turn to become winners-to not let our fans down-to prove to 
ourselves that our training and determination was not in vain, we proved it: 27-7. We 
controlled the game. We did it for ourselves, our coaches, and you. Thanks for being 
there for us ! 



elow: Coach Flynn and Mike Mastrullo celebrate a victorious Super Bowl 


Below: Jessica Bevis and Kelly Bickford grab their books and go. 

bove: Kerry Murphy. Chris Foti, Rob Pagliuca. and Sarann Nuon pause for a picture 
i the hallowed halls of B.M.H.S. 

What we say makes up who we are - who we are as a class and who 
we are as individuals. 

We speak in different languages that sometimes are not translat- 
able. We speak with our eyes, with our smiles, our frowns, our 
laughter, and our tears. We use body language to tell someone how 
we feel. We use words to reach across boundaries and to touch each 
other. Somehow we manage to say it all. 

We speak English, Italian, Spanish. French. German, and Swahili, 
yet we manage to speak in the common language of school and life. 

Lewis Carroll 

Our accents are varied - some Bostonian, some Mid- Western, some 
Southern, and some Western. But when all our voices mingle 
together - in the hallways, in the classrooms - we form a beautiful 
harmony that says it all over and over again. 


Craig Adams 

1 1 Charlesanna Lane 

Mary-Ellen Albanese 


1 2 Bertha Circle 

Activities: Homeroom Rep. 1 -4; Prom Comm. 


Favorite Saying: "What's up Crazy?" 
Memories: Deadbeat Club Mills How about a 
caddy? TB hates me! Mary crazy Sat. nite. 
KMart 1st HB party. Estee Lauder Look its a 
TURKEY! Steph COPS! Fav Class treasurer. 
Reach your goal Stace? 8/10/91 Jeff Can't cry 
hard enough luv and miss ya! TX Denise 
Gwen eat like a lady Maine 93 CLV Luv ya 
Mom Dad Ed & Jay! 

Dennis Allgaier 

22 Lowell Street 

Erica Anzalone 


2 Frost Street 

Activities: N.H.S.: Newspaper 1, 2, 4; Chorus 

2; Literary Magazine 3. 4. 

Favorite Saying: "Don't get too funky too 


Memories: Chirisimi! Bambi luvs Guido! 
Mickey D's & Baybanks vv/ Steph S. & Jen F. 
PROM FROM HELL. 1 luv ya like butta. 
Holly S! Lynn B-Rhythm! God bless you. 
Kristen B! FORK! Oh my God, help me out a 
little bit. baby! Bitter. Garrett? 

Nicole M. Bachand 
Activities: Band 1-4: Musical 1-3 
Memories: E.M.B.A. Division 2 champion- 
ships 91 and 93: bus rides to band competi- 
tions. Tennessee and Florida. Good Times w/ 
Sue O.. Lauren W.. Rosi S., Rich W.. Becky 
B.. Beb C. and mj best friends Andrea B. and 
Marci K. 

Richard L. Antonellis 


10 Jenkins Drive 
Activities: Wrestling 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "We Can Do This." 
Memories: Adventures w/ Dave. Nights w/ 
RJ. Dave. My cottage, tatoos w/ Dave, Matt, 
Joe. Hanging at the prison, my pool. G-N-R, 
Wilson gang, triathalon w/ Jim C. switch hit- 
ting. The Brain. Scooter Nights w/ RJ. Nights 
w/ Steve F. Thermous. "Happy New Year 
Don' t Touch Me." I Miss You Jeff D. Thanks 
To My Family. I Love You All. 

Tracy J. Arena 

3 Handel Road 

Activities: Homeroom Rep. 1-4: Yearbook: 
Prom Comm. 

Favorite Saying: "Euww! Not!" 
Memories: Good times w/ the girls Hotel 
Caswell. Hey come here! K- Mart with Mary. 
Nicole. Wena. Pulling a.n. Thanx for the C 
juice Mary 3 flats. Venus. CLV. watch out for 
the turkey. Drive by's with Browne, euww! 
nerd, not nune! Love ya Wena BF 4- Eva! 
Thanx Mom & Dad. I love you. 

Fernando C. Bairos 

"Brother Joe" 
15 Bear Hill Road 
Activities: Soccer 1, 3 
Favorite Saying: "Whatever you do, take care 
of your shoes." 

Memories: Walden was cool, llama taboot 
taboot. Phish at UNH. Brother Joe. Sweet 
Joey. What a long, strange trip it's been. 

Rebecca L. Baldwin 


14 Dignon Road 

\ctivities: Stage Crew 1 ; Winter Track 3-4; 
Softball 1-4; Band 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "How bad's my hair?" 
Memories: Syms. Cookies, Final 91', extra 
:hunky, midnight basketball, the Schmottes. 
3ood Times with- Sue O.. Laura C, Lauren 
hi., Deb C, Nicole B., Chrissy C, Erin R.. 
>tacey S., Bus 3 That's me, ski club Deb-you 
purp like a bartender. 53! The street sign! 
Thanks for everyone for all the good times. 

Matthew K. Battcock 

fC. of Badness" 
'.35 Allen Road 

Activities: Football 1. 2, 3. Quad-capt. 4; 
^acrosse 1. 2; Wrestling 1-4 
7 avorite saying: "Every 20 minutes conver- 
sion goes to a low" 

Vlemories: Spectrum. In the trunk. Here's to 
ong nights I can't remember. Tatoos. In school 
!0 min. and already a fight. Beach day, 5 
letentions. Good times with Joe T, Tim S. 
iiich A, Dennis C, Sean F. Sean J. and Jeff D. 
Motorcycle, Perky. My Honey Kristie R.Thanx 
via & Dad for putting up with me. NAVY here 
come. Good luck Mary. 

Mary H. Battcock 

235 Allen Road 

Activities: Soccer 1. 2; Volleyball 3, 4; Bas- 
ketball 1-4. Capt. 4; Softball 1-3 
Memories: Kiss'nbandit-slippage-Sat. nights 
w/Mary-Your turn Court-Heavy breatha- 
break'nthe seal-Deep talks-Salem-Otis Jacob- 
Bryguy-Mailbox-Jamie's-I'll find ya Mike- 
Hampton 92-Vulcanman-J/S Prom-4. Dana's- 
Cancun-Carrie& Jeff F.I. M.H. -Love ya Steve- 
Sure you're right-I ll miss you Matt-Thanx 
Ma. Dad & Mr. O. 

Laurie A. Batten 

10 Chester Road 

Activities: French Club 3. 4; Billerica Beat 1. 

2; Student Gov. 4 

Favorite Saying: "Whatever!" 

Memories: Fun times w / "Slick 1 06". Shaw na- 

where are my shoes. Kara, you won $5000- 

The Island- rug races- Dancing in the street- 

partying w/ strangers. BBC- W here's Holly? 

Anne- "my tw in". TPP- Aug. 29- big laughs. 

Hampton "93"- "the four of us". Hope w e stay 

friends 4-eva to share more great memories! 


Russell E. Beebe 

6 Tracy Circle 

Activities: Band: Chorus: Env ironmental Club: 
German Club 

Favorite Saying: "Who's the more foolish, 
the fool or the fool who follows him."" 
Memories: Mt. Washington with Dennis C, 
Field trip to Salem. Walden Pond. 

Thomas Bell 

10 Allen Road 

Lee An Benjamin 


5 Payson Road 

Activities: S ADD 1-2: French Club 3-4; Prom 
Committee 3-4: Homeroom Rep. 1-4; Student 
Gov. 1-4 

Favorite Saying: "Listen to this!" 
Memories: Good times with Crotch. Susse 
Chalet. Spill. Sinead. Hester, driving experi- 
ences. Kari Kickbox me radar! Look at those 
cheeks pa ha! Driveby-list MarB gang. Sue 
Be"er" Stoney thanx for all the good times. I 
love you the Rents. 

Jessica G. Bevis 


1 2 Robinwood Av enue 
Favorite Saying: "No urge!" 
Memories: Great times w/ Star. Kristin, 
Michelle. Jenn H.. Bo. and Charlene. Bo party 
at Nana's?! Michelle, wanna go curb riding' 1 
Todd, memba "Vivian"? Missy, it's a boy! 
Charlene. we love work! Andrea, see any bees 
lately ' 1 Michelle, wanna get dismissed? Thanks 
Mr. O'Brien. Fm outta here. Love ya's Ma. 
Dad. Missy. Larry. & Dylan! 


Charles E. Belanger 


345 Boston Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1; Football 2-4; Winter 
Track 3-4: Spring Track 2-4: Musical 1-4; 
District 3-4 

Favorite Saying: "Was up kid?" 
Memories: Great times w/ Bri, JJ. Arlo. & 
Studboy. Football. Musical since 7th grade, 
Kelley NISM. "I never have . . . ". 100 bucks, 
I miss you Jeff & Carrie. "I Like Mike !". Wake 
up Tom ! P-town adventures. Skootz! Sat. Night 
Poker. "I ll Rock Your World!" Heizman 55- 
0, shoulda taken the Camaro. Thanks Mom. 
Dad. Andi & Ash! 

Paul J. Bellino 

5 Jobe Lane 

Activities: Spring Track 1-4; Winter Track 1- 
4; NHS. 3. 4; Student Gov. 3. 4 
Favorite Saying: "What's up?" 
Memories: 50y record. 6 B-State 200. Track 
Mike S.. Scott F.. Ed C. Jeevan. Adam. Tom 
M.. Brendan and Brian C. Special times w ith 
Jodi. Pals Dav e C. Jamie C. Zak Z.. Jo M.. Jay 
N., Chris S.. Brian B.. Rob E.. Bob H.. Scott B.. 
Jon D.. Chris S.. Mike F.. Justin G., and Matt 
R. Lollapalooza. GNR Metal and A Smith. 

Star L. Benshimol 


10 Donald Road 

Activities: Walk For Hunger 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "What's up Duck?" 
Memories: Woody ' s first period class "Thank 
yew" crazy times with Michele V.. Sue S.. 
Vicki G.. Helen C, kelly B., Shel M.. Mel G.. 
Baps. Lisa P.. and the gang. Hampton 92 & 93. 
Richie Fowler and that kid from Worchester 
Bill. Dan. I mean Chris! Jr. Prom "Not in my 
house y a don't" Thanx Mom. Dad. Ro. & Nan! 

Robert J. Biagioni 


2 Mitchell Road 

Favorite Saying: "Kick in the pants" 
Memories: Running through Charleston n in 
the middle of winter with a tee shirt: swim- 
ming at Walden Pond in my boxers. Frisbee 
football. Noooo! Put your hands up and drop 
those bolt cutters. Hangin around in the fort. If 
I fall drag me home. Camping out at the 
Kennedy School. Pearl Jam. Upstairs on Roy! 

Lyle S. Bibler 


6 Pages Court 

Activities: Student Gov.; Musicals; Drama 
Club; League; N.H.S.; B.A.T.V. 
Favorite Saying: "Bonus!" 
Memories: Drop the Leash, Stave, Gage. Bul- 
face, Shunes, Release. The End. James 
Wrentham. Cheese. Wargrave. Ike. Coal Mine. 
Bill. Jesus, Fish, Blue Baby P.. Jelly, Hostile, 
Ron Don. L. Stein. Blah. Set kya, Cox's Class, 
Fire At Buhle's. Bickford's (3), Vedder. Porch 
Doors, Orklahormone, Enoch sport. Tom & 
Kenny, Banding, Ensemble Chucks. 

Brian Bishop 

15 Brookside Drive 

Jason T. Blundo 


59 Allen Road 

Memories: 12/1 1/92 "Danzig" Sam, Chrissy, 
Jug. Todd. "The Limo". blizzard 92. falling 
down hills, making things grow and prosper. 
Bob running through Boston after GNR in 
short sleeve shirt during snow storm, "Piles 
get off my obstacle." Freed! Times they change. 
There's a fire over there. 

Scott M. Bolser 


14 Angela Lane 

Activities: Soccer 1; Tennis 1-4; Golf 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "Shotgun" 
Memories: Good times with Bob, Jay. Matt. 
D.J., Big Truck Brian, and Tom. Halloween 
92'. What do you want to do tonight? Put in 
Hudson! Fun over Ja's house. When is that 
truck going to finish? Football games in the 
rain. Nuggets and the N.E. baseball team at 
Wendy's. Omni bashing with Jay. Thanks 
mom & dad. 

Kelly A. Bickford 


62 Rogers Street 

Activities: Colorguard l-2;Cheerleading3-4; 
Chorus 1-3; Ski Club 1.3 
Favorite Saying: T hat's N'ast> !" 
Memories: Good times in colorguard. Roach' s 
class with Richit, Rar, Rar. Rar. 1st per. 
Woody' s w/ Star "THank Yew " Cheering . . . 
"Are we done yet?" Florida with Smell . . . Bit. 
Blew. Zang! "I want my money!" Peter, you'll 
always be in my heart. Thanks Mom & Dad' 
Nik. you'll always be my best friend! 

Melissa A. Bishop 


5 Pratt Street 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4: Basketball 1-4; 
Spanish Club 4 

Favorite Saying: "Listen to this!" 
Memories: Good times w/ Slick 1 06. Melissa- 
w rapping cars, sneak out- w here's Al? strip 
poker! Carrie-a dozen roses? Kerry-How ' s the 
pancakes? Ralph. Grease. Alison-your base- 
ment. Kara-spy. ammunition. Lisa-limo ride. 
Tiff-Hangman? Adam-stop crying, Brad\ 
Trivia. Take a walk. Luke. Thanks Mom & 

Jacey Bokuniewicz 

1 1 Tomahawk Drive 

Activities: Musical 1-4; Spanish Club4; Drama 
Club 3-4; Literary Magazine 4; Ensemble 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "What" s the deal w ith that 7" 
Memories: Baa Never trust sheep skirts all 
falling You're like butta Baldrick Mebbe not 
Wanna? Mentos the freshmaker Junior mints 
Quack Quack Boing Huh Huh that's cool 
Sunday Matinee Baby! BMW=m\ best friend 
Gummy French} and Spanky its all yours P-O- 
P-E that's who I wanna be. I wish you all 

Richard J. BoutweU 


43 High View Street 

Favorite saying: "Let's go to Dunkin Do- 

Memories: Ventilator shaft; Dunkin Donuts; 
when the car blew up going to see Helmet. 
Gym w ith Mr. Viglione. 

Jaime A. Browne 

22 Frost Street 

Activities: Homeroom Rep. 1-4; Yearbook; 
Prom Comm. 

Favorite Saying: "Euww!!, Not!" 
Memories: Good times with the girls, Kris 
don't worry, mom's in Maine, Gwen Look no 
pants ! Pop the magic dragon curb ! Chad honey 
honey gimme my pegs, naps LippyA Drive 
by's, go tanning euww, KennyG Where's my 
pizza, bbc Buckwheat, Mayo CLV watch out, 
wish i saw the turkey, Mike I luv u, Thanx 
mom and Dad. 

Eric Buhle 

14 Green Acre Drive 

Christopher G. Burns 


14 Brookside Drive 

Activities: Football; Basketball; Lacrosse 
Favorite Saying: "Sweet" 
Memories: Fresh b-ball Chuch & Tuck Foot- 
ball T.D. soph. mono. j.v. b-ball kick but! Fun 
w/ B.J., Rich, Tuck, Matt's, Brian's, Keough 
Godfather Jr. Spooky World, Salem, Sledding 
Help me, sorry B.J.. Butler you did what. F.B. 
7-3 b-ball tough season Lax great season, Jr. 
Prom Dana' s, class day, subway SAT sr. Foot- 
ball great start. Capt. Mike, Rhondell, Matt & 
Me. Thanks Mom & Dad! 

Eric Busalacchi 

13 Kirk Road 

Darrin Bucknell 

108 Concord Road 

Kristin Lee Burdge 


41 River Street 

Activities: Spanish/Italian Club 
Favorite Saying: "Cool beans'' 
Memories: Good x's w/Cindy R. Jenn H., 
Jenn C. Stacey B.. Mandy D., Jessica B., 
Laura G.. Bill J.. Kevin M., Jerry H„ Matt H.. 
Elton John (Boston). 4/ 16. Up for curb-riding 1 
The BBC. WEAK! I want to see 16! Summer 
'93-which guy this week? Cindy-no cops! 
Gotcha- ha. ha! Don' t4-get Jolly Jim's. Thanks 
Mom & Dad. Love ya! 

James Burns 

P.O. Box 33 1 

David J. Butler 


65 Dudley Road 

Activities: Tennis 1 -4: Captain 4; Homeroom 
Rep. 1-3 

Favorite Saying: "Nice Try!" 
Memories: Good times \\l the gang Rubski- 
Luv and Binky. Football games and the happ\ 
comer, go #87. 79 T-Bird meets pole. Road 
trips to nowhere. Brian is it done yet? Ouch 
quit it' Weekends at the Lampson. Halloween 
in Salem. Junior skip day. and McDonalds. 
Coach Severno'.' Thanks Mom. Dad. and Kim. 


Matthew N. Butler 


1 2 Savoy Street 

Activities: Football 1-3 

Favorite Saving: "Hi! How are you?" 

Memories: Half Days. Wells Beach. Dowd*s 

brother. Don't worry we'll make it! Dana. 

wanna skip? Brothers, take me home. I gotta 

call Jen. stuck in the snow, many good days. 

mad dog 101, Heffers. stay young and party no 

matter where you are! 

Emmanuel Cabral 

8 Fardon Street 

Erika Candeger 

41 Sheldon Street 

Faith E. Catherwood 


45 Sachem Street 

Activities: Chorus 2; SADD 2. 4; Amnesty 4; 
Homeroom Rep. 1-4; Yearbook 4; Spanish 
Club 4 

Favorite Saying: "I dunno!!!" 
Memories: Fun with all my friends: the Lunch 
Crowd. Elephants!. Locker notes. The Note 
Book. Parties- (Yes, even "Library Parties!"), 
Chair Dancing, the Semi-(Wanna fight. 
Chris?). Driving with Mr. King. Proms (the 
Song!). Class Trip . . . Chrissa & Faither- 
Humm & Strumm. Fufifnics Forever 


Stacey Butler 

389 Treble Cove Road 

Scott F. Call 


104 Pollard Street 
Activities: Literary magazine 
Favorite Saying: "Oops! I forgot!" 
Memories: Fishing in Mr. Flynn's room, 
Dunkin Donut runs, sorry Daryl D., smelly 
cheese in my locker. I'm not a fascist!! 

Dennis W. Candelora 

17 Lindsay Road 

Activities: Hockey 1 -4; Baseball 1.2; Volley- 
ball 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 
1-4; Peer Asst. 4 
Favorite Saying: "Believe me!" 
Memories: Great times with Jeff D.. Doug. 
Matt. I'll miss U. Red & Amy. MALIBU. 
Quick rides to Hampton with Jeff. Montreal 
91'. Doug, where are we going to sleep? Hun- 
tington Ravine w/Russ. Take someone hiking 
Jeff? Thanks for everything mom. dad. & 
Brandi. I luv U. I miss you Jeff & I won' t forget 
U. J.T.D 7-2-93 

Brian M. Cerroni 


4 Market Street 

Activities: Golf 3. 4; Winter Track 1-4; Base- 
ball 2 

Favorite Saying: "Fired up!" 
Memories: Pull up your shorts! Get a taxi! Go 
out to recess! Rotisserie on what fun! Salem; 
We're going to look for the arcade! "Stand 
back I'll show you how to shoot an arrow!" 
Grab that branch. I'll pull you home. Drive 
By's. Good times w/Golf/track/team. Paintball 
trips. Moped drives. Thanks mom & dad. 

Christopher E. Charette 


3 Tom Grace Way 
Activities: Hockey 
Favorite Saying: "What's up!" 
Memories: A lot of things have happened in 
the past four years, both good and bad. All I 
can say is that they have gone by faster than I 
ever could have expected, and ha\ e been memo- 
rable. But now it's time to move on. 

Jamie Clark 

27 Whittier Road 

Michael Clery 

29 Lexington Road 

Amy L. Cloutier 

37 Pinedale Avenue 
Favorite Saying: "Wut up dawg?" 
Memories: I made itcuz I'mSMOOVE-Neva 
Hampton 93-Snapple-CLUV is he dope?-An- 
other flat?- Whatever Andrea-moo-Amy-moo- 
YUK-its a dead squirrel-feel this Ruffneck- 
boots-I"m not Brenda-Andrea you're the 
coolest-well beOBFS Always-Loveyamom. 
dad. & Tim. 

Christine L. Clooney 

23 Porter Street 
Activities: Band 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "Wonderful" 
Memories: Candy Corns & Jelly Beans. Hank! 
Whoosh! SNORT! Go-carts! Muppets. Head 
Banging Bus. PEACE! Study Buddies & 
Breakfast. I feel like screaming. Cloon-innis! 
Drums! Cat got your nose. Bowling Squat! 
Fireworks. The past 4 years were awesome. I 
love you guys! Craig, you're the Best!! 

Lisa M. Coburn 


4 Poe Road 

Favorite Saying: "Whatever." 
Memories: Good x's w/everyone-class day 
93-Hey Red. nothin like speeding by Mr. Ob to 
get a slushie-Kris is your mom in Maine?- 
What a nite. huh Kel?-Coffee trips w/Courtnej 
& Jeff-Mr. D & Mr. C U R the best-Cancun 94- 
Jace. is the game over?-Jr. prom limo ride- 
Melis-mom I miss U-Thanx A. J.. U.P. & nana. 
I luv U 

Deborah L. Cohen 


85 Billerica Avenue 

Activities: Cross country 3, 4; Band I, 2, 4; 
Winter track 2-4: Spring track 1 -4; Stage crew 

Favorite Saying: "Nice that . . . by the way, 
Oh my God. okay whatever." 
Memories: I miss & love you Carrie & Jeff. 
Aauh! Hi-Hi. Debbiebra & Patrip. 11/7/91. 
Finals '9 1 . ski club. Line. Ruthy Toothy. Spring 
track '92. Dinkus, I loove you. Erin's mint. 
BEEeek. Newsies. GFH III. Fight me. 
Shmoettes. Cross country '93. Fun x's w/all 
my friends. All my coaches-thanks. Thanks 
mum & dad 

Laura Cormier 

Swanee. Georgia 

Helen R. Corcoran 


2 Mirror Road 

Activities: Walk for hunger. 1-3 
Favorite Saying: "NO URGE!" 
Memories: Good Times with Vicki G. Lisa P. 
Star B.. Heather M.. Michelle V.. Colleen D. 
Laura Hampton Beach. Men's Bathroom 
Michelle can't drive. Laura and KMART. NO 

Brooke A. Costedio 


1 2 Charlesmere Road 

Activities: Cheerleading 2, 3, Capt. 4 
Homeroom Rep. 1-4; Prom Comm.: Spanisl 
Club 4 

Memories: Great times w/friends-F/9-SumJ 
mer 91 -Hi guy-where we gonna sleep? thJ 
Jaxon-Gall's party-scratch swinga- consume! 
Great times w/team-Bon"n "Jim-I neva Jr. Prom 
w/Jeff-Boop!-U Da man-get me a bowl-DiscJ 
breaks slow hand-underground dive-love yo^ 
Carrie & Jeff-thanx Mom & Dad I love you J 

Patrick Covert 

1 Intervale Road 

John Coyne 

45 Burnham Road 

Kendra L. Creonte 

28 Robin Hood Avenue 
Activities: Gymnastics 1 ; Homeroom Rep. 1- 
4; Prom Comm. 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "Take it easy." 
Memories: Good x's w/T. Arena. J. Browne. 
K. Giblin. Jill F.. Mary A.. L. Estee. Lisa M.. 
Nic. N. Horgan. Oh what a night. Buckweat 
TAN! J. U start! Fuzzy Duck. T. There's a 
turkey. K. there's the B! Jeff I'll ne\er forget 
the 4 years. Florida. Jeff I dwove U. How 's 
Jorge? Rex I hit a tree, CLV CANCUN. Rex 
thanks. I LUV U! Mom. dad thanks. 

Ann M. Crow t her 


5 1 Heritage Road 

Activities: Chorus 

Favorite Saying: "Hi. how a ya?" 

Memories: Being with my friends Jodie V . 

Rebecca F.. & Rita H. Singing in math class in 

9th grade. "Crow ther. got any gum?" Ton\ . 

Chris. Jimmy. Jorge. Scott. Tommy. Jodie 

McDonald's family. Bringing my camcorder 

on the last day of school. "Good bye Billenca 

High-it\ been fun." 

David M. Cushing 


22 Lexington Road 

Activities: Winter track 3-4: Baseball 3-4; 
French club 3-4; Student Gov. 3-4; Science 
league 4 

Memories: Good times at A. P. "90-'92. 
Lollapalooza '92. Bosstones at the Avalon. 
Brady Bunch "physics", Breen English. In 
Buck's "Tsunami?". Taking a walk Lucas?, 
Hey Jacques. Hanging with Jamie C, Paul B., 
Joe M., Chris S.. Zack Z., Gev R., Adam B., 
Tash S., Mike F., Chris S., Lucas B.. & Sean H. 

Chad D'Arrigo 

29 Wilson Street 

Justin M. Dagle 


1 Christina Avenue 
Activities: Hockey 2-4; R.F.L. 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "You wanna see this gone?" 
Memories: Stone Temple P's, Coolin' out w/ 
the fellas, Doug's garage, Hutch weekend, 
40's by the pool, The Devils, Duke-RFL, 
Weiland, Butt-Naked Jenga. Hamms $.25, 
Scotty Wah. GN'R-Danzig concerts, Shootin' 
hoops 4 AM, Dana's and Mark's parties, 
crackerman, the woods-crazy night, Love ya 
mom, dad, nana. Bye now. 

Matthew J. Daly 


292 Rangeway Road 
Activities: Lacrosse 3, 4 
Favorite Saying: "What did you say?" 
Memories: G-times w 7w homever; Andy ' s Cad 
Amherst Flex Compactor: Thanx Mr. Connolhl 
for everything: Fun-stuff Laura-I love youl 
Oric-we're not getting home; thanx mom. dadJ 
Bren; Hampton 93"; Montreal New Years 93-1 
94; "The Fab"; J prom party; "Where's Andy' J 

erry J. Daye 


Truman Avenue 

•tivities: Softball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Soc- 
r 1-2; Track 4; Student Gov. 4; Homeroom 
•p. 4 

ivorite Saying: "I mean" 
emories: Great times w/great friends: 
urph-take a seat; Denise-hold on! Jenks- 
's jump; Sue-you've lost that lovin feelin; 
i-is that a turkey? How bout a movie; Mayan- 
;et yain 10! fun at the lake! Melis-let's sing; 
irrie the best time of my life w/you. (S.C. in 
3") 2 Thanx mom & dad. luv ya. 

mra M. DelFavero 


Clarence Street 

ivorite Saying: "Give me another bear." 
emories: All the parties, good timers with 
becca C., Joe D., Nikki T.. Glen C.. Bryan 
I Mickey, Eddie J.. Jen Emit. Keith M. Jack 
.Julie D.. Peanut. Rob. Dawn F.. andevery- 
e else. Camping Labor Day Weekend, 
tere's the bear? Almost a month Rebecca 
t worth it!!! Keep Smiling. Rollies. 

immer J. DePari 


Tower Farm Road 

:tivities: Cheering 2-4; Basketball 1; 
meroom Rep. 2-4; Prom Comm. 3. 4 
ivorite Saying: "I'd give U so much $ if U 

emories: Best times w/9/25- You guys are 
: BEST! Kuks house-BF Ker CLONES twins 
•ters theres 2 many 2 write-Grace MC/ 
imaha-PS 93' -Kel/Kim 4 CK-LION-OS w/ 
ira. Dee. & Neen-Kitty Kara Kara-Scam - 
irne-Jeff I luv & miss ya both-Cheering 
VI-CANCUN-Mom, Dad, Ran. Ron, & Billy 
tanx — I luv ya always! 

// M. DiGiovanni 


"tivities: Swimming 1 
emories: Fun with Ami. Dan. Tarn & O.S. 
el & Lisa B.F.F. "What do we do now." 
Peking the candy store, Doritoes and 
wtbeer. Ami- But what about the socks, 
im- Is that what she told you! Lord chief 
xker. McDonalds, Mel busting her buttons 
the poolhall. Thanks MIKE. I'll never forget 
>u. Keith. I love you. Mom! 

Dorina DeBlasi 


623 Boston Road 

Activities: S.A.D.D. 2; Yearbook; Literary 
Magazine 4 

Favorite Saving: "Look, a dog 1 '' 
Memories: ". . . and some in nothing at all." 
Wet twizlers anyone! His name is Shaggy not 
Scrappy. It's not a multiple choice question! 
Taking a bath at Fenway. Riding the Harley at 
Hampton with Stephanie and Erica. "Our 
Kitchen"; Rainy day at the beach with Sharon 
T.. Stacey S. and Jen F. 

Lisa DeNapoli 


8 Albion Road 

Favorite Saying: "Where are we?" 
Memories: All of the great times with Jill and 
Melissa. Best friends for life! "Jet Alert!" 
Partying during sessions w ith the gang. "What 
do we do now . J i 1 1 T The old times are the good 
times. Driving on a string with Melissa! "Pop 
goes the zipper!" I'll love you always Mom 
and Dad. 

John J. Diaz 

"Sweet Joey" 

10 Whitegate Road 

Activities: Tennis 2-4; Science League 3. 4; 
Student Gov. 

Favorite Saying: "Brother Joe" 
Memories: Brother Joe. nice hair Rob/Bob. 
Coach S.. T . . . and you?, hippie for Physics, 
Italian with Diana and Marco: Which One?. 
Go-carts w/Sean. I don't like TS Laurie. Lisa, 
ready for 6-0?. She boygan, pink polka dots, 
toilet paper, and shaving cream, exploding 
milks. Thank you Mom. Dad. and my friend lil 

Amanda B. Dolan 


18 Angela Lane 

Memories: Great times w ith Kristin B.. Jenn 
C..& the rest of the gang. He) Knsphow about 
some curb riding'.' That partv at your house. I 
can't get in the car. Your mother will know. 
Hey that night Jeff was in your room. Jenn 
tubing in Maine. You've all been great. Thanks 
Mom& Dad. I LOVE YOU! 

Katherine Doucet 


91 Andover Road 
Activities: Soccer 
Favorite Saying: "Well Ya Know." 
Memories: Amy-n-Gen-allergies we can't 
shake. Singin' in the Halls w/Julie R. Paula- 
We gotta go-no we gotta stay-wish we stayed. 
Those damn B's. Stoppin in ihe mid of Boston 
R.D. cuz of Scott. Doin the Straz. Hangin off 
the Cliff! Hey Nicole-you're great. Kim T - 
We're bad to the bone. Joel G. Remember CK 
+ JD 

Christine M. Dunham 


26 Talbot Avenue 

Activities: S. A.D.D. 2: Amnesty 4; Yearbook 
Favorite Saying: "Party" 
Memories: Badminton Jr. year with Leah F., 
Sharon T.. Chris S. Bus rides with DeDe. 
Embarrassing Faith. Psslpt! Raging hormones! 
Chair dancing. Mr. Clean. Leah I was only 
kidding. Forever Fuffifnics. Notebooks. Hum 
and Strum. Robtella (-Kleenex says Bless You ! 
Health with Mr. C. Leah-remember being 1 3?! 

Kelly A. Eastman 


45 Chelmsford Road 

Activities: Cheerleading 2-4; Homeroom Rep. 
2-4: Prom Comm. 

Favorite Saying: "WOW! Whatever, 

Memories: Great times w/the 9 of us. Kukis' 
girls-the go go's that went went. Carrie- 
ULowell. Hi-I'm Chuck are you from 
Bushwack. Shazam/Bambi & Mickey. Cheer- 
ing-Jim & Bernice-Bonnie! Porchdwellers. 
Heev Guuys . . . Rump shakin' in the T-Bird. 
Syanokobolomi ! Pt. Sebago-Shut up! 
SummerRMCP. Carrie we love & miss u. 

Mark S. Emanuel 

3 Gov. Peabody Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1 : Football 3; Volleyball 

Favorite Saying: "Please Pound That!" 
Memories: Great times at Doug's-STP-Choo 
Choo Chap-Smitty-Honestly I don't know but 
I'll check-Detour Shmetour-Wah you alright- 
Purrea needs 3 eggs-Kev flying glass?- 
Hutchfest '93-Sidekick. Where's Tracy- 
Hamms here to me-Jug shells with fat strings- 
Pa DJ Scott. 


Alison M. Drumm 


4 Frost Steet 

Activities: Gymnastics I -4; Peer Leader 3, 4; 
Homeroom Rep. 2-4; Prom Comm. 3; News- 
paper 4 

Memories: Good times with Melissa B.. Me- 
lissa M.. Lisa P. Biology B-Day! Unluckv trip 
toCanobie. Undersea boat! Somethin" goinonl 
in the basement? Shure you can Eric B. I didn't 
hit the curb. Who is that parked in front of us? 
The meet I never walked out of. The REAL 
Bradys! Ice skating in Aug. Luv ya Mike! 

Andrea A. Dussault 


22 Allen Road 

Favorite Saying: "Wut up Dawg!" 
Memories: Neva 4 Get Ly nn Boy s, Breakheart 
carriage house 5/3/1992. Snapple Guv Punch 
It Martha 1st Arrest Hampton 93 Kris Henny 
Kick 2 Da Curb! Shelltoes Best times w/Amy 
BF 4EVA Billnicka I'll always Love you JR 
Blaney Always In my heart 10/26/92 Good 
KB Spot? Sleeping Out! Love ya family 
made It! 

Matthew T. Eisnor 


1 1 Edgar Road 

Activities: Golf 2-4, captain 4; Track 1 ; Hockey 
1. 2; Lacrosse 2: Peer Asst. 3. 4; Literary 
Magazine 3. 

Memories: Anyone find a sweatshirt? Pigs in 
A&P-Lost in RI-Trips to court-Const, barrels] 
and shaving cream-Not one. but two! Jess, bel 
nice. Lez. marry me? Spooky world 92/93 
Salem- 1426-6833-Quacky Dacky flies in 
Maine-Jen. some things are worth the wait-l 
Quail High-Jeff and Carrie miss you much- 
1994 Good Luck!! 

Carrie A. Ennion 

1 Lowell Street 

Activities: Soccer 1. 2; Basketball 1-4; Peerl 
Asst. 3, 4; Student Gov . 4; Spanish Club 4 |j 
Favorite Saying: "Whatever!" 
Memories: Great times w/Kerry. Mayan,!] 
Denise. Melissa. Amy. Murph. Gen. Chris-lj 
tine. Kym & Slick 106. Psst Kerry-Is the tablef | 
spinning? 4th of July-do you mind if I pick?! 
Hampton-sneaking out! 6am-tixs-Billy Joel!| 
Melissa-Dozen roses? Flick Chicks-GWAli 
Strip poka-BBC! Amy-cottage-limo! Luv yal 
Mom & Dad. 


\>becca M. Eriksen 


Vestwood Avenue 

tivities: Swimming 1 -4; Cheering 3; Span./ 
til. 4; Yearbook; Homeroom Rep. 
Emories: Fun X's w/ Kate-Jen-Lez-Jules- 
elley-Mar-Jes, Kngdm Phylm, Clas Ordr. . 
Imlaut-Im the Likcing Queen-happy Day- 
k a #-chiga-stress is good-Woody Day- 
iooky World-Salem-Class Day-Jr prom- 
Lnas-Bk 2 skool bash-breakin Aaron's bed- 
iv U Jeff & Carrie-thanx mom-dad-bro-sis 

ny L. Falite 


Hattie Lane 

•tivities: Class President 2-4; N.H.S.; Vol- 
I'ball 1-4; Capt. 4; Track 1-4; Softball 1-4. 
|pt. 4; H.R. Rep 1 

emories: Great X w/my friends (E9): Hal 
2-S3G/Spooks-Put 10 in JK box-RPP-Yeo/ 
scobrakes-Big Ben-Hampton w/ 
510 neck-Scum DDC- Prom/Dana - s-TOOL- 
iy Chrissa/Baby-C/C-Jeff. FlOAVhat 1 just 
:, d was-Carrie, Teapt/Egg-Erin-Luv ya-GD 
;k-Thx Mom & Dad-Love ya, U2 O'B. 

Jennifer L. Fahy 


9 Harvard Road 

Activities: Homeroom Rep. 1 -4; Prom Comm. 
Yearbook; Environmental Club 
Favorite Saying: "Sodbag!" 
Memories: Fun with us 9; Baqua. Bacon. 
BananaMan. umlaut, porchdwellers. 
Duckypooh. Bushwhack'.' Antonio. 
Rumpshaker. Spookyworld. Salem, sledding. 
Super Bowl. Grease. Sebago. Cancun. Rob. 
when's the Coed Naked Pool Party ? Darrvl. 
Oh Boy. #5. Miss you Barrel Buddy. Thanks 
Mom & Sis. Thanks suvs. Love You! 

Matthew R. Farren 


[3 Newport Drive 

Activities: Basketball I, 2; Spring Track 2 
Favorite Saying: ". . But not really." 
Memories: Great times w ith Tom. DJ.. Bob 
and Gang. Bulky! lots of road trips, happy 
corner, drakes coffee cakes, where' s porter 
st.? cocoa pebbles in sink? Hampton hair. 
Taco Bell runs, go 87 !. Hallow een 92. Hershey 
kiss war. E. Vedder. omni box. Thanks mom. 
dad. and dJ. 1 love ya! 

Jennifer Faulkner 


58 Burnham Road 

Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 4; Literary Magazine 

Favorite Sayings: "Is he cute 9 " 

Memories: Charlie says Math w/ Stacey 

and Erin. Lab with Mr. T. Pick on Ruth Day. 
Erica. don"t sit on the ants. Ruthy toothy and 
Dork. Hola. skiing w/Lauren. Laura. Becky, 
and Kelly. Deb. watch out for the ditch. I'm 

Justin M. Ferro 


173 Pond Street 

Activities: Football 1-4; Hockey 4: Winter 
Track 1 : Lacrosse 1 . 2: Spring Track 4 
Favorite Saying: "You're out of your tree!" 
Memories: Good times w/ Augs. Chad. Ralph. 
Adam. Jill. Bill. Nic, Football. "Should've 
taken the Camaro! Guys. Where's my under- 
wear? Keough ate the worm! So. Co. Take me 
away! ARLO! Stealing the caravan. Oye! A 
Bazillion bottles. 1-25-93. YOU LOST THE 
TAP Let me be 16 again! Click, matching 
bracelets! The Begal is dead!" Thanks Mom + 

Scott Fisher 

38 Hampstead Avenue 

Bethany E. Flaherty 


19 Angela Lane 

Activities: Spring Musical 1-4: Ensemble 2- 
4: Student Gov.: Student Rep. School Com- 
mittee: Drama 3. 4: Homeroom Rep. 
Memories: Is the phone ringing? Jacey- 
Psycho! What's on my windshield? Hello Dolly 
'91 -R's Angel's & singing backstage. I'm Ida! 
Pink slippers. Vicki-people will say. Work w/ 
Becky. Camping 8/93-are you OK? Brian, 
let's go for ice-cream. The T.P.P. phone calls 
w/Rob till 2. Thanks. Mom. Dad. & family. 


Dawn L. Ferreira 

334 Treble Cove Road 
Favorite saying: "Are you going to pass tha 
my way?" 

Memories: Dany & Aub's at Dutle High. Bol 
and his band with band parties . . Becky 
Laura remember the summer? Wow! Erik; 
w rong pedal! Aub's got in the wrong car! ("53 
Becky & Laura buds till the end. Never say di< 
Party your off! 

Ralph J. Fiore 

6 Coach Road 

Activities: Football 1-4; Track 2. 4 
Favorite Saying: "Ya Right, who you kid 


Memories: Good times with Joe. Justin. Steve 
Nicole. Jamie. Mike. Lord I wish I was 1( 
again. Just have one more. Hang'in in Lowell 
!OYE' I Dare Ya. Watch Out. Take chuckie 

Aaron K. Fitzpatrick 


122 Cheryl Lane 
Memories: Good times with Mr. Stanton 
Vinnv D.. Bum Cakes. 

Melissa A. Flood 


58 Great Elm Road 
Favorite Saying: "Give it to me." 
Memories: Best times w/Lisa and Jill. Be; 
Friends Always. Fun w/Dan. Kim, Sandr 
Office Sim. Partying betw een sessions w/Lis 
and Brian. Guys let me sleep! Choc, cake, he 
dogs. Driving on a string w7 Lisa. The light' 
red Mel. My zipper popped. Jet Alert! Thank 
Mom. Dad. Kimmy I love you always. 

l^ah V. Fosmire 

336 Salem Road 
Activities: Yearbook 
Favorite Saying: "Whoa" 
Memories: Great times with the gang. I'll 
never forget you. Gym Junior year w/Sharon. 
Chris. Chris. Dorina. remember the handi- 
capped at Fenway. Poor Avery. "Seth." Diane, 
turn off your blinker! "bone rack." Kenny, 
you'll always be my favorite gork. "tubule." 
Christine D. remember being 1 3 will haunt us 

Tara J. Fournier 


30 Pines Road 

Activities: Yearbook; NHS 

Favorite Saying: "Pardon" 

Memories: Great times w ith Karen. Jodi. Leah. 

and the rest of the gang. How 's your shoulder. 

Have you seen Seth? Nov. 9. 1990 Vin. Tap. 

Oreo-I wonder what they wanted. Ding and 

Dong. York 92 and 93. notebooks and the 

never ending stories. Captain Ron!! Thanks 

for all the memories guys, we finally made it. 

Rebecca L. Fulti 

5 Theresa Avenue 

Activities: Yearbook: Future Teachers of 

Favorite Saying: "Oh My God!" 
Memories: Falling up stairs, trying to find an 
open bathroom, being late to homeroom, get- 
ting lost, bad hair days, dancing with my 
friend's ex at the prom. Hanging around 
Burlington Mall w ith Ann. Rita, and Jodie. It 
was fun! 

Sandra C. Gallagher 


286 Concord Road 
Activities: Prom Comm; Yearbook 
Favorite saying: "What's up'.'" 
Memories: Fun times w/friends esp 9. Lake 
Winn downtown train/NC feeding the wild- 
life. French fry. consume. Erin the tape/S3G 
Hal 92/get her a no neck. Callin cops LK Red. 
they left w/out us. Tool/amarosa/tpp/Caneun/ 
miss u came. Jeff-FlO w hat I just said w as . . 
. miss & lu\ u. Th\ Dad. Mom. M & S. Luv \ a. 


Loriann Gallo 


5 Rodeo Circle 

Favorite Saying: "Yeah. I'm so confused." 
Memories: Weekends at Umass. Lollapalooza. 
Parties at Derry . The mirror. Lisa and Steven's 
wedding. I love you both. Memories w/Tray- 
dancing in the van. Betty and Wilma. Cape 
Cod. Summer w/Tim. hiding out in the closet. 
Watching Jane. Video thunder. I love you. 
Tim. Thanks mom. dad. for all the rides. 

Jennifer E. Garrett 

6 Oak Street 

Activities: Newspaper 1-4; S.A.D.D. 2-4; 
Amnesty 3. 4; Yearbook; N.H.S.; Literary 
Magazine 4 

Favorite Saying: "Speaking of abortion . . . 
Beating a dead horse." 
Memories: Looking for Mr. Green. Jill M. 
and the bumper cars. Monopoly w/ Karen M. 
the "Slum Lord." New spaper w/Dee R. "Pepsi: 
It's not a multiple choice question." right. 
Dorina D! Chiclet and Satan-is that fascia? 
Staveley and just drag him off to the woods! 
Magda L. and "Fur Bikini." 

Andrea Gambale 

10 Wilson Street 

Favorite Saying: "Where's my binki." 
Memories: Good X's w / Tracy, Cheri. Dani, 
Andy. Stacy. Sandra. Stace. Ami. Laura. Jen. 
M/D I luv u! Thanx Mr. O. L's & D's family. 
Aunt D ur #1 . D, I'm scared. Blzd 93. BBC. C- 
Spiral. Magic Kingdom. I can hang! cruis'n in 
wlma. I lost mv mind on Wilson St. I made it. 

Nicole Gauvin 

1 3 Canterbury Street 
Activities: Homeroom Rep. 1 -4: Prom Comm. 
Memories: Hey Mills, w here's you TB ? Good 
times in Mr B's class. No more Kmart. Limo 
night. Heathers. Deadbeat club. 4 am at my 
house. Aladdin. Sledding. Wells Beach. The 
brothers. Drive by's. Mystery ride, anyone? 
Miss U Jeff & Carrie. Thanx Mom & Dad, 1 2- 
26-92- Wubbatubba- 1 love you forever. BJ! 

\dy-Ann Geehan 


liartmouth Drive 

Itivities: Billerica Beat 1 , 4; Spanish Club4; 
meroom Rep. 1, 2 
(write Saying: "Don't Worry!" 
I mories: Thanx 4 the best years of my life! 

my b. friend, Luv Ya! Pinheads! Vic, let's 
re a bagel w/ cream cheese! Senior year 
ches-my boyfriend ! American Studies, best 
[sses I've had/John Ross! I'll miss every- 

cki A. Gerry 


icca Farm Road 

tivities: Musical 1-4; Newpapaer 1,4; En- 
able 3; Added Attractions 4; Swim team 
nager 4 

vorite Saying: "No urge." 
■mories: Good times w/ Helen C, Michelle 
Lisa P., Star B., Katie C, Colleen D., & 
jra G. Hampton Beach '92 & '93, Richard 
' Dave, parties in Pinehurst, Hey Shank, 
n's bathroom, Michelle' s driving, Guisepps, 
verhill guys, Do they clap here? Mom, Dad 
"athy-Love ya. You too Mike! 

bphanie J. Giblin 

I epharoo" 

I Sachem Street 

(tivities: Prom Comm.; Tennis 1 
(vorite saying: "Ya, whatever." 
hmories: Mary-Deadbeat Spooky W, 56 
ps? Kris Hamo 4am K-Bye, Tarn-Billy no 
IkNG, FL 93 killa, Taco B. w/ Wena, Tracy 
j' Hi, DSK go girls, Andrea subs yuk, tx MC, 
1'20/92-Mr. Stanton miss ya, tx Gary, Luv 
jj guys, Ma & dad tx Love ya, 10/2/91- 
i drew I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, June Zim, 

Robert Gentile 


30 Wyman Road 

Favorite Saying: "What's Up Dude?" 
Memories: Thanks mom and dad. You guys 
made the best 4 years of my life even better! 
Sandra, thanks for being there for me, do you 
still want your money? I love all! Great times 
with Kell ! love ya baby! Brett. Jaime, the 
whole gang! all great times, ARC it Baby!! 

Kara L. Giblin 

9 Horton Lane 

Memories: Jr. prom. Greg's place, I'll start it 
Fuzzyduck! 3 offices-Steph R„ Carla R. want 
to go to Hampton? You're wacko-Chinese red 
light, Cancun! Sideways! Kendra C. I'm al- 
ways here 4 U! Kitty! Mr. S., Carrie. & Jeff 
never forget ya! Paul, thanks 4 everything. I 
love you! Mom & Dad, I couldn't have done it 
w/out ya, I love you, thanks! 

Julie A. Gibson 


61 Glad Valley Drive 

Activities: Swim team 1-4. cpt.4; B-Ball 1-2; 
Tennis 1-4; cpt. 4; H.R. Rep. 4; Prom Comm.: 
Spanish-Italian Club 

Favorite Saying: "Ya, think so? It all de- 

Memories: BLOBS-prom fiasco-sledding O 
Boy-Ya, study-Maybe Baby-Joe I 4give u- 
snowdance-moonlighting-sprbowl-Lez ur # 1 - 
Shaka-fun w2/9-Rao + TJ-Danas-midas- 
Sebago-Duckypoo-thanx Kuk-thanx Mom + 
Dad-Carrie + Jeff luv u never 4get u! 


/ ni Michelle Gizzi 


Pequot Street 
1 vorite Saying: "Just kidding." 
lemories: Time spent w/ Pam R.. Jill D., 
Llissa F., and Lisa D., Hampton w/ Pam R.; 
I F., and Jimmy C, what do we do w/ our 
s:ks Jill? Pooper. pooper, mee, meep, Lisa 
Mat's going on now? Freak me after Dunkin 
bnuts, Halloween '92. remember Melissa. 

Justin K. Glass 


22 Grove Street 
Activities: Soccer; Hockej 
Fav orite Saying: "HUH' 1 ! Did you catch that ?' " 
Memories: Wonder Wagon-Sunday River- 
It's done?! Football games and gang-The Grand 
Marquis-The Flynn Experience-The Whale- 
class day-the Thunder Bird-McDonald and 
Funtime-The Mustang-Mr. Infanger-D. J.- 
Brian B.-Matt F.-Jason N.-Scott B. -Leigh S.- 
Rob H.-Bob H. -Weekend ski tnps-summer at 
York Beach-The Header Gasket! 



Michael O. Gonsalves 


5 Woodbury Road 

Activities: Science League; Amnesty; SADD: 
French Club: NHS 

Favorite Saving: "Seventeen! Moo." 
Memories: Woody Day! Miss B. pulling the 
fire alarm. People fainting in health. Ge Hing 
destroyed in Science Olympiad. Giving 5 
minute speech on Legos in Mr. Lancaster's. 
Mr. Stavely *s class. GeHing lost in Salem with 
Mrs. Hagan. Bus trouble with French Club. 

Gus Graff eo 

6 Copley Place 

Jesse M. Graves 


3 Marshbrook Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-2; Football 3. 4; 

Favorite Saying: "What did I do now?" 

Memories: The Math Triangle. Salem with 

Keyes. New Years at the Cops house. Flat tire 

and tasty sand at Wells Beach. Sledding in 

Burlington. Windshield down to the station 

again! Han wheels = $20. Ipswich? Where is 

that again? MD 20/20. Matt E. water run. At 

my place, clean up and carry me up the stairs. 

Tiffany E. Gurney 


32 Pondover Road 
Favorite Saying: "You're queer!" 
Activities: Soccer 1. 2; Tennis 3, 4; French 
Club 3. 4; Student Gov. 3. 4; NHS 
Memories: Hi slick 106! Gen Q's party! 
Chubby Bunny! Hangman mel' 1 Hi aimee B! 
Remember Shelley's party? Halloween '92- 
eggs anyone? Fun times-Brian D' s. Somerville/ 
Everett! Fanueil Hall-'T lost my atch!" I won't 
forget the the great times! I'll miss you all 
Thanks mom (family)! I love you! Best of 


Ronathan L. Gonzalez 

"Mad Dog" 
97 Canterbury Street 
Activities: Student Government; Volleyball 
3, 4; Spanish-Italian Club 
Memories: Watervile skiing with Sharpe, 
Dana. Bill. Dave. Blizard 93 at Nigro's, Jr 
Prom with Wah. Dagle. Blades. Julie. Leena/ 
Mad Dog "Andrea", Nice. Smitty. Hams, 
Hampton, v-ball team kicked off back on, 
where's Hutch. Dana's party. Roy or Wah! 
mark over moog. Ronwell. Maybe, shelley 
and the gals, luv ya guys, ma and pa-10/hize- 
luv ya! 

Kelly A. Graham 


13 Gov. Peabody Road 
Favorite Saying: "No . . . Really!" 
Memories: RK/PLM. Silver Lake+Quarries 
w/old gang. SinPalace/HectorAlice 
Bruno+Mac-Beny! Keith, walks 4 Hunger. 
Concerts w/Jaim, Ka, Cin, Chrissy 
Morgie.+Kerry. Beach w/keri. Cane Verde! 
Buff+Dopo. incide. Ya Dude! Shanny! Ka 
why is every- 1 lookin at me? Rob u traitor? I 
luv u! Ma. Dad. Dave-I luv u! 

Shelley N. Gupta 

5 Acre Road 
Activities: Env ironmental Club; Student Gov- 
ernment 3-4: N.H.S: Tennis 2; Homeroon 
Rep. 1-4: Spanish Club 3-4; Yearbook 
Favorite Saying: "No. you guys, listen to 

Memories: Great times with the Slick 106. 
Anne-Umass Amherst Oh what a night ! Danc- 
ing in the street. Back to school bash. You'r 
FABulous! BLOB Rules. Grease club. Bob- 
bing heads. Table for 20? Kara, what $5000? 
Fun at Wingasheek. Thank God for study 
group! Thanks to family and friends for help 
and all the fun! 

Sean J. Hagan 

616 Springs Road 
Activities: Cross Country . Track 2.4: Amanu- 
ensis. Editor 3. 4: French Club 1-4, President 
4: Student Gov.: Musical 2. 3; Swim Manage 

Memories: Meuse- profitness? Zack Z. Dav 
C, Joe M. DriveBy! DA BELLY BUSTER! 
Cushing- that was the firestation! Jive Sanfc 
Sorry about your watch Tiff. Your mother! 
plays poker. Finn-the human steroid, Kramer. , 
Bullsey- Bridge. Julie-when'sthe meet? We're 
outta here Bezus. I love you Ma. Pa, Cul + Dev. j 

ennifer L. Hall 


Lakeview Drive 

avorite Saying: "Dude! what's up?" 
lemories: Run out of gas on Boston Road 
tely Stacey, etc.! The Industrial Park in the 
>ld. Jolly Jim's w/S. Butler, and Burdge! set 
e up w/ a phillie! two best weeks in July, 
nanx Kris. Skuttles. Thanx Mr. O'Brien. 

>avid Hammond 

Solar Road 

Brian J. Hammer 


39 1/2 George Brown Street 
Activities: Chorus 2; Student Gov. 4; En- 
semble 4; Musical; Basketball 1 ; Drama Club 


Memories: Danger Rangers. Doors Fest. The 
Fun Room. Wrentham! PIRANHA. Annie's 
dead. Sean, the Highlander-I'U miss you man. 
Guys night out. BATMAN. Joe, WOOF! Jacey 
fakes. Lynne. 15 rubles? Don't mess with the 
Don. Becky, you're so sweet. Jim, it's for you! 
Irma dies! Bethany, I'll love you always and 


Robert M. Hanlon 


65 Baldwin Road 

Memories: Good times with Leigh, Justin. 
Brian, and Rob-Sunday River ski trip-good 
times in German class-Brian, your tie isn't 
straight-the Wonder Wagon-Alison, a car can 
have more than two pedals-Thanks for being 
there Tracey. I Love You-Especially thanks to 
Mom. Dad. and Rick, I Love You. I finalU did 


Theron T. Hatch 

40 Richardson Street 

Activities: Peer Leader 3-4; Musicals 2-4; 
Drama Club 4 

Favorite Saying: "Oh Yeh. That's smart" 
Memories: Great x w/ Charlie. Richie. Dave 
and RJ . . Weekend fun. P.92. Shack of B. 
Senior Prom 93. Wells/coach. New Years at 
Richies. Nights at Hampton. Follow that seep. 
Mustang fan. Tracey D. we missed it. Last year 
highlights. Friends gone but not forgotton. 
Thanks mom. It's been the best. 

Michael K. Henckler 


705 Boston Road 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "What are you? Stupid!" 
Memories: Freshmen year hanging out third 
story window. The ride to Junior Prom with 
Jason B. Redecorating Brian P.'s car. Trip to 
Hampton with Sean H.. Shawn H.. Lenny. 
Chicked out. Balloon raid on Scott F.'s car. 
Prank wars. 

Shawn M. Hillis 

27 Robinhood Lane 

Memories: Going up to the beach to go surffing 
with Mike and Sean 

William Meding Hogan 


19 Hattie Lane 

Activities: JV Soccer 1; JV-V Wrestling 1-4 
wrestling captain 

Favorite Saying: "My name is Bill." 
Memories: Good luck Fernando. Glen, and 
Dave. Thanks Mr. Tholander and Mr. Vig. 
Thanks Mom and Dad 


Rita M. Head 

14 Wilson Street 

Activities: Yearbook; Future Teachers cl 
America; NHS 

Favorite Saying: "Guess what???" 
Memories: Great times with Ann. Rebeccsl 
and Lisa. Three Musketeers! Mrs. McCarthjl 
Part of the "wild" crowd. New loves: RicH 
Dave: s.v.s. (K.W.). Junior Prom, "where'l 
my car?" Math with Jodi and Betsy. School! 
finally over! 

Jodi L. Higgins 


40 Charme Road 

Activities: Soccer 1 ; Softball 1 -4; Yearbook! 

Favorite Saying: "Are you serious" 
Memories: Good times w ithTara. Rita. BetsJ 
Sharon, and the gang. Tara when's your birtiJ 
day? Ding and Dong. Can I have the key! 
Helen where's my lunch? Oh word! "FINFl 
see my blister? Hey Betsy. How's you kneel 
Sean, it's me Payyt. I can't see you. Luv yl 
Paul. Mom. Dad. and family. Thanks for evl 
ery thing. 

Sean J. Hizny 

"Mr. Lizardman" 
15 Alice Avenue 

Favorite Saying: "Over Here!!!" 
Memories: Doing major body work on Mil 
H" s car. Midnight balloon raid on Scott P' sea 
Booby trapping Mike H's locker. Hampta 
adventure with Mike H.. Sean H. and l^enl 
chickened out. Being hassled by Billerica 

Eric T. Hudson 


18 Cardington Avenue 
Activities: A/V Club: Science League; Spa 
ish/Italian Club: NHS: Homeroom Rep. 
Favorite Saying: "Wearing buttons is 

Memories: Stav e and the handshake, ove: 
ing it on Button Day. breakfast in Woodii 
class, being "The A/V Guy". Jeavan's Dai 
shoots at Rogers. "Where's the Birthday Mi 
ter?" Chichis, 30 line programs to Betsy a 
Dave. Math Day at UML. and who forgot 
proofread? "Keep chopping. Indians!" 

Ruth Y. Huerta 

22 Lakeview Drive 

Activities: Student Gov.; SADD; Chorus; 
NHS; Stage Crew; Prom Comm. 
Memories: Mondays in Chemistry class. 
"Debby-Wehhy" and "Dorkess," Hair." 
"Toothdecay," "Hark-Hark", "Is he cute?" 
"You have three more years with me!" T don't 
fall in a mirror!! Love ya Mom and Dad! 

Katie A. Hyland 

7 Elm Tree Road 
Activities: Swimming I, 2 
Favorite Saying: "You're wicked cool." 
Memories: There's no place like One-Stop. 
Phil and Steve, comfortably numb. Math is 
better. I'm not in denial. Are you 18? How 
much' 1 Revere. Lauren W.. You're my hero. 
Food! You're bad to the baby. Will Your 
mother be watching out the window? Lar-ry! 
Yum. Good Luck Suzy O. and baby Mickey B. 
Thanks Mom, Larry. Shunes, Sally and you 
too Dad. 

Tammy M. Jalbert 


3 Pratt Street 

Activities: Cheerleading 3 
Memories: Great times with wena. Tracy. 
StaceandSteph. Monkey, flats. Bears. Vinnie. 
Venus, why did ya lie? Poof, chairs. Jerk Jerk. 
Stace wanna go? All nighters. let's find em' ( B 
+ B), FL 93, go cats with A + S, B. Joel first 
row. it's true. Stc wanna ski? Slow down O.K. 
Leave! Gwen Oct. 9. Thanks Mom and Dad. 
Love ya! 

Sonya R. Jordan 


6 Berry Street 

Activities: Sw im team 2-4; Track 2-4; Chorus 
1: Student Advisory Rep. 4: Spanish/Italian 
Club 4. 

Favorite Saying: "It's only stress'" 
Memories: Bugging my brother for monej 
for lunch. Running in ice with Jen S. But 
coach, it's lightning outside, will we be safe 
swimming in an indoor pool'.' Math home- 
work- no more please. Oh no not Office. Love 
You Mom and Dad. 


Lisa M. Kate her 

437 Middlesex Turnpike 
Activities: Stage Crew; Student Gov.; Sci- 
ence League; French Club: Tennis; NHS 
Favorite Saying: "Doesn't that just frost your 

Memories: The Bobsey Twins! Want to go to 
Lovington? Elvis lives! Be careful of bushes 
when trick or treating. Crew ! Buddy. Mickey 
and Minnie live together and there's only one 
bed! Happy Birthday and how many months? 
Old maid champ! WTP. Wingaersheek. Ba- 
con or Sausage? Yah! I'm a genius, heh. heh! 

Laurel H. Keenan 


21 Carriage Road 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4; Spring Track 2-4: NHS; 
Musical 3. 4; Basketball 1 
Memories: Good times with study buddies; 
Ask Dustie. Did you hear about Laurel and 
Lynne did they really get in? Tracey you're the 
best! Just kidding Mel. Camping, Butch and 
Buster, Bob. thanks for everything, 
Friburgershares, Dopey, Tom. my big brother. 
Jim, what's your name? Mom, Dad and Kim, 
I love you. 

fknberly Krasowski 


•ickory Lane 

fcivities: Cheerleading 2-4; Vice-President 
(j'earbook 4; Homeroom Rep. 3-4 

nories: 9 of us, I luv u all. Go-go's went. 
■Ilo Dominoes. Kel-Hampt. Revere. New 
Irs, Proms. I'm not a furgen murgen per- 
il Ur not a lion! Mr O'B., Thanks, I luv u! 
jrie. BP Marriott 22, sking, xmas party, 
idles stars backdoor, DD, Price check. My 
1 feel fat! Truth? B-Buds Forever! I love & 
■ s u Honey! 

ssilo T. Kroiss 


'inedale Avenue 

ivities: French Club 4; Science League 4, 
vspaper 4 

orite Saying: "Great!" 

l uglas S. LeBlanc 


I urnham Road 

Icivities: Lacrosse 1; Hockey 1-4 
Imories: Great times with the guys. Is that 
foreign object? Jack Night and times at my 
llse. Times at Scott's and Hutch's. Is Mark 
I d? Hey Jacey, is that Ben Franklin? Mills, 
Itch out! Snow day at Rono's. Mary, are you 
What's up dog? Keough. choo-choo. 
inks Ma, Dad. Brian and Laura. 

agdalena A. Loret 


Kenmar Drive #183 

tivities: Amnesty 1-4; Student Gov. 3-4; 
nch Club 3-4; NHS; Student Rep. to School 
m. 3-4 

vorite Saying: "That's All I Have to Say." 
;mories: Meeting Sarann, Amnesty, 
carlina Meyers, Stave the Bearded Wonder, 
nter of Junior Year, Nicole & Sean (my 
orite locker buddies). Mr. "Pardon My Piti- 
Attempt at Polish" Flynn, "We Hate it 
ten Our Friends Become Successful", Mor- 
ne, U2. 

James J. Krochune 


2 Manning Road 

Activities: Musical 1-4; Ensemble 1-4; Foot- 
ball 4; Peer Assistant 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "Where Am I?" 
Memories: Hey dude. We're going to the 
Senior Prom Laurel , you better get that checked. 
Jim Morrison Lives. The Good times in the 
Fun Room. Driving around in the Blue Baby 
trying to find something with the Guys. It's 
been fun. 

Zoe L. Law son 

1 87 Concord Road 

Activities: Chorus; Ensemble; Musical: Drama 
Club; NHS 

Favorite Saying: "Whawhosits?" 
Memories: Being dazed. 3rd period study. 
Pam. Shows and singing. Late night talks. 
Stave. The Pink Floyd Boxed Set. Study again. 
Sleepovers with the family et al. Everything 
else I don't remember. 

Nicole M. Lopes 


118 Baldwin Road 
Activities: Spanish/Italian Club 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "No urge!" 
Memories: K-Mart w/Amy C- Times w/ 
Wendy F.. Ralph F.. Justin F.. RJ Albrecht. 
Amy C, Lisa P., Kristen V.. Friends 4-eva - 
BOW WOW! - Summer of '93. Tearin' up the 
lawn. Topsfield. Wendy F. fighting Kristen 
A., Pranking with Amy C- Gym class w/ 
Wendy F.. Porsche. Thanks Mom. Manny, and 
Paula, Luv Ya! 

Elizabeth A. Lowe 


37 Tower Farm Road 

Activities: S.A.D.D. 2; Spanish/Italian Club 

Favorite Saying: "Yeah, maybe." 
Memories: "Helen. \v here's m\ bu>." Break- 
fast out with Jessica B.. Talking about Soap 
Operas with m\ gym class. Skipping studv 
with Jody H. and Tara P.. Getting lost with 
Jody H. at Merrimack. Cupcake fights al Matt 
C.'s house. "Look out for the carriage!". "Get 
the fan away from me!". "It's a Glove." 


Ann Mabe 


36 Pratt Street 

Activities: H.R. Rep. 1-4; Basketball Man- 
ager 2-4: Mock trial 3. 4; Student Gov. 3, 4; 
French club 4; Prom Comm. 3.4 
Favorite Saying: "All I have to say is ... " 

Casey A. Mahoney 

6 Lake Street 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4; Basketball 1 -4; Tennis 
1-4, Captain 4 

Memories: Many good x's with Maura. Jen, 
Jill, Bethann. Jessica. Shnookums! Chris, re- 
member the time ... - Jill do you feel like 
chicken, 1 or 2 tonight? Undersea boat. It's a 
glove Jill. Friburgershakes. Jen stop splash- 
ing! I love and miss you Carrie and Jeff. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Rob. and Brian. 

Michael J. Mastrullo 


2 Floyd Street 

Activities: Football 1-4; Captain 4; Basket- 
ball 1-2; Baseball 1-4: Captain 4 
Favorite Saying: "Get it checked!" 
Memories: Good x's w/ my friends- Ryan I 
dare you- Tom who took it?- Sacred Night- Go 
straight- Ya shishkabob ! Klane' s Beemer- New 
Yr's 9 1 - Whose turn- Where's Jen- Jody saved 
me- Montreal 90/92- Party at D's- Can't we 
work it out- Dip night- rumble at my house- 
Shallow Fly Great x's w/ Jen O.- Miss u Jeff 
and Carrie- Luv u Ma and Dad. 

Thomas P. McCabe 


22 Carriage Road 

Activities: Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 1- 
4; Capt. 3, 4: French Club 4 
Favorite Saying: "... but not really." 
Memories: Great times w/ Matt. Jay, Burns, 
Bell, and guys. BINKY! Laurel and gang. 
Track w/ throwin crew! Happy corner! 
"Where's Porter St.?" Hershey Kiss war! Taco 
Bell! Road trips to nowhere. Drakes! Talks w/ 
Chris M. "A, B. or C?" Luv-ya Melissa B. 
Murph 2-4! Becky you're the best luv-ya. 
Thanks Mom. Dad. and John. 


Christine M. Macintosh 

69 Riveredge Road 

Activities: Cross country 3; Winter Track | 
Spring Track 2-4; Spanish Club 4 
Favorite Saying: "Attitude! Comprendel 
Memories: Goodx'sw/Slick 106-Jace- 
Naked- Murph- Bagel- Rich Magnet- Kl 
Dry cooler- Denise- mailbox- 6am Lowell 
Brian- 100 bucks- sprinkler hop's- Whf 
Ash havin'- 1 love you Corky! Thanx Mand 
Luv u Libby- Maxi Mobile- Beach 3am- Bra 
4 moose- BLOBS- Stalling- Red lite hi 
Love you Cornelius. Mom. Dad and Stevit 

Robert C. Marinello 


1 Monticello Circle 
Activities: Football 1-4: Baseball 2-3; B. 
ketball 1-2; N.H.S 

Favorite Saying: "What's shaking bacon' 
Memories: Great times w/ the brothers. M. 
dog, Ernest lives. Jay's backyard. Do' 
brothers. Butler drives safe. I don't have a 
Chuck and Tuck. Burnsie. I'm on the ti 
Nicole, I love you, together forever. Re 
ber the other day ? Thanks for a second ch 
3/5/93. Later Slater! 

Leslie Mauriello 

7 Edgar Road 

Activities: Cheerleading 2-4: Cap. 4: Sv 
ming 3: NHS; Yearbook 
Favorite Saying: "No guys. I don't kno« 
Memories: Fun w-9/Kuk-clan/JY-ME-l 
+ K/New Yrs./BLOBS/ BQ/Elsie/Ducky 
go go's-went went/Bbuds/BANANAr< 
Moon-lighting/Cod w -KT/Spook-Sale 
Shaka-d.b.'s/Sebago 1-11/ Rob look!/Ca 
"worse than a boy" miss + luv ya/Respite- 
Be Watching You"-my "b" EP/Jules Ru 
don't cry/ Mom. Dad. Lis-luv ya! 

Bonnie J. McCall 


138 Bridle Road 

Favorite Saying: "Your Point!" 
Memories: Moshing thru the halls, 
going to Helen's! Sm. Gas Engines; 5tl 
English: The Family : Great times Burger I 
7th period study: SUMMER '93'; 
Keith: Office Detention: GNR rules!; 
Stop; Montreal: Too many studies! 4th | 
gym. Thanks for everything Mom & 

vnthia McCarron 

^antern Lane 

olleen M. McColgan 

I William Road 

ctivities: Gymnastics 1-4; Cheering 3, 4; 
omeroom Rep. 3, 4; Spanish Club; Peer 
;adership; Prom Comm. 
lemories: Jace + Ka. we did it; TP Posse; 8.0; 
ick 106; Jen McGuirk; Fishamajig; roses; if 
>u got it flaunt it; Corn; Dillan; Not you- that 
[ike! Jeff, Carrie, Ami. I miss you, Love you 
m. Steppin up For Free; Smile Brian, some- 
le loves you. Always love my baby. Good 
ck B'thAnne; Thanks Mom and Dad, Lis & 

David McCarthy 

52 Gail Ann Drive 

Brian F. McCormick 


1 1 Ironwood Street 

Activities: Football 3.4; Wrestling 3.4. Track 

Favorite Saving: "Sup Dude" 
Memories: Best times w/ Murph - on the hood 
at 45 mph w7 Rich- Marion- Chris- mac 100 
bucks- slamin' w/ 1 Bell- Getting in trouble w/ 
Chad- t paper w/ enacmark- football at 1- 
Steve P. good talks- Briz\ - Will always Jeff 
and the good times- throwing hands at sub- 
way- will never forget Colleen + Karen- thanks 
to Mom + Kc\ in. 



Jacey D. McGinnis 

10 Whittier Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1. 3, 4; Track 2-4; 
Homeroom Rep. 1 . 2; Basketball 1 ; Spanish 
club 4; Student Gov. 4 
Favorite Saying: "But um . . . what was I 
gonna say." 

Memories: Good x's w/ the Slick. Stat, & the 
Big For, Kari- Donut? C U @ B C, Kar- 
Bandaid. Hongry- your'e on Chris- Beach @ 
3:15, Moons R Beaming! Moose. Clooninns, 
study buddies. Col- got the time? Doug- I'm in 
Cuba, u w/ the cl ub. tp Posse, rug races, Hagalo, 
Mom. Dad, Jen, Jim- thank you. I love you 

Brian McGonagle 

4 Apple Orchard Drive 
Activities: Band; Literary Magazine 
Favorite Saying: "I don't know!" 
Memories: Good times with Dayl, Matt, Jay, 
Bill. Great laughs in Mr. Cox's class. Good 
times with Mr. Stanton and the 90-91 Fresh- 
man Learning Community. Stein's Honda 
Civic SB. Can I go to art? Go to guidance and 
drop the course. Happy Day. Loranger' s Never- 
Ending Project. Vacation. 

Jill E. Melanson 


21 Springwell Road 

Activities: Tennis 1-2; Basketball 2; Prom 
Comm.; Amnesty 4; French Club 4. 
Favorite Saying: "Like"; "Love Ya" 
Memories: Great times w/Chris D & Faith C. 
5th period lib. study w/Brian M. & Karen M. 
CAPE COD SUMMER '92 &'93; Meeting 
Jodie V.; 1 1/25/92; Chair dancing anyone? 
Tara T.' s parties. McDonald' s Day and nights. 
The great times with Steve T. wish you were 
here P.S., C.K., & J.D. 

Todd A. McGlory 

58 Allen Road 
Memories: OH NO ! Chris I just hit a mailbo 
Why do I feel so warm? The night of Danz: 
After G N'R running through Charlestowi 
3am in the snow is Bob still alive? Driving 
Henckler's car with Carl's mother. Don't 
any bumps, she is expecting. Hey Mike y 
broke my toilet. 

Jill C. Mclaughlin 

Dee Dee Circle 
Activities: Spanish Club 3, 4; S.A.D.D.l 

Yearbook; NHS 

Favorite Saying: "It doesn't matter." 
Memories: Study junior year. Sharon Til 
Magnificent and Jill The Great. JO-JO. CasJ 
- What, it's a glove. Jen, me you and 
bumper cars. Diane, it's up to you. Hey cb 
Kelly, what about math? Diane, like you sai 
Caldor. Biology. Dorina. SURPRISE. Allt 
great times with everyone. 

Denise Melaragni 

6 Baniulis Road 

Activities: Soccer 1. 2; Prom Comm.; Swiif 
ming 3; Italian Club 4 
Favorite Saying: "That's true too!" 
Memories: Good times w/ Kym + Wefty \ 
won monoploy? Ditty Methuen buds. 
Stud Carrie- sneaking out Hampton 92. Day 
card games watch out for that bridge ! Shav 
am I all set" 1 Jacey- trash lady where 's Kim^ 
Murph- Happy Birfday. Mac- What mailb 
Good times with T 92. Thanks for everytl 
Mom and Dad. 

Joseph E. Meuse 


14 Basswod Avenue 

Favorite Saying: "It's called working TT, 
why don't you look into it." 
Activities: Student Gov. 2-4; Musical 2-4; 
Drama 3, 4; Winter/Spring Track 3, 4; C.C. 4; 
Amanuensis 3, 4 

Memories: Musical room with Brian and Lyle. 
"Gage. Gage, Gage, nothin." "Want your cup 
back Bill" Eating cereal and Tuna "All 1 want 
is my bowl of cereal" scabbing money from 
friends. "Clark, are you going hunting." "Spring 
you're walkin" Hagan, Rio is here! BEK! The 
car has had a traumatic experience. 

Kristy A. Michalek 

19Broadleaf Road 
Activities: Spring Track 1.2; Winter Track 
4; Student Gov. 3, 4 
Favorite Saying: "Hi!!" 
Memories: Boo M., B-Buds! Just call 
fA5ulous! Michelle M.. German Pool Part 
Claudia! Amy W., You can drive a stick? Ju 
R., 3-weeks, huh? Shawna S.. What shouli 
get? Gayle, Breakfast Anyone? Katie 
Rimshot or not. What do you think? Murph 
has depth! Cronies. Dustle 45888. Oct. 25 
love you Mom and Dad. See Ya! 

Melissa Miller 


I Brookside Drive 

Activities: Spring Musicals; BMHS Theater 
Company; Swimming; N.H.S. 
Memories: Katie Lou- Swedish Rose- 
Hammey- Lizzie- Weav- Breens- Shunes- 
Laurel- Est-ce que tu reves de la lapin du 
Fourrure duce? 

Holly E. Moore 

40 Christina Avenue 

Activities: Swimming; Spanish Club; Stud. 

Favorite Saying: "Wait. Wait. What?" 
Memories: Good times w/l "Slick 106" + the 
4 of us; TPP + the Maxi Mobile: bobbing 
heads; BBC. where am I? Laur. watch out for 
islands: Kara $5,000? Anne, every 1 out of the 
car! Back 2 school bash! Ed. all the good times 
X's LUV YA 9/20; Thanx ma + dad LUV 
YAS. good luck Tim! I'm outta here! 

Karen L. Morgan 

1 4 Ironw ood Street 

Activities: Chorus 2-4: French Club 1-4; 
S. A.D.D. 1 -4: Amnesty 3.4: New spaper: Year- 

Memories: Great times w ith the gang! Copy- 
cat- cucumbers + anchovies; Jen G. - 
"Surprize"; Magda L. "Ju- Ju"- Dee R. - turns 
and "Grendel": Diana P.- rain and bathrooms: 
Jill M. - the times in H.R + lab. Annette S. - 
"Peace of Mind." Thanks for every thing Mom 
and Dad + Brian - love ya! 

Melissa D. Mulvey 

16 Ox Road 

Activities: Track 3. 4; Chorus 2: Peer Leader- 
ship 3. 4; Spanish/Italian Club 3. 4: Student 
Gov. 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 2-4 
Favorite Saying: "Smile!" 
Memories: Peace. Love, Happiness and 
Friendshipare forever! At foxtail. N Y C. Trip- 
13th row! roadmaps. bowling, "good Morn- 
ing" Driving, lunch. Good Luck! 


Kerry J. Murphy 


30 Woodlawn Avenue 

Activities: Class Secretary 1-4; Cheerleading 
2-4; N.H.S; Prom Comm.; Yearbook 
Favorite Saving: "Whatever . . . Anyway" 
Memories: The 9 of us - Sum-ny bf CLONE 

- Jim-Berny - Bacon - Baqua - Ducky - 
Vulcanman - T. pot - eggdrop - Elmo - Bon 
brawl - B. shot - Spooky wld - Sled - Superbwl 

- skiing - SUNAMI - Midas - my keys? Sumac 

- Dana's - pilaf - Arl. Rd. Not a lion - Time 2 
get dressed - Pt. Sebago - Shut up - Luv ya 
Pickle - Carrie & Jeff - Love & Miss Ya - 
Thanks mom - dad - Kev! Sadbag! 

Danielle R. Nicosia 

39 Baniulis Road 
Activities: Swimming 1 
Favorite Saying: "If you got it. flaunt it." 
Memories: HB 93 Jp C-Spiral YEEHAW O 
Pierce HB wV Jess, Trac. Lau, revive w/ run 
there throwing rocks! Sleepin at Kenmar apt in 
car w/ San. Stac. Hey Sandra Beep Beep! KG 
rear gross. Fun x w/OS girls Hey Bevis I didn't 
mean to D&P 4Eva I luv my Hamburger 2 
nutty bars& sunkist. Anreapnts of course not! 
mom & dad 1 luv u. 

Melissa M. Murphy 


35 Tower Farm Road 
Activities: Basketball 1-4; Softball 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "Whatever!" 
Memories: Flick Chicks - Slick 106. Stri|| 
Poka Melis - B/F Talkin bishop doll - RalptI 
where"s Al? Dave - and sou are - Recan Carl 
Carrie - why ask why - don' t cry - Mayan - Call 
you hear me? Mac - Bagel - Sog of the Kayl 
Bob. Dave. Paul - Jace - A game of horsel 
shoes! Kyj - Dom John' Luv \a Rich - Stallul 
MacDaddy. McCormick - Cow tippin did Rd| 

Jason J. Nigro 


1 7 Chadwick Street 
Favorite Saying: "Ya okay pal!" 
Memories: Timz w/da Gang (u know who yod 
R ) classic Omni bashing moments, Stonehanl 
Amici times. Summer 93 w/no parents. Coco 
Pebbles! Taco Bell runs. Deuce. Amy + all 
times spent w/Sandown Posse, Loon MTH| 
Blizzard '93. Foorball games w/cowbell. #87' 
Roadtrips to nowhere. Dunkin D's, Than 

rin M. Nuon 

Kigh Street 

Aties: Amanuensis 1 , 3, 4; Amnesty 3, 4; 
leadership 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 2-4 
■ite Saying: "Would you come to the 
lorn with me?" 

Ikies: Mademoiselle T. how 'bout French 
I? No chewing gum. Bug collection. J. V. 
Iiu bon pain, art class. & clean your 
I' D.R. thanks for the rides. M.L. Thanks 
lery thing, as for U2 concert?- we' 11 go 
|me. Mr. G. you're alright. These fresh- 
link they're so cool or something. 

ael O'Connell 

yes Road 

my O'Neill 


on Avenue 

ties: Spanish-Italian Club. Yearbook 4 
ite Saying: "Hurry" 
>ries: Carl P., I love you. Holly S., Let's 
another adventure? Erika C, Don't 
all the times we snuck to Lowell. Tara 
w's Ruben? Tara P.. Don't forget all the 
imes at Chuck E. Cheese!, Jill, how's Al 
1 Great times with John C. Sarg. I'll miss 
)kay Boss, Thanx Mom. I Love you. 

/ O'Rourke 

mrock Road 

Jaime E. Nuttoli 


61 Forest Park Avenue 
Activities: Cross Country 1, 2; Winter Track 
I ; Spring Track 1 ; SADD 2 
Favorite Saying: "What'.'" 
Memories: RK/PLM/Xtreme Game/Lake/ 
Funworld/Quarries/Pool Hall/Rex/ESC/Sin 
Palace/Bruno/Shawn/Crazy Parties + Concerts 
w/Chrissy-CQ, Kell-Grapes. KA-Roy , Cindy- 
G' by 2 Romance, morgie, Shon. Amy, APT/ 
Pagoda/Incide! Shots Any 1 ? Thanx Rob; My 
Knee! 1/17/3/26/93 Never4getU Mike. Mom. 
Dad, Nick-Love You! 

Sandra M. O 'Donnell 

1 2 Luce Circle 

Activities: Sw imming 1, 3, 4 
Favorite Saying: "Kicked." 
Memories: Stace LCR Andrea c spiral prom 
93. Fun w/os. Keep smilin" Shanana. Kim 
thanx your a pal. Jolly J. Jen & Kristen. No gas 
on B RD. Nicosia tap tap. 7-4-93. Graveyard 
bound buddies?! Espo outside? Thanx for the 
laughs 94. Special x w/ Dave S. Jeff & Carrie 
miss you. Ma, Dad, Kev & Kerri I did it! Luv 

TraceyL. O'Neill 


17 Osceola Lane 
Activities: NHS; Soccer 1. 2 
Favorite Saying: "Hi" 
Memories: Summer 93-Elvis-FU never for- 
get my island friends and Patrick. Galaleo- 
make sure the bathroom door stays unlocked 
and check the truck for things that go bump in 
the night-Timma-Mal-pink cords and boots. 
To the guys here-smile you're great-I love 
everyone and thanks-The sun will come out 

Susan O'Rourke 


13 Green Meadow Drive 
Activities: Band 2-4; Secretary 3-4; Student 
Gov. 1-4; Stage Crew 1-4: Amnesty 3-4. 
Favorite Saying: "Yeah!" 
Memories: Good times with Beck\. Jen. 
Lauren. Deb. Rich. Stacey. Nicole. Erin. Rosie. 
Laura. Chrissy. Gayle. Karen. Finals 91. can 
pyramid, animal noises, bus rides. No more 
jump around. Brass Monke\, Point ' Rich\ 
party. How funk> is your chicken? I love you 
Mom. Dad, Joe + Bill. 

Benjamin M. Overton 


26 Woodcliff Drive 

Favorite Saving: "Bah!" 

Memories: Long visits with T. O'Brien, and 

long days. 

James A. Pappas 


i 7 Sheldon Street 

Activities: Working at the school store 
Favorite Saying: "What's up!" 
Memories: Great times with Cathy McCune + 
Mrs. Butler. Seeing the play. Oklahoma. Work- 
ing at J.C. Penney' s + T. J. Max. Always 
remember our soup and salad days. Fun four 

Tara A. Paskiewicz 


20 Talbot Avenue 

Favorite Saying: "You think so, huh?" 
Memories: Kelley D.. Kristen H., Carlie L„ 
Heather [., Jen M.. Driving Range with Dan 
O, Garry F., and the rest of the guys, Great 
times at Chuck E Cheese Tammy O.. Erika C, 
you're going out with him! Who ordered the 
tea. Jell-O spluge, I'm sorry. Fat Freddy, is my 
tire Flat, Luv-Ya Mom, Dad, and John P. 

Brian T. Pelton 


34 Praise Street 

Favorite Saying: "Oh Baby!" 

Memories: Getting hit by everyone who 

walked by. When Rich W. and I turned Mrs. 

Johnson's desk around. Cliffy, you always 

came back from summer vacation with the 

best tan. 

Robert Pagliuca 


1 Meade Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-4: Wrestling 2- 
4; Italian Club President; Homeroom 

Favorite Saying: "W'Sup?" 
Memories: G-times w/Brothahoodl- 
un Fred luva-Scratch/Sniff- Super 
Bowl Sun/Jule- 1 1 Jay-use a cup Sum/ 
Amy-Spooky World- no seatbelts- 
Kim/Katie-Salem w/Carrie : sledding- 
Matt/Corkey-Malooga-Look Lez- 
Eisnorslide-orange-Dana's Bash- 
Toro-It's a bear-Britzky/mark-Thanx 
Jen- Love yo mom+dad- keep Carrie/ 
Jeff in prayer. 

Gayle M. Pascucci 

21 Robinhood Lane 
Activities: Track 1-2; Soccer 4; Ten- 
nis 3-4; Spanish Club 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "Bonus! Dang!" 
Memories: E.M.B.A. Champions 91" 
TAC A, are mute? Studdy Buddy Bash, 
jelly beans! Dudley Road, 2:30 in the 
morning. How many girls do you have 
in this truck? I'm 3 years old and I'm 
gonna do a dive. Headrush, ask Dustie. 
Grandmother, It's all Gayle' s fault. I 
love you guys, slick 106. 

John J. Pellegrino 


36 Fardon Street 
Activities: A.V. Club 
Favorite Saying: "Oh my God!" 
Memories: Great times with Mrs. Adie 
and Mrs. Lanteigne. 

Diana M. Peta 


79 Whipple Road 

Activities: Ensemble 2; Musical 1-4: 
Drama Club 2; Amnesty 1 ; Added 
Attractions I 

Favorite Saying; "That's what he 

Memories: Hello Dolly backstage: 
musical madness; Late nights at Jacey 
B ' s with the girls; Her name was Lola! ; 
What was that all about sheep; So I 
can' t say the alphabet big deal: Piccolo 
.Giovanni; which one? Pinheads: Rob 
G. it's a jump to the left: the fence; 
Wendy's: Gary's Ice Cream. 


Amy C. Petitpas 


1 3 Faulkner Street 

Favorite Saying: "Are You Serious!!!'" 
Memories: Fun times w/good friends, 
thanx class of 94 — gonna Miss ya! B- 
Good ! Wena there he is DM OOPS ! G YM ! 
Poof to you ! Espo can' t get me now Ya-No 
it! G-times w/Tech Class of 93! Hampton 
Parties, Passion nites! Special times w/Joe 
MB-Good! Kimba4-EVAB-Friends!Luv 
ya Ma & Dad, Thanxs! 

Christina Petriello 


2 Handel Road 

Memories: Good times w/classof "94". Amy. 
I'm hungry. The Gym! Tarn Poof! Shopping at 
K-Mart. Hotel Caswell. Hey come here! 
Alniters. Blueman. Chairs, spoons. 
Toiletpapering. Hey guys we're finally out of 
here! Cathy G-luck in the next 2 years. Tracy 
B.F. 4-eva. Luv ya. Thanx Mom & Dad. I love 

Edward F. Piasecki 


22 Pondover Road 
Activities: Newspaper 4 
Favorite Saying: "Oh My God!" 
Memories: Working in the School Store 
and eating lunch with friends. 

Roger E. Plourde 


1 1 Lupine Lane 
Activities: Cheerleading 4 
Favorite Saying: "We're late'" 
Memories: Where's my gum Diana Peta? 
Cheering tryouts. Gym with Jenn C. and 
Phaedra M! Having homeroom with Lisa. 
Lynne. Diana, and Genevieve. Ha\ ing Lunch 
with Sharon. Dorina. Rosi. Christine. Diane, 
and Sonja. Thanks. Mom, for all \ our support. 
Good Luck to the class of 94. 

\ \ I 


Lynne J. Polsi 


14 Fardway Avenue 

Activities: Swimming 1-4. Capt. 4; Musical 
3-4; FTA 1-4; Drama Club 4; Gymnastics 
Mgr. 2-4. 

Favorite Saying: "Thanks" 
Memories: I Love You. "real friend" PEEPS! 
Honey Muscles. Watch Out for the Sign! 
Breath ! "Did y u hear about Laurel and Lynne, 
Did they really get in?" The Necklace! Roo 
Queen. Camping "93" I can Whistle! Bonus! 
By the Way. 30 Rubles! Stay to the right! 
Thanks for everything . . . Love and Luck! 

Lisa Powers 

29 Heritage Road 
Favorite Saying: "No Urge" 
Memories: Good Times w/ Michele, Helen. 
Colleen. Laura. Katie, Vicki. Star, Alison, 
Tara, Nicole! Vicki's jammin parties. Hamp- 
ton 92. Wilmington H.S. Great times w/ Mary, 
my best friend, through all the good times & 
bad. Doom Doom! Double dates w/ Alison & 

Genevieve M. Quin 


7 Gov. Hutchinson Road 
Memories: Good times w/Amy J., Tiff G., 
Kara S., & rest of "Slick"-Amy unlock the 
door-Chubby Bunny-Shelley's-She fell out- 
Max. Mob. -No one cares where Holly is-Kara 
I'll slap you-Bowls or Bows-July 222 Carrie 
are you conscious-Amy 8 bags-P.F.-where are 
your shoes-Next time bring ID's. Amy stop 
making those calls. 

Denise M. Ramsey 


6 Michael Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1. 2; Softball; 
Homeroom Rep 2; Prom Comm. 3 
Favorite Saying: "What'd you just say?" 
Memories: Best times w/friends-Chinese Red 
Lite-flashinblues-Q/Pw/cheese-2Toots4 Bob- 
Tree !-Kara Kara OS w/sum. neen, Kara and 
Kristx Mary-Summer 92-Boney-Lake Winn 
w/san Roddy baby-J.D. in cafe-cancun-Jeff + 
Carrie it" 11 neva be the same luv and miss u- 
Thanx Mr. O'B. Mom, Dad. Kel and Steve 


Jennifer L. Powers 

22 William Road 

Memories: Big B Chart. Drive- by's, 1 st H.ll 
Party "Where'd you park?" Carla loves mil 
buns. Prom/Maine 93. out w/ the boys; Bobf 
class. Boo-Boo. sledding. Blazers game, weel 
ends at McDonald's and Lampson. April I 
1993, Born Yesterday. Salem. Spooky Worl| 
Thanks Mom, Dad. and Mr. O'Briefl 
Machoma, Dan! 

Meven J. Presti 


28 William Road 

Activities: Soccer 

Favorite Saying: "What's up Hituchu?" 
Memories: Class of 94 #1; Awesome timJ 
with the crew; girl talks w7 B. McCormicI 
Dope Fly English; going w/ da girls; the mol 
key; the philosophy of ... ; Chillin w/ M 
Deyoung: part time! : Jr. day at Hampton; gTeJ 
times w/ Soccer team: I love Kara S.; buttel 
"Baby I'm Yours." 

Jeevanadhar V. Ramapriya 


16 Freedom Way 

Activities: Track 1-4; N.H.S.; French Club i 
4; Science league 2-4; STUD. GOV. 2-4; I 
Favorite Saying: "Crazy!" 
Memories: Word to the HP! Adam, is tn 
you? Don't cry Tasha! T for PREZ! TacobJ 
& Christy's. RODGERS is a; WOODINtl 
Bellino. forget it. Good one Spring. Big Gul 
Track: IT'S ALL YOU! Don't hit my mothel 
FREEDOM! Cerroni Award! BABA-BOOe| 
Stud. Gov. I hate this bus Joe. HEY! Takecal 

Erin M. Raney 

33 Fox Hill Road 

Activities: Colorguard 1,2.4; Band 3 
Memories: Great times with Stace. Sue, Ric 
Lauren. Beck. Deb. Retta, Chrissy, Danl 
Jamie. Wendy. Kristi ! Hangin in Woburn wi 
Mike. Juan. Steve. Brian. Sandi! Cape Cc 
Finals '91 7 dwarfs New York '93. Rya 
"Fauncet" "Trickett" "COP! COP! COP!" 
put sun-in in it!" Summer of "93! 

hnifer L. Rao 


HCingsbury Lane 

Kivities: Cheerleading 3, 4; Lacrosse Man- 
I- 2-4; Homeroom Rep. 1-4; Peer leader; 
In Comm. 

(mories: Tash friends 4-eva- Jill did u start 
I clock - ameoloa- chem or burst-p is 4 
^urn-Dillons R away- Julie & Maine- We 
I Construction workers- Exact change- I 
I burn her house down- soldcry- Honk- 
l.efish- Holiday Inn- not 1,2- Is that so 
Ing- I love you Matt- Kym he's mine- 
Irie + Jeff you're in my heart. 

iphanie R. Reska 


(.Vhitefield Avenue 

livities: Spanish Club 4 

9 orite Saying: "How nauseating!" 

■ mories: Good Times w/CarlaR., Mary B., 

IF., Kara G., Kris R., Gwen R., Nel R., 3 

Ices ka. You're wacko Carla. Pop! "LV" 

140. Go with temptation nel, what a mess! 

ISR Proms. Summer 93. April 9 I luv you 

lig forever. Jeff and Carrie miss and luv you 

lays. Thanx Mom and Dad. 

] niele J. Ricarte 

prove Street 

I ivities: Yearbook; Prom Comm. 3-4; Peer 
[der 3-4 

i orite Saying: Oh, That's so Annoying!' 
(mories: G-Times with Kris R., Gwen R.. 
If R. , Court C . , Lock Friends 9 of U Suma 92 
i Freak TPP Tool Cancun F-blus Cove 
liigans H-Tub Fendabenda Bchinit OW My 
fce ! Court U Rules Homewreka leave ! S042 
finx Resk What a mess Temptation! Prom 
i venier Carrie and Jeff neva 4get U ! Thanx 
h I luv U! What wood U do without me? 

\becca L. Richard 

l :d" 

[River Street 

liivities: Colorguard 1-2; Cheering 3-4; 
•meroom Rep. 2-4; Yearbook; Prom Comm.; 
Lis Lacrosse 4 

fi-orite Saying: "Aggravate-How Annoy- 
i !" 

I mories: Fun times w/all of my friends- Esp 
le of us, Neen-Hubcap, Cancun-Tenn. Erin 
(wants to get busy. Maine w/Dennis- you'll 

I ays be special, Stacy-where's Johnson? 
i idy they left without us, cheering Jim-Bon' s 
Iwl, we like Mike, miss U Carrie, Jeff-F-10 

I I neva 4-get U, thanx to all of my family, 
';n Ur the best- c-ya! 

Beth A. Reeder 


33 Pcquot Street 

Activities: Student Gov.; French Club; Sci- 
ence League 

Favorite Saying: "I'm too little!" 
Memories: Hey Lisa and Patti, I'm a big girl 
now. Sean, how's Kristine? Tuesday night at 
the pict's. Every night at the Pic's. Michele, 
we're born with it. Lost in Billerica? Sorry 
Brenda! "Who's Brian Gibbins?" Cow's in 
Dakota? The man from Maine. Jeevan, Lisa, 
Eric, and Andy: I really am a genius! 

Jason Reveal 

8 Craine Street 

Pamela K. Rich 


64 Wildcrest Avenue 
Activities: Colorguard 
Favorite Saying: "Party People" 
Memories: Time spent w ith Ami G. Hampton 
Beach with Ami G., Jimmy C. and R.J.F.. 
Dutile aftermy birthday. Down the hill Danielle 
goes. Ami, where do you and Jill put your 
socks?! The parents are gone again. Hi prin- 
cess. Mee, Meep! Freak me. Dunkin Dough- 
nuts, Tony! 

Patricia A. Richardson 


20 Putnam Road 

Activities: Tennis; Spanish; NHS; Musical 
Stage Crew- 
Favorite Saying: "Damn" 
Memories: You're a good dravvah! Tennis 
with the Spandex Queen Bobsy Twins! Dave 
J. I'll see you when I'm 22' Beth R. (the 
youngin") is a genius -heh! heh! Hampton 
Beach all the time' The man) men of Lisa K.'s 
life! Eat it. it tastes like chicken! We like ice 
cream! He called me again! I'll miss \ou! 

Samantha Richardson 

'"Little Sambina" 
34 Woodbury Road 
Activities: Softbail I. 2 
Favorite Saying: '"Yeah Right.'' 
Memories: 92 Bruins game Cindy, Gregson, 
and 8-11, Blizzard of 92, Jay and Danzig. Soctt 
and sledding. Christmas 92 and the powerlines. 
Hangin' up the Corner. Rob and I experiment 
with screwdrivers. Scott and the gang at the 
World of Wheels. "Bye Rick" Yogi and Goofy, 
Jerry Roche, you almost hit the Bridge. Pvt. 
Mac. Beetle Bailey. Mikey and Lee from 
Hampton, good times with Kristin B. and the 

Julie M. Roderick 


22 Wyman Road 

Activities: Spanish Club; Homeroom Rep.: 
Prom Comm. 

Favorite Saying: "It's out of control." 
Memories: Hokey Pokey in the kitchen. The 
Golden child and the chosen one. Amy W. and 
Hillarie S. with the phone calls, "Hi Pookey. 
it's me", all my times with Christian D.. The 
Proms, being with friends, singing with Katk 
D. in the halls! You are my sunshine! 

Gwen Rigoli 

15 Handel Road 

Memories: Good times with the girl 
Beachinit. Oh my knee, Capri's and Breezei 
All I can say is Wow! Prom 93 Jaime I w 
napping, Curb! Farmanimal, Blueman. Ma 
eat like a lady. Late night Jenga, Chad I 
always love you pinky promise, remember; 
the good times. Thanks Mom. Dad and To< 
Love ya always! 

Matthew Rodgers 


30 Woodbury Road 

Activities: French Club 2-4: Science Leagil 
3-4; Student Gov. 4; Amnesty 4; NHS 
Favorite Saying: "Stop it. quit it, leave rl 

Memories: Going to miss: essays in Cox 
class, lunch crams for Biogatti T! Foley I 
Buck's class, the Big Guy's laugh, Jeevfj 
wrong answers. Spring (maybe not), Mikcj 
constant humor, slackin' in computers w; 
Kirk and Eric, and all of everyone's anno 

indy A. Rodrigues 

Rio Vista Street 
avorite Saying: "I don't know!" 
lemories: Bruins game with Sam; Jerry's 
irduct taped in Hometown; Good Times w/ 
>ri D.. Bill J., Jerry H., Kevin M.. Sam R., 
Q. B. Jenn H., Pat C, Tom C! 8/92 in 
ampton. Don't forget Jerry Roach ! Hey Jerry, 
it any duct-tape? Thanks Ma and Dad! 

aria Romano 

Ferren Drive 

lemories: Cape w/Jill @ Court-bzz, Bigben. 
tripped us, Hampton w/J 90-3, Mary B- 
ailbox, Jr. Prom at Gregs-FD. K wanna go 2 
ampton? Steph-she is rotten, I'm wacko, 
like @ Rhondell-don't worry about it, go 
raight, M got any dirt? J, get down! Esc. 
ancun-94. Thanx Ma, Dad @ Mr. O'Brien, 
iv ya! Jeff @ Carrie-never forget ya! 

amey A. Ross 


Ross Road 

ctivities: Wrestling 1-2 

avorite Saying: "Calm down killer. Are you 


lemories: Sparrow? J.G. Ross, If I could see 
ou I would hit you! All right, let's get down 
) business. Never forget Mr. Byrne's class, 
nybody got an airplane? Peace Everyone, 
/hy can't we all just get along? 

asha L. Saggese 


07 Pond Street 

activities: Peer Assistant 2-4; Prom Comm.; 

avorite Saying: "I'm sorry." 
Memories: Had fun! Jill-keep your car in 1 
)iece-B.C. games-Michele-try to stop at blink- 
rig red & speed bumps-Jess-triple cheesburger- 
vatch what you drink-Oh yeah, don't try to 
Irive over boulders-Fun crusin 94-Tsunami- 
ev I won't cry-Jen-never forget camp S.- 
\dam what do I need now- never forget ya. 

Kristie L. Rogers 

9 Michael Road 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-3; Yearbook; Prom 
Comm.; S.A.D.D. 

Favorite Saying: "All I can say is wow!" 
Memories: Fun times Dan-Gwen-Stef-Cort- 
Mary & all; beachinit Cancun fendabenda 
chin r-lite so42 Peter suma92 NH freak deep 
talks DD chats d-town p. Southie prom Benigans 
Puleo h-tub caboble? tool. Honey-I luv u this 
much. Matt, thanx for J/S yr. u too Mrs B- 
Mom-Dad-R & J. Carrie/Jeff I'll miss u al- 

Diane M. Rosati 


19 Hardwood Drive 

Activities: Newspaper 1-4; Yearbook; Am- 
nesty 4 

Favorite Saying: "I had. like, the weirdest 
dream last night!" 

Memories: C is for bubble? Kaybee w/ Jill M. 
Dunkin! No Comprendo! Jingle Bells! Cof- 
fee! Jeopardy! Brute! Junior study. Jill M. 
decide! Sharon T.. you're a stick! Karen M. 
"Slum Lord!" Jen G's quotes. Twirling pens, 
luv ya all, gotta go! Thanx Mom and Dad! 

Scott Roy 


5 Farmers Lane 

Activities: Football 2; Volleyball 3-4 
Favorite Saying: "Gordo, Hi!" 
Memories: WAH what are you doing? Salem 
w/ carrie + Pags-football Dummy- RFL- Hon- 
estly I don't know but I'll check-std-NH w/ 
Mark Fav class treasure- Is 93 ok Powers, no 
oxygen Mary? Choochoo- Collest w/Dagle 
Foti, Kyle. Fell. Hutch. Doug, Kev. Drew. 
Chad. Laura + Lisa. Dave. Love You Mom. 
Dad. Nick. 

Stephanie A. Sanborn 


1 69 Andover Road 

Activities: Musical; Science League; 

S.A.D.D.; N.H.S.: Student Gov.; Amnesty 


Favorite Saying: "Cute' 

Memories: McDonald's and Ba\b,ink with 

Erica A. Orienteering with science league 

Talks at lunch with Annette S. and friends 

Science league OUmpiad with Mike G. 

Marion F. Saunders 


108 River Street 

Activities: Student Gov. 3, 4; Mock Trial 3.4; 
School committee 4; French Club 4 
Favorite Saying: "What, huh, what?" 
Memories: Fun times w/great friends: Never 
forget "slick 106" Kerry whatz ya fav Daye! 
Murph "givin him something he can feel" 
Carrie E-no more shoes! Sat-night w/ 
Flickchics; Anyone for McCormicks! Chris 
M. "would ya" Amy J. "am I drivin" My 
shortcuts "What's that; Hubcap Sam. Thanx 
Dad + family, miss you Mom-love forever. 

Rhondell S. Sawyer 

89 Parlmont Park 

Activities: Football 2, 4; Lacrosse 2. 4 
Memories: Good times w/all my friends- Mike 
& Ry Yeah shishkabob- Klane's Beamer- 
Bone- Time to get dressed- SWITCH- foghorn 
leghorn at the Marshall- love ya- Carla go 
straight- shout out to sport Lilly- Always in 
mind, Jeff & Carrie- Birgid George Mom 
Joyce thanx 4 everything- A-B-C-ya 

Lou M. Schoenthal 

3 Kirk Road 

Favorite Saying: "Don't trust the sheep." 
Memories: We took killer, class of 94, Slurp. 

Naval wars, 20 bucks. Canobie Lake, w/ "T". 
Mrs. Oulette rules! 

Christopher M. Shaffer 


29 Rhodes Street 

Activities: NHS 3; Literary Magazine 3; Cross 
country 4 

Favorite saying: "Doot", "Bonus" 
Memories: Zack's surprise Birthday party. Jr. 
Eng. Class Peanut Gallery. A&P and Gym 
were a blast jr. year. XC running with the crew 
was a fun time, then going to McDonalds after. 
Going out in Paul's car with 8 kids in the car. 
Class of 94 is the best. 


Ugh F. Sharrock 

t Stag Drive 
ti\ itics: Spanish Club 
Ivorite Saying: "Nope, that's not it!" 
(;mories: Sitting behind Glen S. in 
jneroom. Spanish class 9th and 10th grade 
\h Holly S. and Allison D. Biology Birthday 
i )th. Brian P. your tie is crooked ! Rob S. get 
i plane out of the ceiling. Ski trip to Sunday with Justin G., Rob H., Brian B., Jason 
I and Glen S. in the wonder wagon! 

lira M. Shields 

1 Bennett Circle 

Itivities: Track 2; Spanish Club 4; 
1'meroom Rep. 4 

Ivorite Saying: "Can I just tell you one 

lemories: Jen R. Best friends 4-eva; Q, id, 
hkers. Gen-uh oh seat' s wet. bowls, firebows. 
llloween 92' Amy it's a dangerous curve! 
sv, hit & run. Ditty, aka "John". Laurie my 
latch ticket bud. BBC where' s Holly? Good 
1 w/steve. Shelley's bash/maximobile fun 
I slick 106 Luv ya Ma & Dad 

Amy E. Sherwood 


32 Treble Cove Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4. Captain 4: Softball 

Favorite Saying: "Do you have any gossip?" 
Memories: Good times w/9. Hampton 92, 
Edible Rex w/Sandy. Gals party, WBZ. tree. 
Court homewrecker. tool. so42. Underground, 
toot to Bob. switch Lau. library w/Mike, RPP 
3:30, no neck, me & Amy brawl. Cancun. chi 
red light. Luv u Jeff & Carrie. Amy & Brooke 
ur the best luv u. thanx Ma Dad Holly Jen Jeff 
luv u. 

Janneen A. Silva 


1 6 Gray Street 

Activities: Color Guard I, 2. Prom Comm. 
Favorite saying: "What's up Girlfriend lux a?" 
Memories: Great times w/the 9-Red what 
would I ever do w/oul \a-hubcap. toast & JD 
-Un Fred-Kara Kara- O S./ Kitty -QP w/cheese- 
lst HB party-hall 92' S3G- Chinese redlight/ 
Flashin' Blues - Grace MC/ yamaha - Full 
effect Stace -cancun -Tool-Jeff & Carrie-lu\ 
& miss va-thanx Mum. Dad. Danielle ilt Penn\ 

Kyle M. Sinclair 

335 Salem Road 

Memories: Tuesdays w/fram; concerts; FNM. 
Waiting for my car; Dice w/steve; 36. Pierre, 
Cal, The Rocket, Charlie, & Andrew. Mr. 
Jahnle, Nobody speaks English anymore; Sa- 
bres; Stern; Carlin; Jim Aaron, Mike. Scott, 
Chris, & Justin. NH w/ Scott; Phaedra, get out! 
See you next time; thanks Ma & Dad 

Kristin Smedberg 


28 Governor Fuller Road 
Memories: Big nite w/Heather & P. God, I 
hope they don't catch us! Hey Guglieo. drive 
the car! nobody's staring at you! Are you 
talking to me? Bwee! Anyway! Hi Sean, hi! 
Festivities! Steph + Mary -k- thanx! Kell, 
can't forget THE EYE! 4 a.m. in Hampton 
Steph! 5/13/92, love you Jeff. Thanks Mon + 
Dad, I did it! 

John M. Smutek 

21 Belmont Road 

Memories: Friday night street hockey games. 
Back yard hockey games on my rink, water 
skiing all summer with my cousin, Leigh. Rob. 
and Kyle who couln't park to save his life. 

Christopher W. Spring 

4 Hughes Lane 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Winter Track 
1-4; Tennis 1-3; Student Gov. 3. 4; Concert 
Band 1-3 

Memories: Adam + Jeev- T 4 Prez! By the 
way, what's a creampuff? Rodgers, how's 
Gerry? Weeva- Don't forget to dodge the spit 
7th period. Meuse, you're walking! Rodgers 
and Ree v- Don ' t forget T' s or Woody ' s ! Adam- 
He never had the BIG ONE; Don't worry, it's 
a sunshine day. Happy Woody Day. Chopper! 


Stacey Slack 


18 Crimson Road 

Activities: Colorguard 1-4; Captain 3-4; Fl 
ture Teachers I; SADD 2; Student Gov. 3 j 
Favorite Saying: "What eva!" 
Memories: Great times with-Erin, De [| 
Due. Sharon. Diane. The Dwarfs. Jen, KeM 
Gayle, Chrissy, Becky. Lauren. Rich. tI 
Wobum Posse, and all the rest ! Chicken. Su I 
mer93-WHERE ARE YOUR Pants!? Opel 
tion Indian. Jeff & Carrie we love & miss y« 
Ma & Dad I luv you. 

Hilarie J. Smutek 

4 Surrey Lane 

Activities: NHS: Student Gov. 4; Yearbocl 
Memories: The hokey pokey in the kitchl 
Julie R. and Amy W. and the phone. "Dad l| 
in Jail." "I love you pooky." green sweatsfl 
boy, "Loose Fish." "Big Al". Jr year physil 
Canobie. Summer of '93. driving around w| 
no place to go. the gold underwear, "Pocl 
and Princess." 

Dana J. Spaulding 


19 Callahan Street 

Activities: Lacrosse 2-4; Hockey 1-4 
Favorite saying: "Later slater, what's up III 

Memories: Good times w/brothers Stonybn 
Wells Beach North league champs Mr. Wen 
Flat tires Butler let's skip! no plate light 1 
days Heffers The Malibu Dagle and me on 
bench many good days Thanx Mon + Dac 

Rosemarie H.K. Staudhammer 


2 Alice Avenue 

Activities: Band 

Favorite Saying: "What's up?" 

Memories: I think I'm enjoying my year hi 

in Billerica. I like the band. I'll miss you 

when I go back to Germany! I like the Am 

can way of life. 

Xnette R. Strassberger 

SXngela Lane 

Ifivities: Ensemble; Science League, Presi- 
f ; HOB Y; Musical; French Club; A/V Club; 
ftr Leader 

m ile Saying: "Good Morning, today is . . 

Mmories: The Ruler trick, 3rd period Sopho- 
I e study, ensemble, dx/dy cox= -6, double 
l:rsals, roller coaster! T. and Science League, 
l|nch Club in Boston, Great times w/ 
johanie S., Zoe L., Karen M., Magda L., 
Ily T„ Jen G., Jill. M, Ruth H., and Diane R. 
I nks, everyone! 

Vlly B. Sullivan 

Ipllingwood Avenue 

Kmories: "It". Grandmother. Reynold, 
liight all the way. Cookie joke. Forged? 
I i/ ma and Hicks, Tammy and the dope slap, 
|:rrt! That looks familiar, officer friendly, 
ip song. 5-0's. going to the movies. Cape 
I Gram= hell, video with Amy + Julie. Bug- 
hw/ Erica! 

\icy A. Sullivan 

' Ml" 

!»riftwood Lane 

-Mix i ties: Gymnastics 1-2, Captain 3-4; 
Leerleading 2-3, Captain 4 
Ivorite Saying: "What is she looking at?" 
Emories: Cruising in the Jaxon; Hey Red, 
li't touch the animals. B-root; Mary, reach 
It goal? Bonnie; Brawl Yankee Doodle 
(tekend; Yeh, I'll talk to ya Janneen! Brooke, 
jita love mean man. Red, pull an alnighter? 
f II effect! Chaz; miss y Carrie + Jeff; Thanks 
>>m + Dad, Love ya. 

\iaron L. Tabor 

L ha" 

'. Allendale Avenue 

ttivities: Basketball 1.2; Yearbook; French 
Lb; S.A.D.D. 

I vorite Saying: "It bugs the snot out of me!" 
lemories: Yah Hooray! Boo Hoo! 990 
Imbrants, Jill the Great C is for Bubble? 
ipy Cat! Mole! Hi Tara! Rosati, we're only 
iiors!OhJuJubee! Brute! Slowdown! Elvis, 
:iron, Caesar Salad, hurlish. Fried Dough! 

Robert E. Sturk 

2-B Tufts Lane 

Favorite Saying: "Hey Briiiiieeen!" 
Memories: Shut up Joe I have no gum! Brien 
it wasn't my fault the plane stuck to the ceiling. 
Hey Leigh MEEP MEEP! Brien. Leigh. Rob. 
Joy, it's not her fault she spilt all the coke on ya 
at the prom. Bill, remember, the brake not 
park. Sean, are you sure your brother wasn't 

Kari A. Sullivan 


2 Rainbow Lane 

Favorite saying: "That's so bad'" 
Memories: Beach, channel 530 AM. & the 
van with my buddy Kelt G/ don't fall dow n the 
stairs Jaime!/ Cindy the wease!/ Rides to 
school with Morgie/ Chrissy singing/ Good 
luck Amy W./ Skating/ Concerts/ who stole 
our pig Jacey ?/ Crazy driving LeeAn B./ Soci- 
ology 6 & grits/ 4 yrs with Holly S./Hi Bruno!/ 
Thanks Mom & Dad! 

Christine L. Summers 


21 Maplewood Avenue 
Activities: Colorguard 
Favorite Saying: "Mindyourown Business!" 
Memories: Thanks to Beck & Max for all the 
goodtimes we had together. You guys are the 
best! Working with Becky at Purity, "Holy 
Mint Girl." I will never forgt that. I also will 
never forget the times in Purity Parking lot 
with the gang. Also won't forget Hampton 
with the girls! I love Leslie L. Died JuK "93" 

Catherine Ann Telsey 


144 Pollard Street 

Activities: Volleyball; Homeroom Rep. 
Favorite Saying: "On a diet? Doesn't mean u 
can't look at the menu." 
Memories: Python. Bimblo & Bomblo. Un- 
der the Bridge (Science). F.H. Games w/Fam 
and Penuche. Mr. V.-Sing-A-Little-Song! V.B. 
Team. Bomb scares! Milkcartons-HO! Steal- 
ing Signs! Party at the Telsey's! Church 
sleepovers! B.M.H.S.! U.S. History Prom «/ 
Scott!!! Hampton! Mini Vac's! Office Sym! 


Kelly M. Thomas 

3 Stage Road 

Activities: Band 1. 2; Ensemble 3, 4: Spring 
musical 1 -3; Drama Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4 
Favorite Saying: "I'm Clueless." 
Memories: Finals 91; Walkin in Memphis. 
Christmas in the hotel. The Merkles. I'm not 
really over 6 ft. 3. Clueless in calculas. Where' s 
Tom Kelly? Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. 

Joseph D. Towne Jr. 


9 Governor Hutchinson Road 

Activities: Soccer 1. 2; Indoor Track 3; Track 

1: Football 4 

Favorite saying: "Really!" 
Memories: Good times with Cliff, Jay Ralf . . 
. etc. Hey, Rob got any gum. Night football 
games, at the Reservation. Bob look before 
you back up . . Last but not least being on 
Channel five's High Five asateamate of Mike 
Mastrullo and the rest of the 94 football team 

Clifton L. Thornton 

6 Pinedale Avenue 

Activities: Winter track: Volleyball; W 

Favorite Saying: "I don't know and alri 
Memories: All the fun times I had with 
friends. I also enjoyed the thrill and ex 
ment I got out of the Volleyball seasons 

Kimbley A. Tremblay 

39 Elizabeth Road 
Favorite Saying: "For Real" 
Memories: Good times w/N.P., N.W 
O.S. girls. Hey Laquita let's jam! Sandra 
World. Mr. Bishop, wouldn't have made 
out you. Pet. thanks. Mr. S. I'll always re 
ber you. Peach Street. Let's go to the 
store. Jeff, thinking of you and you'll al 
be in my heart. I love cuz. Thanks Ma 
G.J., Sean I love you guys. 


Joseph H. Turner 


1 1 Ricca Farm Road 
Activities: Hockey 1-4 
Favorite saying: "I mean believe me, I su car 
Memories: How's your windshield. Malibu's 
the river, we can make it. Sory Julie sleddin. 
Oh boy after the prom. Easy Dana's rough 1/ 
2 day's & late nights. I'll bite your nose off. 
The worm. Jeff & Carrie I'll always love and 
miss you guys. Good times w/Battcock 
Spaulding C'andelora Sully & all you guys I 
can't fit. Thanx Mom & Dad. 

Jodie A. Valin 

"The Jodster" 
7 Albert Street 

Activities: Tennis: Prom Comm.; Drama 
Favorite Saying: "C-ya later!" 
Memories: Being with my friends Ann C . 
Sara N., Lisa K., Patty R., Tony H.. Joge L.. 
School dances w ith Ben P. End of school party 
"91" McDonalds family-Scott L.. Tommy S.. 
Tony H.. Kathy K., John A.. Hi. Claire! Sec- 
ond period study w ith Billy D. and Joe A. Trip 
to Florida "93" C-ya Class of "94"! 

Michele M. Venezia 


24 New Foster Avenue 
Activities: Cheerleading 2-4. Captain 4; 
Homeroom Rep. 2-4: Prom Comm. 3, 4 
Favorite Saying: "Whatever!" 
Memories: Fun times w/ all esp. Mark, Jess. 
Jill. Tash & Todd Psycho driver Park much'' 
Wanna go cow tipping .' Skip often Jess? Mrs 
Dewey Lumpy Let's hit the beach-Jess Cards 
at Aaron D's Where's J Norton'.' Best times at 
cheering Jail in Malboro Luv ya 92 B-ball 
team Love you Mark Miss you Carrie & Jeff 

Troy M. Wagner 


4 Acre Road 

Activities: Band 1 . 2 

Favorite Saying: "Bonus!" 

Memories: We took Killer: Cla^s of u 4. The 

Peanut Gallery. Senor Wagner, el sombrero 

por favor!. Canobie Lake. Kids. I'm not afraid 

to fail ya!. peanut butter. Mrs. Oullette w ules. 

Erin M. Walsh 


3 George Brown Street 

Activities: Homeroom Rep. 2-4; Prom Comm. 

3-4; Italian Ciub 4; Yearbook 

Favorite saying: "All I gotta say is . . . OH 


Memories: Fun x's w/friends-esp 9. Gal's 
party. Fl-93/D-hway. Tool/Chinese r-lites. 
Red-he wants to get busy. Prom 93/94-Cancun. 
S/ova-$42. Call my mom/the tape. K's house- 
3:30/noneck. RPP/H+C sand. Amy-b.f/thanks. 
I luvya. Miss+luvyaCarrie/Jeff-F-10/b&m4- 
eva, never 4-get you. L.K/call cops. Luv ya- 
Mom, Dad & Kerry. 

Richard S. Walukiewicz 


6 Eastview Avenue 

Activities: Football 2-4; Basketball 1-4 
Favorite Saying: "1 swear to God!" 
Memories: Great times with Brian. B.J.. and 
Taco at Football. Hanging at Brian's with 
Melissa, Marion, and Christine. On the hood 
with Brian doing 45. Psst whats a Middie? 
Hanging with the '92 Basketball team and 
Cheerleaders. I love you Melissa and always 
will! Thanks Ma and Dad for everything. 

William K. Washburn 


9 Pondover Road 

Favorite Saying: "Hi!" 

Memories: The incident in Gym class!! 

Aubrey A. Weitz 


Activities: Cross Country 1 ; French Club 3, 4; 
S.A.D.D. 4 

Favorite saying: "Couldn't tell ya!" 
Memories: Good times w/ Dawn. F., Erika. C, 
Dani. N. & Lynn B. Erika & Mike V. it's a 
SECRET', Prom '93 Oh What A Night! 
Aaron's Brown-eyed girl 4eva crazy, 4-way 
Intersections, Girls night out w/ Dani N. & 
Dawn F., Lynn, don't forget the magic Bus to 
Boston. "Tom, You'll see!" 


n White 

irjean Road 

trge Wilson 

bxington Road 

Amy Whittier 


16 Pinetree Road 

Activities: Cheerleading 3-4; Homeroom Rep. 
2-4; Prom Comm. Italian club: Yearbook 
Favorite Saying: "Get me a bowl !" 
Memories: Fun times w/girls/me&Ames 
latenite S-Run/treeAVhere we gonna sleep/ 
1 1 0%/yeo/SOV A42 1 /RPP/Tool/Jax3/noneck/ 
Chi RL/miss you Carrie/Jeff neva 4get our 
memories like helmets & OH NO it's my 
brother! Always LI' V U monke\ /THNX mom- 
nana-papa-Den c. 

Richard Wohl 


Activities: Band I -4 

Memories: Fun hadw/all m> friends-Lauren. 
Kel, Beck. Deb. Sue. Erin. Rosi and all \ou 
other guys. Thanks for listening Chrissy. 
E.MLB.A. Champs Div. II 91 &"-93. New 
York '92. New Jersey. Florida '93. and any 
other place Band took me. Thanks to my 
sisters especially little Kristi. Thanks for e\- 
er> thing. I love you Mom and Dad. 


George Woods 

65 Salem Road 

Zachry Zichittella 


23 Ferren Drive 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4; Basketball 1 -4; N.H.S. 

Memories: My JV basketball winning streak 
- 12 straight. Going out with eigh t of my 
friends in one car. Fun in Mr. Wooding" s 
class. My surprise 16th birthday party. My 
Junior Prom. The Junior class trip. Playing 
basketball with Chris Shaffer. Mike Foley. Joe 
Meuse. Jamie Clark. Dave Cushing and Paul 

Lindsay A. Blair 


7 Meridien Way 

Activities: N.H.S. ; Softball 4: French Club. 
Pres. 3-4: Homeroom Rep. 1-3: Prom Comm. 

Favorite Saving: "You know what that does 
don't 'cha?" 

Memories: Where are we? Kerosene coat. 
50's, Hopped the fence. Bobby-Police. See 
what happened was. Wendy-wanna pat my-? 
Cleaning puke at Purity. Get em off! Skip day 
ducks! Chick! Billy. Billy. Billy! It was yel- 
low! Tuna fish? Socomang. Wreynold-doink! 
It! Oh. what a night! 

Sean Lorway 

"Hey Lorway!" 
15 Brentham Road 

Activities: Environmental Club; Newspaper 
Memories: Long walk in Amherst: Omni Bash- 
ing: English with Mrs. Breen; Friday nights 
with Nigro: Walden Pond: Ahhh! Search light! 
Camping with Steffen and Dave: Porch card 
games: Steffen at Logdstons: UMASS debate 
team: Drawing in math: Paint Ball with the 
guys; Hey Fern, you don't look so good: Can 
you drive. Russ? No. Lee. I'm not buying your 




■ Biootii 
| ■ Fori 


ly, Who Will Be Missed 

le lives burn low and long; 
fane burn bright and fast; 
some a brilliance create 
In the space of one broken heart's beat 

A smile so pure and bright, 
A love of life so strong, 
aid a friend so good and true 
In a moment's unblinking measure gone. 

Left behind is theJilfmily she loved; 
Left bertaid ara^e friend*? close to her heart 
And left behind He tfte memories so clear. 
The feasting gifts of this beautiful souls— 

,Toa$uickiy Amy passed through^out^w^ffct; 
•Too quickly has this spirif-become-flesh 
become spirit again; ^flMttlHNMMl 
And too quickly sped this shooting star 

In her dash across our skv. 1 -?sbb^ 

Joe Bradford 1994 
Amv's English Teacher 

In Memoriam 
Jeff Dunakin 

Just said good-bye to another good friend. 
Everyone loved him, his pranks knew no end. 
Friendly and free spirited always shone through. 
Fooling around in whatever he'd do. 
Remember the stories he'd tell in the past? 
Everytime he opened his mouth we would laugh. 
Yelling and dancing down the halls he would go. 

Doing his "monkey" was always a show 

Unique in his way, crazy stories he'd paint. 

Now remember the times in the hallway he'd "faint"? 

Always a helper, he'd stick up for a friend. 

Kindness and affection he always did send. 

In our minds we reflect, with a smile, what he'd do. 

Never to be forgotten, Jeff, we'll always love you. 

-In loving memory, Jeff Dunakin 

,e C/iaIp ln 

Mary Albanese 
Tracy Arena 
Laurie Batten 
Paul Bellino 
Lee An Benjamin 

Jessica Bevis 
Kelly Bickford 
Melissa Bishop 
Scott Bolser 
Jaime Browne 

Kristin Burdge 
Chris Burns 
Matt Butler 
Scott Call 
Faith Catherwood 

Brian Cerroni 
Chrissy Clooney 
Amy Cloutier 
Lisa Coburn 
Deb Cohen 

Helen Corcoran 
Karen Cotter 
Kendra Creonte 
Jen Critch 
Courtney Cronin 


Lori Gallo 
Jen Garrett 
Nicole Gauvin 
Judy Geehan 
Rob Gentile 

Vicki Gerry 
Stephanie Giblin 
Kara Giblin 
Justin Glass 
Kelly Graham 

Jesse Graves 
Shelly Gupta 
Tiffany Gurney 
Sean Hagan 
Jenn Hall 

Brian Hammer 
Theron Hatch 
Rita Head 
Jdy Higgins 
Bob Hudson 

Chris Hutchinson 
Lenny Imbracsio 
Tammy Jalbert 
Amy Jenkins 
Lisa Katcher 


Tammy O'Neill 
Tracey O'Neill 
Susan O'Rouke 
Rob Pagliuca 
John Pellegrino 

Amy Petipas 
Christina Petriello 
Roger Plourde 
Lynne Polsi 
Jennifer Powers 

Lisa Powers 
Genevieve Quin 
Jeevan Ramapriya 
Denise Ramsey 
Erin Raney 

Jennifer Rao 
Rebecca Richard 
Patti Richardson 
Samantha Richardson 
Gwen Rigoli 

Julie Roderick 
Cindy Rodrigues 
Kristie Rogers 
Carla Romano 
Diane Rosati 


Julie Gibson 


lane Smutek 

Scott Roy 
Tasha Saggese 
Stephanie Sanborn 
Marion Saunders 
Shavvna Scarlata 

Jill Sexton 
Chris Shaffer 
Leigh Sharrock 
Kara Shields 
Amy Sherwood 

Janeen Silva 
Stacey Slack 
Rosemarie Staudhammer 
Holly Sullivan 
Christine Summers 

Sharon Tabor 
Kelly Thomas 
Joe Towne 
Kym Tuscano 
Kristin Viola 

Erin Walsh 
Noelle Walsh 
Amy Ward 
Lauren Wells 
Zack Zichittella 

And The Survey 
Says . . . 

Favorite Movie Star 

Tom Cruise 
Christian Slater 

Julia Roberts 
Keanu Reeves 
Kevin Costner 

Favorite Group/ 
Rock Artist 

Pearl Jam 
Stone Temple Pilots 
Billy Joel 
Led Zepplin 

Favorite Soft 

Mountain Dew 
Yoo Hoo 


Favorite TV Show 

Beavis and Butthead 
Saved by the Bell 

Favorite Homework Excuse 

"Homework! We had homework?' 
You didn't give us any. 
I left it in my locker. 
It is in my other notebook. 
I made it into a paper airplane and it got hijacked! 

Favorite Movie 

Breakfast Club 
A Few Good Men 
Ferris Beuler's Day Off 


The Birdies Sang "Tweet, Tweet, Tweet 

Somali forces release 
wounded American 
helicopter pilot Michael 
Durant in October after a 
disastrous U.N. raid 
results in the deaths of 18 

American soldiers. 
President Bill Clinton 
promises to withdraw 
almost all U.S. forces by 
March 1994. 

Charles Caratim. Sygma 

Investor confidence receives a big psychological boosl on 
December 15. when 117 countries agree to expand the Gener 
Agreement on Tariffs and 
Trade (GATT), a 46-year-old 
treaty that sets rules for world 
trade. Economists estimate GATT 
could add SZ74 billion to the 
world's economy by 2002. 

Nelson Mandela, 
president of the African 
National Congress, and 
South African President 
Frederik Willem de Klerk 
share the 1993 Nobel 
Peace Prize for their 
efforts to dismantle 
South Africa's system of 
rigid racial segregation. 

AP Wide World 

Prime Minister Yitzhak 
Rabin of Israel and Yasir 
Arafat, chairman of the 
Palestine Liberation 
Organization, shake 
hands after signing a 
peace agreement on 
September 13. 

AP/Wide World 

istating earthquake 
■out entire villages 
lis almost 10,000 
^ southeast of 
ny, India, on 

Port activity in Haiti 
slows after a United 
Nations oil and arms 
embargo against the 
country is reinstated 
in October The military 
government's refusal 
to relinquish power 
prompted the 01 action 

Russian President Boris 
Yeltsin casts his vote on 
December 12 for a new 
Constitution, which will 
give him sweeping 
powers, and for 
representatives to a new 
Russian parliament. 

Epix Irom Sygma 

The world 
nervously watches 
as the party of 
labeled a racist 
and fascist, makes 
significant gains in 
elections. "Vlad 
the Bad" favors 
restoring the 
Russian empire 
and wants Alaska 
returned to Russia. 


"It may be Christmas, but 
no one is giving Alaska as 
a present to Russia.' 

-Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski 

During a world tour, 
leader of the Roman 
Catholic Church, Pope 
John Paul II, makes a rare 
visit to the U.S. A crowd 
greets the pope as he 
arrives in Denver, 
Colorado, on August 14. 

AP/Wide World 

Emergency vehicles 
surround New York City's 
World Trade Center on 
February 26, after a 
bomb blast rips apart the 
office complex, killing 
six people and injuring 
more than 1.000 others. 
In August, authorities 
charge Muslim 
fundamentalist Sheik 
Omar Abdel Rahman with 
masterminding the 


James S. Brady give 
thumbs-up as the Br 
Bill becomes law. T 
signing ends a p a I it 
fight that began arte 
Brady was shot atom 
President Reagan inU 
1981. The bill impo: i 
five-day waiting per i 
handgun purchases.! 

Brad Markel. Gamma/Uaison 

Billionaire presidential 
aspirant Ross Perot goes 
on the road to oppose the 
North American Free 
Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 
in autumn. Congress 
approves NAFTA in 
November as Perot's 
popularity declines. 


President Clinton and Vice President Gore unveil plans to 
"reinvent government" on September 7. The plan to save 
S108 billion by the year 2000 eliminates mountains ol 
regulations and reflects a prevailing mood among Americans 
to change government .° 

Retired pathologist Jack 
Kevorkian, front, who 
helped his 20th patient 
end his life, is charged in 
September with violating 
a Michigan law that bans 
suicide, a law Kevorkian 
vows to ignore. 

AP/Wide World 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. a 
federal appeals court 
judge, is confirmed in 
August as the 107th 
justice and second 
woman to serve on the 
Supreme Court of the 
United States. 

AP/Wide World 

>r earthquake 
iring 6.6 on the 
r scale strikes the 
igeles area on 
y 17, 1994. The 
toll rises over 50 
ore than 20,000 are 

Michael Tweed 

In November, fire storms hit L A. 
County, burning 152,000 acres and hundreds 
ot homes, causing S500 million in damage. 

"There's nothing that can describe the way I 
feel when I see my parents crying. 1 just wish 

I could do something to help. 

Alarm family in Illinois 
flees with some of their 
belongings after flood- 
waters from the 
Mississippi River spill 
over their land in the 
worst flooding on record 
in the midwestern United 
States. On July 10, 
President Bill Clinton 
issues disaster 
declarations for the states 
of Illinois, Iowa, and 
Missouri and in August, 
Congress appropriates $6 
billion for flood relief. 

The MTV animated 
sitcom "Beavis and 
Butt-head" becomes the 
focus of controversy in 
October after a five- 
year-old boy sets a 
fatal fire in an 
alleged attempt to 
mimic the actions 
of the cartoon 

U.S. Attorney General 
Janet Reno warns 
television network heads 
that regulation of violence 
on television is 
permissible. "I want to 
challenge television to 
substantially reduce its 
violent programming now 
or else the government 
will have to intervene." 

Brad Market. Gamma/liaison 

First lady Hillary Rodham 
Clinton leads the Task Force o 
National Health Care Reform. 

MTV/Shooting Star 

The computer-passionate 
hail virtual reality, a 
technology where the 
user puts on 3-D glasses 
with two small video 
screens and earphones, 
hooks up to a sensor that 
tracks eye and body 

movement, and then 
plays a "reality" cassette, 
giving the illusion of 
interacting with a 
computer-generated world. 

Peter Menzel 

Prospective college students panic at the introduction of a new 
1994 SAT and PSAT test Changes include: a new math section 
which allows calculators, no section on antonyms, and longer 
reading passages. SAT now stands for Scholastic Assessment 
Test changed from Scholastic Aptitude Test to eliminate the 
idea that it's an intelligence test 

The "Cretaceous weevil," 
a contemporary of the 
dinosaurs, is discovered. 
The weevil was trapped in 
tree resin some 120 to 
135 million years ago. 
The resin hardened into 
amber preserving the 
insect much like the 
fictional storyline of 
Michael Crichton's book, 
Jurassic Park. 

George Poinar 

Construction halts in 
October on the 
Superconducting Sup 
Collider in Texas, aft 
Congress votes agaii 
further funding for wi 
would have been the 
world's largest partic 

SSC Laboratory 

"The best way to produce smarter kids will be to educate them 

Reports ot advances id 
embryology are mis- 
interpreted as "human 
lg," treating a brief sensation in November. Although 
in Genome Project scientists are optimistic about 
ing to treat single-gene diseases, like cystic fibrosis and 
cell anemia science does not have the ability to design 
lor beings or perfect children, as people feared. 


Mathematician Andrew 
Wiles of Princeton 
University reports in June 
that he has found a proof 
of Fermat's last theorem, 
a problem whose solution 
had eluded scholars 
since 1637. 

Denise Applewhite, Sygma 

Astronaut Jeffrey A. 
Hoffman adjusts a camera 
installed in December to 
correct an optical defect 
in the orbiting Hubble 
Space Telescope. 


Ground contact with the 
Mars Observer is lost in 
August, shortly before the 
spacecraft reaches Mars. 
Though suspicion falls on 
faulty controls in the 
spacecraft's computer, 
scientists aren't certain 
what caused it to fail. 


I point-and-shoot 
icorder arrives with 
i s new Viewcam, in 
I format with stereo 
l ■ d, 4-inch color LCD 
|en, image 
I ilization, still and 
Ik le effects. Viewcam 
rihe even smaller 
: lycam allow you to 
I without lifting the 
i era to the eye. 

* electronics Co. 

Apple Computer 
introduces the handheld 
personal computer, 
Newton MessagePad, 
hyping it as 
technology for "the 
new mobile society.' 
The electronic diary 
can send faxes and 
turn handwritten 
notes into printed 

Apple Computer, Inc 

Eight scientists who spent 
two years in a sealed, 
self-contained environ- 
ment called Biosphere 2 
emerge from isolation in 

I.M.EVSipa Press 

Whirlpool builds an environmentally 
friendly fridge that doesn't use polluting chloroOuorocarbons 
(CFCs). It uses up to 50% less energy and saves up to S600 over 
a typical 20-year life. Models will sell in 1994 for about 11.400. 


Although media gossip 
says otherwise, the 
Whitney Houston and 
Bobby Brown show- 
business marriage stays 
strong. Houston, one of 
Hollywood's hottest stars 
since her film debut in 

The Bodyguard, wins 
eight 1994 American 
Music Awards, including 
best single for "I Will 
Always Love You" and 
best album for The 
Bodyguard soundtrack. 

Richard Corkery. LGI 

movie actor River 
Phoenix dies outside a 
Hollywood nightclub of a 
drug overdose on 
October 31. 

J. Huba, Sygma 

look. Love beads, peace signs, platform 
shoes, and beltbottoms make an 
appearance on fashion runways. 

The marital break-up of 
Burt Reynolds and Loni 
Anderson, seen here in 
happier days, dominates 
the tabloids. 

Kip Rano. Gamma/Liaison 

Charlotte Lopez is 
crowned Miss Teen USA. 
Raised in foster homes, 
Lopez captures America's 
hearts with her 
Cinderella story. 

Charles Bush, Shooting Star 

Model Kate Moss 
popularizes the waif look 
but draws criticism as an 
unhealthy thinness 
becomes the goal of many 
teenage girls. 

Terry O'Neill, Sygfna 

"I did not throw temper tantrums! 

Working adults stay in contact ^ 
with their children by putting ^ 
them on "beepers," an electronic paging system that can 
tell the kids to phone home and goes great with this year's 
heel-lighted sneakers and liny portable telephones. 

Shannen Doherty, the bad 
girl of the popular 
television program 
'Beverly Hills 90210," 
makes tabloid headlines 
for her volatile behavior 
and quick marriage to 
Ashley Hamilton. 

Charles Bush, Shooting Slat 

I went days and days and days 
without having a fit! Weeks! 

-Shannen Doherty 

CBS's "David Letterman 
Show" comes up a 
winner in late-night talk 
show wars. The fall 
lineup pitted Letterman, 
shown here with guest 
Vice President Gore, 
against Paramount's 

syndicated "The Arsenio 
Hall Show," NBC's "The 
Tonight Show," starring 
Jay Leno, and Fox 
network's short-lived 
"The Chevy Chase Show. 

Alan Singer. CBS 

Robin Williams plays a 
middle-aged nanny in 
Mrs. Doubtfire, a comic 
film about a divorced man 
who goes to extreme 
lengths to be with his 


The cast of the hit 
television program 
"Seinfeld" appears 
jubilant after winning an 
Emmy Award for 
outstanding comedy 
series in September. 

Teenage heartthrob Joey 
Lawrence from the 
television program 
"Blossom" launches a 
singing career. 

Linda Vanotl. LGI 

Will Smith, popular si 
of television's "The Fr 
Prince of Bel Air." mi 
to the big screen in tr 
film Six Degrees of 

Maurice Mcinnis. LGI 

The biggest mOYie in hiStOry with the idrgest cast Steven Spielberg s Jur^sJ 
Park is the lop-grossing film of all lime with S860 million in box office receipts. Colossal stall 
of the art animation and special effects make viewers jump out of their seals. 

©Universal City Studios. Inc. Courtesy ol MCA Publishing Rights, a Division ol MCA Inc 

locaust Memorial Museum opens in April in Washington D.C. lo 
il crowds. The museum replicates ghettos and death camps to tell 
(iry of the Nazi murder of 11 million people. The most moving exhibit 
jes a heap of real shoes once worn by some of those who were killed. 

Schindler's List, a film 
about a German 
businessman who saves 
Jews from Nazi death 
camps, becomes a box- 
office hit and enhances 
the reputation of director 
Steven Spielberg. 


It may not bring anybody 
back alive, but it could remind 
people that another Holocaust 
is a sad possibility. 

-Steven Spielberg 

hr of Jazz and 
vd. novelist Toni 

I son in October 
Ines the first African 
i ican to win the 

I I Prize for Literature. 

I « Pellelier, Sygma 

Tim Burton's stop-motion 
feature, The Nightmare 
Before Christmas, opens 
to rave reviews in 
autumn, assuring its 
place as a perennial 
holiday classic. 

Touchstone Pictures/Shooting Star 

Harrison Ford plays the 
elusive Dr. Richard 
Kimble, pursued by 
Tommy Lee Jones' 
relentless U.S. Marshall, 
in the summer chase- 
movie blockbuster The 


The National Cable TV Association 
and the four broadcast networks 
draft plans to regulate 
violent programs and 
institute a rating system to 
help parents decide what 
their children should wale 

Tie yt Lul tmii 

Zooming to popularity 
Lenny Kravitz tours with 
his psychedelic-soul- 
reggae sound after his 
third album, Are You 
Gonna Go My Way, 
goes gold. 

Mary Powell. LGI 

Country dreamboat Billy 
Ray Cyrus releases his 
second album, // Won't 
Be the Last, which climbs 
into the top 10 along with 
hit song "Somebody 

Marc Morrison, Shooting Star 

Newlywed Mariah Ca 
releases Music Box as 
cuts "Dreamlover" and I 
"Hero" top the charts. 
Carey tours the country' 
and stars in a TV special 
in the fall of 1994. 

Controversy dogs Michael 
Jackson, who gave his 
first interview in years to 
Oprah Winfrey in early 
1993. Jackson later 
becomes tabloid fodder 
when a 13-year-old 
accuses him of sexual 
abuse. Jackson cancels 
the remainder of his 
Dangerous world tour due 
to health problems. 

Sam Emerson/HARPO from Sygma 

After achieving gargdntuan 
stardom. Nirvana returas to the 
studio after a two-year hiatus to 'V 
record chart topping InDtero. 
Nirvana headlines this sunimer's 
1994 Lollapalooza tour, with - 
Smashing Pumpkins and the Beastie Boys 

Singer Janet Jackson 
makes her motion picture 
debut as a teenage 
hairdresser who writes 
poetry in the film Poetic 
Justice. Her album janet. 
tops the charts. 


Bluegrass singer Vince 
Gill, who came to fame 
with "When I Call Your 
Name," earns 8 Countr 
Music Award nominatic 
in August. 

Tim Mosenfelder, LGI 

ip artist 
el Bolton defies 
tics and attracts 
iemale fans with his sensitive crooning. Bolton's 
■member fan club is 98% female and most will travel 
iear him sing "That's What Love Is All About' 

Prince changes his name to a male/female symbol and 
releases a greatest hits album. The Hits: Volume I & II . The 
purple one sells out Radio City Music Hall and opens the 
New Power Generation boutique in Uptown Minneapolis 
selling CDs. posters, and jewelry. 

Pearl Jam with 
charismatic lead singer 
Eddie Vedder releases 
their second album Vs. to 
great acclaim. Pearl Jam 
takes four awards at the 
MTV Video Music Awards 
in September, topping 
charts with "Daughter" 
and "Jeremy." 

Giboux, Gamma/liaison 


1 * 

■ 1 

-Rap godfathers Run-DMC 
embrace Christianity and 
release Down With the 
King, to the roaring 
accolades of young hip 

Gregory Jackson, LGI 

Stone Temple Pilots play 
in heavy MTV rotation, 
while foregoes triple 
platinum, with hits like 
"Wicked Garden." 

Tibor Bozi, LGI 

-Longplayers Aerosmith. 
with Steven Tyler, cross 
the country with their Get 
A Grip tour and hit "Eat 
the Rich." 

Paul Lyden, LGI 

Blind Melon's self-titled 
debut album features the 
hit "No Rain;" they make 
the cover of Rolling Stone. 

Lynn Goldsmith, LGI 

Surprise hit fern me 
-rockers L7 tour non-stop 
as fans flock to their ram- 
bunctious shows to hear 
"Pretend We're Dead." 

Tibor Bozi, LGI 

R.E.M.'s Automatic for 
the People becomes the 
top college album as 
Michael Stipe and his 
group win new fans. 

Stephanie Jennings, LGI 

Headbanger's favorite 
rMetallica wins big at the 
Bay Area Music Awards 
and tours Indonesia i.i 
April to near riots. 

Chuck Jackson, LGI 

R&B phenoms Boyz II 
Men go pop and get a $30 
million deal with Motown 
because of tenacious hits 
like "End of the Road." 

Chuck Jackson, LGI 

iIDS..leen pregnancyirinking and driving 
Im definitely not going lo shy away from 
iking where kids need to be spoken to. 

-MC Lyte 

This year, MC Lyte goes 
ighter on the message, 
returning to fat beats 
and fat lyrics with Ain't 
No Other. 

Maurice Mcinnis, LGI 

At his best on his 15th 
album River of Dreams. 
44-year-old Billy Joel, 
master of pop and sweet 
doo-wop. goes on the 
road with what he says is 
his last tour. 

Maggie Mitchel. Shooting Star 

vm mod om! tLc 

Minnesota Twins 
designated hitter Dave 
Winfield on September 
16 becomes the 19th 
player to make 3,000 

figure skaters Katarina 
Witt and Brian Boitano 
hope to bring home 
additional medals from 
the 1994 Winter Olympics 
in Norway. 

S Allen, Gamma/Liaison 

* * m 


Orlando Magic's 
Shaquille O'Neal is called 
the new crown prince of 
the NBA, and becomes a 
solid celebrity with a 
book, TV appearances, 
product endorsements, 
and a debut rap album 
called Shaq Diesel. 

Chaisson, Gamma/Liaison 

Star quarterback Joe 
Montana, who led the San 
Francisco 49ers to four 
Super Bowl victories, 
becomes starting 
quarterback for the 
Kansas City Chiefs 
in 1993. 

Otto Greule. Allsport 

Super Bowl mill 
The Dallas Cowboys win 30 to 
13 over the Buffalo Bills on 
Super Sunday 1994. 


Monica Seles, top-ran 
player in women's tern 
manages a smile durir I 
her recovery from a kmp 
wound inflicted by a P 
spectator at a match it I 
Hamburg, Germany, o 
April 30. 


e thrill is gone. 

Mel Jordan 

ko Bulls guard 
II Jordan jolts the 
with the 
j cement of his 
lent in October, 
is father James is 
iily 23. 

ESPN2. a sports cable channel 
for young people, makes plans « 
to hU the screen with youth- 
targeted events like skateboard 
ing. snowboarding, BMX biking, 
white water rafting and rock climbing 


The Toronto Blue Jays win 
their second consecutive 
World Series on October 
23, when a ninth-inning 
home run by outfielder 
Joe Carter gives them an 
8-6 victory over the 
Philadelphia Phillies in 
game six of the Series. 

Focus on Sports 

You dream it all those 

years as a kid, and then here 


you are 

-Al Leiter, Blue Jays relief pitcher 

idre Daigle signs a 
million, five-year 
|:t with the Ottawa 
|rs in June, one of 
1st lucrative 
t :ts in NHL history. 

D.S. Champion and 1992 Olympic Bronze 
Medalist Nancy Kerrigan becomes the victim 
of an assault in January. Optimistic 
about her recovery, 

the Olympic f g 

Committee votes &® 
Kerrigan onto the IS. team. 

Basketball superstar 
Charles Barkley of the 
Phoenix Suns is named 
the NBA s most valuable 
player in May 1993. 

Focus on Sports 

Slugger George 
Brett of the 
Kansas City 
Royals retires 
from baseball in 
1993, after 20 
seasons and a 
career batting 
average of .307. 

Stephen Dunn. Allsport 

Texas Rangers pitcher 
Nolan Ryan retires in 
September at the age of 
45 after a record-setting 

Focus on Sports 

Branch Davidian leader, 
David Koresh, who 
claimed to be Jesus, dies 
in a fire with 74 of his 
followers, in Waco, 

Sarajevo, Bosnia's 
capital, continues to 
suffer Serb shelling. 

Japan's Crown Prince 
Naruhito marries Harvard 
grad Masaka Owada. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, 
separated a year from 
Prince Charles, curtails 
public appearances. 

Florida State quarterback, 
Charlie Ward, wins the 
Heisman Trophy. 

Pittsburgh Penguin 
center, Mario Lemieux, 
diagnosed with Hodgkins 
disease, returns to the 
lineup for an NHL record 
17-game winning streak. 

Top Grossing Films 

Jurassic Park 
The Fugitive 
The Firm 

Sleepless in Seattle 
In the Line of Fire 

Top Grossing Concerts 

Bette Midler, Radio City 
Music Hall 

Garth Brooks, Texas 

Billy Joel, Madison 
Square Garden Arena 

Grateful Dead, Sam Boyd 
Silver Bowl, Las Vegas 

Major Theatricals 

Sunset Boulevard 

Kiss of the Spider Woman 
Angels in America 

Top Hip Hop Chants 

Tag Team, "Whoomp! 
There It Is" 

"Hip Hop Hooray, Ho Hey 
Ho," Naughty By Nature 

Steffi Graf wins 
Wimbledon, French and 
U.S. Open victories. 

Lorena Bobbin is found 
not-guilty due to 
temporary insanity for 
sexually mutilating 
estranged husband, John 

Chicago White Sox 
outfielder, Bo Jackson, 
his left hip held together 
by polyethylene and 
cobalt chrome, comes 
back after 18 months and 
pinch hits a home run in 
Comiskey Park. 

International Olympic 
Committee picks 
Sydney, Australia, 
as the site of the 
Games in 
the year 

Martina Navratilova 
retires from tennis singles 
after a long and brilliant 

Solar energy 
manufacturing gets a 
boost as 68 utilities, 
serving 40% of the 
nation's electricity 
consumers, form a 
consortium to buy $500 
million worth of solar 
energy panels during the 
next six years. 

Ravaged by hunters, the 
South China tiger 

less than 5,000; India's 
Bengal tiger has declined 
26% since 1989 to fewer 
than 4,000. 

Norway returns to whale 
hunting after a seven-year 
hiatus. The hunt violates 
a moratorium decreed by 
the International Whaling 

Non-militant Naomi Wolf 
makes feminism popular 
again with speaking 
engagements across the 
country and her book Fire 
With Fire. 

Two 10-year-old boys are 
found guilty of the 
kidnapping and murder of 
a 2-year-old in Liverpool, 

Ford Mustang, at the age 
of 30, gets a more 
powerful engine and 
Motor Trends Car of the 
Year Award. 

Panasonic 3DO 
Multiplayers video game 
system, with CD quality 
sound and a 32-bit 
processor, bids to be one 
of the main vehicles on 
the data superhighway. 

Barney the purple 
dinosaur shows no sign 
of extinction with 
sales of Barney- 


Top TV 

"NYPD Blue" 
"The Simpsons' 
"Home Improvement" 
"David Letterman Show 

"Murphy Brown" 



"Murder, She Wrote" 

Top Selling Books 

The Bridges of Madison 
County, Robert James 

See, I Told You So, Rush 

The Way Things Ought To 
Be, Rush Limbaugh 

Nightmares & Dream- 
scapes. Stephen King 

Without Remorse, Tom 


The Joy Luck 
Amy Tan 

Private Parts, 
Howard Stern 

Dolores Claiborne, 
Stephen King 

Top Albums 

Smashing Pumpkins, 

Siamese Dream 

Liz Phair, Exile in Guyvllle 

Tony Toni Tone, Sons of 


Yo La Tengo, Painful 

plans a network TV 
special and a feature film.; 

The World Mourns: 
Rudolf Nuryev, ballet 

Agnes De Mille, America 

Audrey Hepburn, actress/ 
Oscar winner 

Dizzy Gillespie, bebop 
and jazzman 

William Golding, 1983 
Nobel laureate 
Brandon Lee, action-star 
Bruce Lee's son 

Vincent Price, actor/ 

Arthur Ashe, tennis 

Reggie Lewis, Boston 
Celtics star 

Bill Bixby, actor/director 
Frank Zappa, '70s pop 
music star 

Davey Allison, NASCAR 
race driver 

Emmylou Harris, 
Cowgirl's Prayer 

Digable Planet, Reachin 
(A New Refutation of Tm 
and Space) 

U2, Zooropa 

Willie Nelson, Across ttn 

LL Cool J, 14 Shots to tit 

Sting, Ten Summoner's 

Dwight Yoakam, This Tin 

Lemonheads, Come On 
Feel the Lemonheads 

Soul Asylum, Grave 
Dancers' Union 

Whitney Houston, 
soundtrack from The 

Dr. Dre, The Chronic 

Guns N' Roses, "The 
Spaghetti Incident?" 

Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hi 
II: Back Into Hell 

Snoop Doggy Dogg, 

MC Ren, Shock of the 

Printed in U.S.A. © 1994 Jostens, Inc. and World Book 94-022 (#2138) 

Eobleigh helps Ryan Cutaldo at the computer keyboard. 

IcDermott gives Rob Pagliuca a hand. 

. . . p6£4M%*4> 

Speak up. Talk to me. Explain what you mean. Say 
whatever you want. Say anything. Say what you 
mean and mean what you say. Teachers speak to us in 
many different voices and teach us how to find our 
own. Some taught us how to express what we feel, 
how to put our ideas into words, and how to under- 
stand the words of others. Other faculty taught us how 
to speak in a totally different language; not just the 
French or German, but the languages of mathematics, 
science, and history. With each new language we 


A. a^h> %t>> M*J>- ycA* 

learn, we can better express what we truly want to say. 
Teachers do not give us our voice, rather, they teach 
us how to use it. They teach us how to find the words, 
and the language, to give our ideas meaning. They 
give us the power to speak for ourselves, so we can 
have the ability to say what is important to us-so we 
can say it again and again, until the world pauses to 


Billerica Public Schools 

Robert J. Calabrese 

Jerry A. Houghton 
\ sststant Superintendent, Business 

Administration Offices I 
365 Boston Road 
Billenca, Massachusetts 07-1 
Telephone 50H 436-9500] 
Fast 50H-436-959S 

John S. katsoutis 
Assistant Superintendent. Instruction 

Right: Dr. Robert J. Calabrese 
Superintendent of Schools 

To the Member 

of the Class of 1994: 

The future is yours . It will be f i lied with boundless 
opportunities and the independence of adult life. But, with 
the future comes the uncertainties . Will society meet the 
challenges ahead? How will you measure yourself to these 

The positives will outweigh the problems. Keep the winning 
spirit and the attitudes of success. I know you will be a credit 
to yourselves, your families, and to the Town of Billerica. 

I join with the Billerica School Committee in congratulating 
each and every one of the Class of '94. May your future be filled 
with happiness and achievement. 


Right: Mr. Jerry A. Houghton 
Assistant Superintendent. 


Far Right: Dr. John Katsoulis 
Assistant Superintendent. 




Dear Graduates, 

35 River Street 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 
Tel. 508-436-9300 
FAJC No 436-9393 

Asst Principals: 

"The best and most beautiful 
things in the world 
cannot be seen 
or even touched. 
They must be felt 
with the heart" 

Dtvid R. McLellin 
Thomas F. O'Brien 
Edwin Walsh 

These words of Helen Keller are so relevant and important to remember as you 
move beyond the world of BMHS. 

During your years at BMHS, as individuals and as a class, you have no doubt 
experienced many things that have touched your hearts - the pain of loss, the 
comfort of friendship, the joy of living, and the thrill of learning. 

As you move on, please keep these experiences close to you. You will be tempted to 
become immersed in superficial and materialistic concerns losing sight of those 
feelings of the heart that are truly what Life is all about. 

I hope that BMHS has nurtured these feelings within you. Congratulations on your 
graduation. I look forward to reading about your successes in the future and please 
know that you will always remain members of our school community. 

Best wishes, 

Thomas D. Sharkey 

Left: Dr. Thomas Sharkey 

ir -« 

Far left: Mr. Thomas O'Brien 
Assistant Principal 

Middle left: Mr. David McLellan 
Assistant Principal 

Left: Mr. Edwin Walsh 
Assistant Principal 

New Language Lab Comes To Billeric 

This year. Billerica Memorial High School used the money that it 
received from the Zadoch Howe fund in order to build a Foreign Language 
Lab. Billerica is one of the first towns in the area to introduce this concept 
in its high school. This lab is a necessary component when studying a 
foreign language. It gives the students an opportunity to actively partici- 
pate in their learning. 

The lab consists of 4 rows of individual desks, each equiped with its 
own headset and microphones. This headset allows the student to listen 
and answer questions while being monitored by the instructor. Students 
may also make tapes of themselves to keep in order to correct their 

The language lab is also video interactive. You may sit and watch a 
movie without being disturbed. These videos are advantageous because 
they enable students to hear the languages that they are studying class. 

Ms. J Adie 
Special Ed. 
Ms. E. Ahren 
Home Ec. 
Mr. A. Alvino 
Mr. C. Ardell 
Social Studies 
Mr. D. Baniewicz 
Social Studies Chair 

Mr. T. Bannister 
Computer Lit. 
Ms. P. Barentine 
Ms. P. Battcock 
Ms. C. Bejtlich 
Foreign Language 
Ms. J. Berardi 

Ms. D. Biagiotti 
Mr. G. Bishop 
Ms. L. Blanchard 
Ms. C. Boullie 
Mr. J. Bradford 


Let's Talk It Out! 

Hiring December representatives 
i Weston High introduced a pro- 
i called Mediation and Conflict 
bultion. This assembly was held for 
;rica High school students and staff, 
'wo Weston High students set up a 
k mediation session to demonstrate 
this program provides an opportu- 
for fighting parties to settle a con- 
peacefully. The mediation meeting 
vvs both parties to express and share 
s for a resolution to the conflict. The 
ents would reach a compromise and 
an agreement in the presence of a 
ied mediator. 

he goal of the plan is to prevent 
ting among the students and encour- 
peaceful problem solving. The stu- 
and teachers chosen to take part in 
program must participate in a train- 
period. Mediators must learn listen- 
communication, and conflict reso- 
>n skills. 

raining sessions were held over a 
-day period. We look forward to a 
lower B.M.H.S. in the future. 

Mg./Sgt. W. Bradley 
Work Study 
Ms. F. Braganza 
Chapter One 
Mrs. K. Breen 
Mr. P. Breen 
Mathematics Chair 
Ms. M. Buckley 

Ms. D. Burke 
Foreign Language 
Mr. T. Byrne 
Ms. J. Caliri 
Ms. J. Capadanno 
Phys. Ed. 
Ms. D. Cappella 
Food Service 

Ms. A. Capps 
Ms. K. Cardia 
Special Ed. 
Ms. E. Chamberlain 
Ms. E. Ciccarelli 
Mr. T. Clarke 


Speak Up . . . Talk Hard 

The past four years have seen a developing consciousness in the 
school for the needs of teens in the nineties. Facing new problems such 
as AIDS, and old ones like pregnancy, divorce, and just plain old stress, 
students needed somewhere to go for help and information. The school 
has responded with a variety of services. 

The clinic has always been there to address our physical needs, but 
something more was needed for our emotional ones. The new Teen 
Health Support Clinic opened this year to address those needs. It 
provides informational booklets on a variety of topics ranging from 
drug abuse to stress and self-esteem issues. The clinic is run by 
Ruthanne Rideout, R.N., who is available to talk with students, discuss 
their concerns, and give them information. 

According to Mrs. Rideout the clinic's function is to "reach out to all 
teens" and to serve as a "resource room for health issues and emotional 
concerns." This clinic provided all of us with a place to speak our mind, 
to say what concerned us, and to ask for help. Our voices were listened 
to here and our questions answered. 

The new clinic, combined with earlier efforts like the AIDS confer- 
ence, the Date Rape Seminar, and the new Mediation Team give the 
students several choices when confronted with a problem. It gives them 
a choice in what they say and how they say it. 

Ms. M. Cobleigh 
Mr. S. Colangelo 
Mr. A. Colletti 
Social Studies 
Ms. J. Conners 
Mr. S. Connolly 
Phys. Ed. 

Mr. P. Cox 
Dr. P. Cox 
Ms. V. Crowley 
Foreign Language 
Dr. D. Curtis 
English Chair 
Mr. W. Davison 

Ms. L. DeCoste 

Mr. V. DeFeo 
Ms. N. Delory 
Mr. J. Desmond 
Social Studies 
Ms. H.Devlin 
Special Ed. 

Right: Melissa Miller is hard at work doing Donaghey homework 


Bruce Talks Weather 

Who does Billerica High look to when they want 
to know the weather? Dave Bruce, of course 
trusted weather-watcher. 

Dave Bruce is a junior at Billerica High who is 
doing something every morning that he has wanted 
to do since he was 1 1 years old. He is forecasting the 

Every morning Dave uses his modem to contact 
the National Weather Service. This service provides 
him with prognastic charts which show him the 
upper atmosphere and allow him to forecast where 
storms will be moving and how they will effect us. 

At a convention center in Chelmsford a meteo- 
rologist named Al Caprilian taught young students 
meteorology. This is where Bruce' s career started. 
Since then. Bruce has become the official "weather- 
watcher" for Billerica Memorial High School. Dave 
has a direct line to Dick Albert and Harvey Leonard 
who count on him for local condition information 
and weather "chart." 

Ms. M. Fowler 
Foreign Language 
Mr. P. Gabriel 
Science Chair 
Mr. J. Gage 
Ms. M. Gallagher 
Library Supervisor 
Mr. F. Giroux 
Social Studies 

Ms. J. Giroux 
Mr. J. Gorczyca 
Ms. R. Gospodarek 

Mr. M. Grant'ield 

Ms. S. Grant'ield 

Ms. M. Guerrieo 
Ms. B. Hagan 
Ms. T. Hamelin 
Ms. B. Hood 
Athletics Director 
Ms. V. Hough 


What We Want To 

Mr. D. Hunter 
Data Processing 
Mr. J. Infanger 
Foreign Language 
Ms.J. Ingalls 
Social Studies 
Mr. C. Jahnle 
Ms. G. Jenkins 
Pupil Personnel 

Ms. J. Johansen 
Social Studies 
Ms. D. Killeen 
Mr. J. Lamont 
Data Processing 
Mr. J. Lancaster 
Ms. V. Langelier 
Special Ed. 

Ms. S. Lanteigne 
Special Ed. 
Ms. A. LaRosa 
Ms. G. Lemieux 
Mr. J. LoDuca 
Mr. R. Loranger 

Say What? 

School Philosophy 
Say again! 

School Phil-o-so-phy 

Hiat's what we said during the week of April 11 - 14th. Who among 
<.new we had a school philosophy ? 

The philosophy committee did. Composed of Dr. Curtiss. Mr. 
imond, Mr. LoDuca. Mr. Marchi, Ms. Phillips, Mr. Staveley, and 
lent representatives, they spoke out on what principles our school 
rimunity should be founded upon. Community. Dignity. Respect, 
Enrichment are the four basic principles of our new school 

These four principles speak for us. they say who we are as a school 
as a community. During "Philosophy Week" the committee urged 
dents to say how they felt about the new philosophy and how it 
>lies to the school. Teachers were encouraged to discuss the four 
iciples in class, students were invited to meet in groups with 
nmittee members to explore their feelings on the philosophy, and the 
ek was topped off by the broadcast of a debate which involved 
dents and staff members. Mr. Staveley also made daily video 
sentations on the principle of the day, in which he interviewed 
dents about their feelings on the four principles. 
During this week students were encouraged to say what they felt and 
at they wanted their school community to be. Students spoke about 
inge, about dignity and about respect, and what it was like to be a part 
the B.M.H.S. community. They said what they needed to say, and 
y said it again and again. And the school listened. 



"SATAAN!!!" "The witch is on her broomstick again." Ms. Donaghey 
"Quick like a bunny." "Good Golly Miss Molly." Ms. Fowler 

1 Vj^ 

"It's only a movie." "In a well written essay ... Be specific and use examples. 
"Happy Day!" "Hello, kiddy beans." Mr. Staveley 

Most Challenging 

Mr. Flynn 
Ms. Biagotti 

The volleyball team reaches for a spike. 

We screamed for victory and cried in defeat. We shouted encour- 
agement and whispered condolences. We laughed at those who said 
we could not win and showed them how much we had within us. 

And sometimes, we did not need words. Our bodies spoke for us. 
With movements practiced and studied, we glided to the finish line, 
sprinted to the end zone, leaped into the sky, dove into the still 
waters, and pushed our way to victory. 

We listened to the sounds of triumph: the sharp slam of a 
volleyball spike, the quick whisper of the soccer ball into the net, 

Number 13 makes a first down. 

the soundless splash of the diver, the whistle of the ball across the 
green. We heard the encouraging shouts of the cheerleaders, the 
call of the band to rise up, to fight, to win! 

Yet in some quiet moments of competition, words were not 
needed. Our bodies spoke a language all their own; they spoke of 
determination and a fierce desire to fight for what we wanted. Our 
actions spoke for themselves and louder than words ever could. 
They said all that needed to be said. 



Actions Speak 
Louder Than 
Words: Football 

The 1993 B.M.H.S. football team season was a dream come true 
for the players, the school and Billerica. But, before this team could 
show everybody how much talent they possessed there would be 
much practice and hard work. 

The team started early during the summer: running, passing, and 
getting used to working and playing together. Since the team had a 
fairly young group of players, no one knew what to expect. 

As the first game against favored Central Catholic neared. the 
team knew it had become something to be proud of. a team capable 
of competing with the best of the M. V.C. Billerica. the underdogs of 
the game, triumphed 13-0, and began to gain confidence, becoming 
a force to be reckoned with. 

Our ninth straight win, a victory against Andover. clinched our 
share of the M.V.C. title and a possible Super Bowl win. 

The team entered the Chelmsford Thanksgiving game all fired up 
and fought hard. 

But the win slipped out of reach and almost 10.000 fans went 
home defeated. That Saturday the team practiced, still in Super Bowl 
contention, and the coaches brought the players together for a talk. 

The team went to the Super Bowl. December 4, 1993, against the 
Wobum Tanners. The team won and with the championship. Billerica 
pride was resurrected. 

The whole team made the victory possible, The seniors, led by 
captains Mike Mastrullo, Chris Burns. Rhondell Sawyer, and Matt 
Battcock. included B.J. Marinello. Rich Walukiewicz, Brian Tucker, 
Tom Bell, Brian McCormack. Ed Crowley. Jesse Graves. Joe 
Towne, Bob Hudson, Chad Belanger and Jim Kroehune. These 
players helped to lead the team to a Super Bowl championship and 
also broke school records in season for most points scored and 
fewest points let up. 

Below: Rhondell Sawyer breaks from a tackle. 
Below : Superbow I ring shows team pride. 

Above: Mike Mastrullo runs for a first down. 

1 st Row: Clemete, Eidings. De Young, Klane, Conti. Battcock: Sawyer. Mastrullo, Burns, Crowley, ( 
McKenna. McCormack. Parker, DeCoste 2nd Row: Cook, Towne. Rosetti, Sprangers, Shartrand. Bel 
Emmanuel, Kroehune. Bell. Turner. Walukiewicz. McCormack. Ferro. White. Yavaro. Murphy. Por 
Topping 3rd Row: Roberts, Silva. Hudson, Towne, Sullivan, McCabe. Weaver. Presti. McKinnon. R 
Byer4th Row: Parquet, Silvva, Shearer, Tucker, Dowd. Marinello, lanelli, Abelli. Crowley. Looney 5'' 
Calabrese. Christakis. C orduck Allain. Marino, Shannon, Correia, Ambrose, Albrecht, Glavin, Ritano 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Fall Cheering 

The cheerleaders started their season in August with vigorous 
morning practices throughout the month. The girls worked hard all 
season and succeeded in overcoming many obstacles to become the 
best. The team was led by eleven seniors, co-captains Brooke 
Costedio and Stacey Sullivan, Katie Chalpin, Summer DePari, 
Kelly Eastman, Jill Furlong, Kim Krasowski, Colleen McColgan, 
Kerry Murphy. Rebecca Richard, and Amy Whittier. 

The girls cheered at the third annual Yankee Doodle Parade and 
bonfire, and supported a great football team all year long. They 
participated in the first ever Pop- Warner Pep Rally as well as their 
own rally to prepare for the Thanksgiving Day game. The team 
suipassed their performances of previous years by taking first place 
at the Woburn Invitational Cheering Competition after a long season 
of hard work and commitment. 

Thanks to our coach, Leslie, and our # 1 football team who helped 
make our senior year the best year ever. 

Below: Fall Cheerleaders make 

- 4 


EKvef D.Mi-- Cti..i> Ciiti;,'.> a , Dni:ii' ^ r 1 ^!^^ 

First Row: Stacy Sullivan. Brooke Costedio. Heather Levobiu. Kelly Eastman. Amy Whittier. Second Row: Colleen 
McColgan, Andrea Belanger, JessicaTebbits. Rebecca Richard, Kerry Murphy. Third Row: Maureen Burke. Summer 
Depari. Jill Furlong, Shannon Ferrara. Katie Chalpin. 



Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Strike Up The Band 

The 1994 Band marched its way to success. The band played 
during the games of the fall season, announcing to the world the 
spirit of B.M.H.S. The band spoke of hard work and determination 
with every note. Senior Christine Clooney and Kelly Milward led 
the band to victory in a competition held in East Lyme. Connecticut. 
The band also received new uniforms this year. 

The 1994 Colorguard also spoke for the pride of Billerica as it 
performed dazzling routines alive with color and grace. The care- 
fully orchestrated movements of each routine was a language all its 
own and it spoke of the long hours of practice everyone put in to 
make the school dazzle and shine. 

Below: Members of the band await the signal. 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 

The Golf team entered the season uncertain of what the year 
would bring. We had lost three seniors and were left with only three 
returning juniors and a handful of sophomores. We also had the 
lingering disappointment of missing the state tournament by one 
point the previous year. However, the 1993 season would be 
anything but disappointing. Lead by tri-captains, Matt Eisnor. Scott 
Bolser, and Mike Cotta, the team finished the season with a 1 1-3 
record, posting nine consecutive wins. This record not only guaran- 
teed the team a spot in the state tournament but also the Merrimack 
Valley Conference Title. 

The team was not only honored by the MVC with the champion- 
ship, but also with three MVC All-Stars, Brian Cerroni. Scott 
Bolser, and Ryan Torpey, one MVC All-conference player Mike 
Cotta and one coach of the year, Michael Cowdrey. With the 
leadership of these honored golfers, the season was an overwhelm- 
ing success. Success which can be specifically attributed to seniors 
Matt Eisnor, Scott Bolser, and Brian Cerroni; juniors Mike Cotta, 
Steve Moody, Ryan Torpey, Paul Penti, Josh Reynolds, Jim Powers, 
and Chris Roncari; and sophomores Mike Venenzia. Ryan Ander- 
son, Steve Fell, and Kristen Infanger. 

aptains Mike Cotta, Matt Eisnor, and Scott Bolser stop swinging to pose for a picture with Coach Cowdrey 

Lett: Mike Cotta, Matt Eisnor. Brian Cerroni. Scott Bolser. Sateve Moody, Jason Murphy 2nd Row 
Mr. Cowdrey. Ryan Anderson, Ryan Torpey, Jim Powers. Chris Roneari. Paul Penii. Joshua 
Reynolds. Stephen Fell, Mike Venezia, Kristen [nf anger 


Below: Julie Gibson 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Making Waves ! 

Leading the 1993 girls swim team were tri-captains Becky 
Eriksen. Julie Gibson and Lynne Polsi. The girls achieved a 5-7 

Many goals were set this season. Through perseverance and 
determination, the team sent 1 1 girls to the Northern Sectional meet. 
Qualifying swimmers were Julie Gibson in the butterfly, Lynne 
Polsi and Cathy Legg in the breaststroke, Leanne Hayes and Crissy 
Sullivan in diving and Cathy Legg in the individual medley. Michelle 
Ouellette in the backstroke with Becky Eriksen, and Leslie Pacheco. 
Karen Morrison, Denise Blaisdell and Cheri Coluntuoni in the free- 

Breaking the school record were Leanne Hayes in diving and 
Cathy Legg in the breaststroke. 

Good luck to next year's team. We will miss Becky Eriksen, Julie 
Gibson, Lynne Polsi, Sonya Jordan, Amy Ward. Noelle Walsh, and 
Holly Moore. 

First Row: Jen Valentine, Cheri Colantucni. Karen Morrison, Jackie Fiore, Michelle Vigna, Nisha Barochia. Melissa Locke 
Second Row: Leanne Hayes, Laura Reddington. Nichole Horgan. Lesley Pacheco. Laura Bernardo. Chrissy Sullivan. Chenoa 
Laneiew iczk. Meighan McNulty. Denise Blaisdell. Third Row: Jacki Tonint. Lynn Polsi, Julie Gibson. Becky Eriksen. Amy 
Ward. Holly Moore, Sonya Jordan. Noelle Walsh, Dristin Blachet, Erin Weedik. Amy Warren. Laura Simolaris. Vicki Gerry, 
Mrs. Dorethea McNeil. Fourth Row: Christine Castagno, Andrea Desteafano. Karen McGill, Michelle Succo. Erin Hinchey. 
Rlanohar/i r-.rrip Aunt- tv.lpo. Cnihv Lena. Michelle Ouelette. Jean Walsh. Anthony Fiore, Rick Danehy. 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Run Like The Wind ! 

As the 1 993 BMHS boys cross country team began to train for the 
season, it looked as though it would be a rebuilding year. The Indians 
had lost four talented runners to graduation the year before, and there 
were many new faces on the team. Fom the first day it looked like 
the team goal would be to improve on their previous 2-7-1 season: 
however, it soon appeared that Billerica would surprise some 

Inspired by second year coach Mike Granfield, and led by the 
dynamic foursome of seniors Chris Spring (captain). Joe Meuse 
Sean Hag an, and Chris Shaffer, the team got off to a quick start. In 
the first meet of the season. Billerica traveled to Tewksbury and 
stunned the defending MVC champs. 

The upset gave Billerica the confidence they needed, and it began 
to look like the team might be able to compete for an MVC small 
school championship. 

As the season progressed, Billerica defeated all of the teams that 
they needed to beat including Haverhill, Wilmington, Dracut and 
Methuen. Finally it was time for Billerica to go up against their 
toughest opponent; Lawrence. It looked as though the race would be 
decided by a couple of points, and as it turned out, three points 
decided the meet. Unfortunately, it was Lawrence who ran away 
with the victory. 

Although the Indians fell shy of an MVC title, they broke the .500 
mark with a record of 5-5, their best record in three years. As it turned 
out, the season was very successful. As well as being competitive in 
the league. Billerica formed a solid base for the years to come. 

Below: Chris Spring and JoeMeuse get into their six-minute mile pad 

Above: Departing seniors Sean Hagan. Joe Meuse. Captain Chris Spring, and 
Chis Schaffer take time to pose for a parting shot. 

1 st Row: Aaron Donchin, Chris Spring, Joe Meuse. Ian Davis, Mike Rouine 2nd Row: Mr. Gix 
Greg O'Brien, Brendan Finn, Adam Menoli. Sean Hagan, Chris Schaffer. Kevin McDermc 


Left: And they're off! 

Below: Sean Hagan practices his run. 

Left: Departing seniors pose for a parting shot. Top: Dave Cushing, 
Chris Schaffer, Cliff Thornton, Chris Spring. Sean Hagan. and Scott 
Fisher. Bottom: Paul Bellino. Tom McCabe. Ed Carowley, and Joe 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Full Speed Ahead 

The BMHS cross country season started out a difficult one. after 
losing four excellent seniors from 1992. Laura Traynham. Carolyn 
Hurray. Bernadete Donovan and Linda King had lead the team 
previously. The team's long-time and beloved coach. Mrs. Patricia 
Tobin, was also replaced by Denise Elliott and John Doherty. 

However, the girls pulled together for a wonderful season despite 
the losses and injuries of key runners and captains Stephanie Walsh 
and Jamie Donovan. 

The Lady Indians' quad-captains were Carrie Keyes. Jamie 
Donovan, Jessica Geisser and Stephanie Walsh. The team consisted 
of seniors Deborah Cohen, juniors Cathy Aborn, Abbey Spring, 
Michelle Curra. Lorurel Putnam. Donna Difilippo, Tammy Morgn, 
Lisa Blades and Dina Passalaqua, sophomores, Lauren Manoli, 
Melissa Thomas, Maria Picardi, Amy Plimpton, and Karen Spencer, 
freshman Danielle Whitecomb and senior, manager. Melissa 

Leading Billerica during the season were MelissaThomas. Jamie 
Donovan and Jessica Geisser. who also placed tenth overall in the 
MVC league meet. 

The 1993 girls' cross country team was a winning team despite 
its 3-6 record. Not only were many personal records set. but they also 
beat Methuen, Lawrence and Wilmington. The girls dedicated their 
season to their captain. Carrie Keyes. They kept her memory alive 
by keeping with them her sense of enthusiasm and sense of sports- 

Melissa Thomas sprints (o the finish line. 

Donna DiFilippo and Laurel Putnam show team spirit 

1 14 

1 st Row: Cathy Aborn. Stephanie Walsh. Jamie Donovan. Jessica Geisser, Deb Cohen 2nd Row 
Plimpton. Dina Passalaqua, Maria Pacarde. Abbey Spring, Lisa Blades, Melissa Thomas 3rd f 
Coach Denise Eliot, Lauren Menoli, Tammy Morgan, Donna DiFilippo. Laurel Putnam, Michelle C 
Karen Spencer. Jen McCoy. Coach John Doherty. 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Spike It! 

The girls volleyball team proved to the other teams in the M. V.C. 
that it would definitely not be a rebuilding season this year. The team 
made it to the State Tournament with a 1 1 -7 record. The highlight of 
the season was a win over defending M.V.C. champs, Dracut. 

This years team was led by senior co-captains Amy Sherwood 
and Amy Falite, and other seniors including Mary Battcock, Melissa 
Bishop. Courtney Cronin. and Jacey McGinnis. Among the M.V.C. 
All-Stars were seniors Mary Battcock for blocking, Melissa Bishop 
for setting, and junior Charity Peterson for hitting. Senior Courtney 
Cronin was chosen for the M.V.C. All-Conference team for serving. 

Overall, the team showed improvement and they were able to 
show everyone what they were made of. 

Amy Sherwood and Mary Battcock wait at the net. 



iris Volleyball: 1st Row: Maureen Hovnanian. Jacey McGinnis. Courtney Cronin. Amy Sherwood. Amy Falite. Mary 
Battcock. Melissa Bishop 2nd Row: Maura Powderly. Veronica Mulholland. Laurie Zawatsky, Charily Peterson. Brandi 


Dave Columbus and Zach Zichitella try to gain possession of the ball 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 
Kick Up Your Heels ! 

After finishing a very successful season in 1992, the boys varsity 
soccer team knew they had a tough road ahead of them. Eleven 
seniors had graduated, eight of whom were starters, and the team had 
only three returning lettermen. Because of this, the season could be 
seen as a rebuilding year. 

Coach LoDuca and captains Zack Zichittella and Jeff De Rosa felt 
that the team had potential, however. Ev en though the team was very 
young and relatively inexperienced, it achieved a record, just miss- 
ing the state tournament by a couple of points. The team's strengths 
throughout the year proved to be their speed and strong defense, led 
by senior goaly Steve Presti. Without a doubt, their best game of the 
season came with a late season victory over a previously undefeated 
Lowell team. The team finished a tough season with a good record 
and showed what they were made of. 

Jl8 MM H 

Boy Soccer: 2nd Row Left: Mr. Loranger. Joel Breen, Shawn Howe. Jason Bickford. Anthony Giordano. Mike McDade. 
Glen Magnan. Glen Sharpe, Steve Presti, Mr. LoDuca. 1st Row Left: Dave Columbus, Lucas Breen. Bob Nester. Sean 
Roach. Mike Suchecki. klBob Rowley. Ed Kiprono, Zack Zichitella, Jeff DeRosa 


Below: Coach Tom Severe and Captain Karen Cotter take time out for at 

Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 

After graduating ten senior starters from last year's 17-0 
undefeated team, the girls soccer team did what no one thought we 
could do. We extended our unbeaten streak to 55 games, but that 
streak was ended in a tough Bishop Fenwick game when our tying 
goal was taken back on a referee's call. We ended the season at 14- 
1-2. qualified for the state tournament, and gained our 3rd straight 
MVC championship.. We established ourselves as one of the pre- 
mier soccer teams in Eastern Massachusetts, finishing 12th on the 
Boston Globe's end of the season coaches poll. Over the seniors' 
four year careers, we compiled an impressive 59-4-7 record. 

The team also extended "the streak", The winning streak started 
during the 1990 season and with the team's continued success over 
the past four years kept growing. The streak ended at 50 wins. 
losses and 5 ties. It was one of the longest running streaks in the state 
for a boys or girls soccer team. This record shows the hard work, 
dedications, and attitude of each player on the team. Our team motto 
said it all: "If you believe it, you will achieve it. If you doubt it, you 
will live without it." 

Our success this season is not based on one person, but on the 
team as whole. Senior sweeper Karen Cotter shut down many 
opposing goal-hungry attackers, while seniors Gayle Pascucci. 
Laurel Keenan. and Casey Mahoney provided steady play. In the 
1 993 season, the team placed 5 players on the All-Conference Team, 
including senior Captain Karen Cotter, landed 4 on the All-Star 

Above: Diane Dempsey rears back for a power kick. 


1st Row: Kim Fries. Gayle Pascucci. Karen Cotter. Joanna Tzannos . Laurel Keenan, 
Mahoney, Kelly Barker 2nd Row: Mr. Tom Severe. Tina Carabba, Diane Dempsey, Sue I 
Wendy Boudreau. Nicole Ouellette, Jackie McLean3rd Row: Robin Morey. Sandy Brown 
Mitza. Andrea Salerno. Jen Rouine. Tara Maiarella 

Left: Andrea Salerno gets ready to take a fall. 
Below: Robin Morey throws the ball back into the game 

Bishop Fenwick 
Cambridge R&L 
Cambridge R&L 

Bishop Fenwick 

Departing seniors Gayle Pascucci. Laurel Keenan. Karen Cot- 
er. and Casey Mahoney pose for a parting shot. 

Poetry in Motion: With limbs fluid and graceful, they ran. With 
movements economic and precise, they struggled to pin their 
opponents. Cooly calculated and smooth, they carved victory in the 
ice with their blades. 

The athletes of winter spoke with their bodies, defying the bitter 
cold to halt their lyrical movements. 

Poetry in Motion: Couplets of running feet on the track and on the 
court. Victory stanzas chanted by cheerleaders. Pucks sizzled 
across the ice and bodies smacked onto gritty wrestiing mats during 


the dark days of winter. The gymnastics springboard hummed with 
the graceful power of athletes who sail through the air. 
Words weren't necessary for winter athletes to say what was within 
them: victory. The poetry of their movements said all there was to 

I Asst. Coach, Chris Dunakin, G. J. Tremblay. Brian Boutiette, Kevin Gramm, Tassilo Kroiss. Mike MeDade. 
lezia, Bob Rumley, Jason Abelli.Cahd Varvarow. Billy Renucci, Coach Wronski: Bottom row: Brian LeBlanc, 
L'ston. G.T. Keenan. Dennis Candelora. Joey Turner, Doug Le Blanc. Derek Capella. Mike Fell, Justin Daglc 






Bishop Guertin 
Maiden Cc 
Maiden Catholic 





Actions Speak 
Louder Than Words: 

Above: Justin Dagle protects the goal. 


,sicaTebbetts. Casey Mahoney, Carrie Ennion. Melissa Murphy. Melissa Bishop. Heather O'Donnell, Maureen 
iBottom: Kelley Barker. Tina Trider. Courtney Cronin. Mary Battcock, Julie Mit/a, Coach Conners 





Lowell Catholic 
Pel ham 
La wren o 

Poetry In Motion: 
Girls Basketball 

The varsity Girls Basketball team had one 
of the best seasons in the history of Billerica 
;h. With a regular season record of 14-6 
they captured the small school championship 
title and with it. will hang the first girls basket- 
ball banner in the gym. 

The team also had four Merrimack Valley 
All Stars-freshman Kelly Balker, sophomore 
Tina Trider, and co-captains Mary Battock 
and Courtney Cronin. Courtney Cronin also 
was voted small school MVP. The fifth starter. 
Julie Mitza, put in a fantastic season at guard 
on both offense and defense. A great effort 
was put in by the entire team throughout the 

Above: Captains Courtney Cronin and Mary Batteock pose for a parting shot. 

I Coach McDermott, Tom Pelton, Rick Walukiewicz, Zack Zichitella, Chris Burns, Tom Bel 
In: Mike Holland, Anthony Giodano, Gary Bricher, Geoff Silva 






Poetry In Motion: 
Boys Basketball 

The Varsity Boys Basketball team had a successful season 
despite having to overcome tremendous inexperience. After 
graduating seven seniors, five of whom were starting. Coach 
Kevin McDermott had only four returning lettermen to work 
with. Because of this fact the team was faced with adversity and 
low expectations. However, the opinions of many were changed 
throughout the season as the team significantly improved on last 
year's record by posting up five more victories and coming 
within a game of winning the small school championship. Senior 
Captains Zack Zichittella, Chris Bums, Rich Walukawitz, and 
Tom Bell provided strong and consistent leadership. Coach 
McDermott preached all season for his players never to "settle." 
Playing their final season, Zack, Chris, Rich, and Tom definitely 
didn't want to settle for anything less than win the small school 
championship. After a season ending loss to Tewksbury, the 
boys were disappointed but still had much to be proud of. The 
future looked bright for boys basketball. Returning Juniors for 
next year will be All-Conference selection Tom Pelton. Anthony 
Giordano, Gary Bricher. and Phil Kennedy. 


Right: The winter cheerleaders show their spirit with a 

Above top: Michelle Morgan shows off her moves. 

Above bottom: Michelle Morgan and Leslie Mauriello per- 
fect the routine. 

Right: The cheerleaders showcase their talent. 



laria Picarte, Cindy Pasquale, Patty Petrosilo. Janine Bonnaci, Roger Plourde. Tammy Morgan. Jen Walsh. 
Sarno. Coach Petrosilo Bottom: Jen Rao, Kelly Bickford. Jenn Critch. Leslie Mauriello, Michelle Vcne/ia, 
Scarlata. Michelle Morgan 

Michelle Vene/ia poses for a pic. 

Poetry In Motion: 
Winter Cheering 

This year's winter cheerleading team was 
the first ever co-ed team at Billerica High 
joining Lawrence and Methuen schools. Roger 
Plourde was one of the eight graduating se- 
niors on the team. Co-Captains Michele 
Venezia and Lesilie Mauriello. Jen Rao. Kelly 
Bicford, Jen Critch, Shawna Scarlata and 
Michele Morgan also graduated. 

The cheerleaders worked hard all season, 
practicing three hours a day, under the super- 
vision of Coach Petrosillo. 

Jenn Critch does a mid-air split. 


Below: Paul Bellino sprints to the finish line. 

Above: Chris Spring works his way around the 

Right: Tom McCabe heaves the shot-put. 


Chris Spring, David Cushing. Scott Fisher, Paul Bellino, Ed Crowley. Tom McCabe, Joe Meuse. Clifton 
Chris Shatter 2nd row: Phil Levesque, Mike Albergo. Bryan Ly. Sean Hagan, Brian O'Donnell.Tom Weaver, 
egan, Steve Dickey, Bill Feirea. Coach Chip Jones 3rd row: Niton Gupta, Chris Christakis, Ian Davis, Jim 
s, Dave Ciccerelli, Jim Powers. Sean Deeney, Matt Geisser, Aaron Donchin 4th row: Michael Suckecki. 
Finn. Jay Moore, Dwayne Eidens, Chris Pomerleau, Dan Sacramone. Dana King, Matthew Desmaris. Brian 
issing: Ed Kiprono 






No. Andov 
No. Readi 

Poetry In Motion: 
Boys Track 

The 1994 boys indoor track team finished the season with a 6-1-1 
record and were the M.V.C. Small School Champions. The team had 
an excellent season led by captains Paul Bellino. Tom McCabe, Ed 
Crowley, and Joe Meuse. 

A high point of the season was the Northern Area Meet, where 
several members ranked highly in their individual fields. Paul Bellino 
placed second in the 50 yard; Cliff Thornton placed fifth in the same; 
and several underclassmen also ranked highly. 

The team accomplished much this season. The 4 x 200 relay team 
of Paul Bellino. Mike Suecheki, Brendan Finn, and Scott Fisher was 
fifth in the State Coaches, and it also placed fourth in the New England 
meet. The sprint medley of Paul Bellino. Mike Suecheki. Brendan 
Finn, and Scott Fisher was second in the State Indoor Relays. 

Seniors departing this year include the captains. Chris Spring. David 
Cushing. Sean Hagan, Scott Fisher, Jeevan Ramapriya, Cliff Thornton, 
and Chris Shaffer. Paul Bellino was named an All Star; Tom McCabe 
got the Coaches Award; and Sean Hagan received the Most Improved 


low: Captains Jacey McGinnis, Karen Cotter. Amy Falite, Deb Cohen; Second row: Lyn-Marie Murphy. Marie 
|o. Sonya Jordan. Jen Shatter. Dina Passquale, Kristina Morey. Lisa Blades. Jessica Geisar. Andrea Salerno. Jen 
■. Jamie Donovan. Chris Buckley. Deb Texiera, Abby Spring. Nicole Ouellette; Back row: Coach Murphy. 
' Shabber. Meilssa Mulvey. Amy Warren, Meilssa Thomas, Colleen Lynch, Jen McCoy, Becky Baldwin. Anne 
Diane Dempsey. Laurel Putnam, Cassandra Thornton. Amy Miller, Tracey Venesquira, Deanna Klays, Kellcy 
lod, Kim Driscoll, Diana Foy. Karen Spenser. Renee Grasso, Kate Fanning, Wendy Boudreau 









No. Andover 


Wilmington 12.5 

No. Reading 28.5 

Tewksbury 24.5 

Methuen x 

Poetry In Motion: 
Girls Indoor 


The lady Indians' season went like the old 
"so-close-yet-so-far-away" cliche. Led by 
Coach Dan Murphy and senior quad captains 
Debbie Cohen, Karen Cotter. Amy Falite, and 
Jacey McGinnis. the girls ran their way to 
victory. In a fight for the Merrimack Valley 
Conference - Small School Championship, 
Bil lerica lost to Methuen in a down to the relay 
meet. The girls had a strong team with lots of 
depth and are very hopeful for the success of 
next year's Winter Track Team. 

hv: Jen Ambrose, Dawn Delano, and Jackie Ambrose. Second Row: Varity Coleman, Asst. Coach Claudie 
lauren Caputo, Lori Chenervert, Jill Lawson, Maureen Cronin, Amy Plimpton. Katie Sullivan. Kristcn Wiitala. 
:h Dawn Ducharme. Third Row: Michelle Marinello. Colleen McColgan, Christian Koshabjian, Stacey 
Wendy Ings, Alison Drumm. and Jen Crider. 



1 16.8 

No. Andover 

Poetry In Motion 


This year"s varsity gymnastics team was one of 
school records and close calls. 

Coached by Dawn Ducharme, the team ended the 
season with a 6-2 record and a second place finish in the 
M.V.C. The girls started off the season defeating 
ilmsford for the first time. 113.85 to 113.7, and 
Jed it with a school record, 122.7. against Andover. 
Leading the team against Andover was senior co- 
captain Stacy Sullivan. With an all-around average of 
32.15. she made many of the victories possible, despite 
an injury. 

Senior co-captain Alison Drumm had an excellent 
improvement on vault and floor, while senior co-cap- 
tain Colleen McColgan made her last year an impres- 
sive one with a 7.8 average on floor. Senior Lynne Polsi 
did a terrific job helping out. The seniors w ill greatly 
miss all present and past teammates and thank them for 
ending their four years with a bang. 

Above: Tri-captains Alison Drumm, Colleen McColgan, and Stacey Sullivan 
responsibilities of the team. 

jw: Jeff Oliver. Sean Jenkins. Sean Hutchinson. T.J. Robbins; Second row: Mike Hillis.Jeli DeRosa, Bill 
oro. Matt Rossetti. Matt Carson. Will Ducette: Third row: Coach Tholander, Bill Hogan. Jason Cain. lid Allain. 
Albrecht, Tim Sullivan. Pat Yarnell, Rich Antonellis, Chris Hutchinson. Coach Viglione. 




No. Quincy 

Trying to pin him down. 

Poetry In Motion: 

Beneath the looming shadow of their past accomplishments, 
the new squad of B.M.H.S. wrestlers prepared for their upcoming 
season. Many doubted whether or not the relatively inexperi- 
enced team would be able to recover from the loss of the eight 
senior starters of the 1992-93 season. 

However, the legacy of the elite Billerica wrestling team 
continued to prosper as Coach Viglione and Assistant Coach 
Tliolandor guided the squad through a season of 9 wins and 7 
losses. Those who thought of the Indians as easy prey were 
quickly proven wrong by the team as they fought for each victory 
and conceded to defeat only after a long battle. 

Of the seniors who came and went throughout the season, the 
three who remained spearheaded the largest varsity wrestling 
team in Indians' history. The tri-captains this season were senors 
Chris Hutchinson. Bill Hogan. and Rich Antonellis. Antonellis 
and sophomore Jeff Oliver brought home sectional champion- 
ships, helping to bring the team to a third place finish in the 
Division I State Tournament. Antonellis and junior Matt Hogan 
were the only w restlers to survive the stales and ad> ance to the 
All-State Tournament. Once again, tri-captain Antonellis ad- 
vanced to the New England Tournament after securing the 
second place spot in the 140 lb. in the All-State. With the lone 
wrestler's third place finish among the region's prime talent, the 
1993-94 season came to a close. 




Listen to your soul. Listen to your heart. Listen as the 
trees sway and the wind blows, hear the sounds of spring 
sports The cracking of the bat as a fly ball hits the wind. 
The sound of pain as track players lunge over hurdles. 
The sound of feet screeching on the tennis court. 
Listen to the sound of defeat, the sound of triumph, the 
exhilaration of the crowd as they chant "Go Indians!" 

Yogi Berra 

Most of all, though, hear the sound of the coming 
summer, the sound of completion, the sound of honor, as 
your team comes out on top and plays its hardest to the 
sound of victory. 

Top: Jodi Higgins intimidates the other team. 

Middle: Mike Mastrullo gets ready to strike someone out. 

Bottom: Karen Cotter launches herself into the air. 


Below: Slide! 

Talk It Up! 

Boys Baseball 

The history of the high school's baseball team seems to be repeating 
itself as the Indians captured an excellent season with a record of 1 3-7. 
The boys were strong in every aspect of the game, including hitting, 
fielding, and pitching. The team seemed unstoppable as they defeated 
top-notch teams such as Quincy, Methuen, and Lawrence, all by one 
run. As senior leaders Mike Mastrullo, Tom Pelton, and Rich 
Walukiewicz guided the team to victory, the stands became jammed 
with fans. 

With returning veterans ready to play, the "94 season looks to be just 
as successful. 

Below: Ami Falite looks attentive towards the play. 

Talk It Up! 

Girls Softball 

The Billerica High softball team had to prove itself to many people 
this year. With the loss of five seniors, including pitching-ace Beth 
Love, a lot of the other teams thought Billerica would be an easy win 
for their team. But they were sadly mistaken. Led by senior co-captains 
Amy Falite and Jill Furlong, and with lots of long, hard practices, the 
girls gained confidence in themselves and gave each opponent a tough 
battle. Many were surprised to see Billerica come ever-so-close to 
repeating their reign as MVC champs. 

Co-captain Jill Furlong was the all-conference player for B.M.H.S. 
and juniors Melissa Murphy and Julie Mitza and sophomore Veronica 
Mullholland were MVC all-stars. 

First row: Amy Sherwood. Jodi Higgins. Kerry Day, Ami Falite, Jill Furlong, Courtney Cronin, Melissa Murphy. Becky Baldwin 
2nd row: Caitlin McNulty. Coach Higgins. Kristen Infanger, Shannon Daniels. Heather O'Donnell, Veronica Mullholend. Jen 
McBride. Heather Gadourey, Julie Mitza, Laurie Zawatsky, Robin Morey. Meg Newfell. 

Below: Who's got the ball? 

Talk It Up ! 

Boys Lacrosse 

Loud cheers brought spirit and pride on the lacrosse field as the boys 
team ended their season with a 7-14 record. With experienced coach 
Steven Connolly, the boy's lacrosse team used their strength and 
teamwork to obtain seven victories, three of which were won by over 
eight goals. Tough teams such as Weymouth. Burlington, and 
Framingham were defeated with great efforts by all of the varsity 

The team was controlled by captains Chris Burns, Rhondell Sawyer, 
and Brian Tucker. With great passing skills, fast runners, and quick 
shots on net. Billerica will continue to carry on their winning tradition. 

Departing seniors include: Matt Daly, Jesse Graves, Rob Pagliuca. 
Rhondell Sawyer. Brian Tucker. Chris Burns, Dana Spaulding, and 
Tom Bell. 

As returning veterans and the J. V. team keep working, the '94 season 
looks to be very successful. 

Above: First Row: Malt Daly. Jesse Graves, Rob Pagliuca, Rondell Sawyer, Brian Tucker. Chris Bums. Dana Spaulding. Tom 
Bell. Second Row: Coach Connolly. Tom Weaver, Jason Cain. Jim Ambrose. Geoff Silva, Kevin Downer. Chad Yavarow, Garry 
Britcher. Coach Bishop. Third Row: David Mansfield. Chris Christakis, Ryan Ritiano. Brendan Powderly. Matt Rosetti. Dan 
Dowd. Jason Abelli. Anthony Giadano. 



Left: Chris Burns gets sonic practice before a game. 

Below: Coach Connolly makes a decisive decision concerning the play. 


lerica Opponent 
Austin 1 


Newton So. 8 


Inhns: fS 


Weymouth 3 



Beverly 6 
Concord 7 


Burlington 5 
Lexington 13 


Hingham 1 1 


Austin Prep. 




Masconomet 1 
Lincoln-Sud. 16 


Lexington 9 


Framingham 3 

Rhondell Sawyer and team mates make their v 
onto the field. 

Below: Jen Critch practices before a game. 

Talk It Up ! 

Girls Lacrosse 

The girls lacrosse team made their debut this season by becoming the 
first girls lacrosse team in Billerica High School's history. Although 
there were not many wins for the girls, the team played hard and is 
working on gaining varsity status. 

Despite what people had said in the past, the team was created thanks 
to the dedication of its founders Susan Butler and Moira Powderly. The 
coach was eager enough to lead these young ladies towards an exiting 
season for its fans. 

Although the team ended with a 2-8 record, pride in the girls made 
them the real winners of any club in the league. Practice and experience 
are sure to bring a successful season in the spring of 1995. 

1 st. row: Andrea Belanger. Maureen Cronin. Jen Rollinson. Kathy Umana, Carmen Umana. Jenny Critch, Tara Travis. Katie Lewis 
2nd row: Jill Waters, Karen Spencer. Caroline Massey, ChenoaLencewicz, Nancy Campbel. Maria Picardi. Erin Fermoyle. Andrea 
Button, Coach Caroline O'Brien. 3rd row: Renee Grasso. Amy Miller, Sue Butler, Carlie Lembo. Maureen Battcock. Colleen 
Lynch, Maura Powderly. Michelle Marinello, Manager Jesse Rowley. 



Below: Captains Mark Emmanuel, Mike Henkler. and Scott Roy pose for a picti 

Talk It Up ! 

Boys Volleyball 

The boys volleyball team had a disappointing season 
finishing with a record of 1 - 1 7. Due to last year' s departing 
seniors the team had a hard time re-orgainzing themselves. 

Heading the team were departing seniors Scott Roy, 
Mark Emmanuel, and Mike Henkler. 


IS ' 

First row: Rich Cerasale. Mike Matarazza. Mark Emmanuel. Mike Hinkler, Scott Roy. Chris Guerrierio. 2nd row: Shawn Howe. 
Aaron Donchin, Jawad Absan, Nick Fitzgerald. Doue Pacheco, Mike Hillis. Coach Karen McNulty. 


Left: Mark Emmanuel is ready for the ball. 

Below: Mike Henkler dives lo save the bal 

Billerica Opponent 

Mil ford 


No. Quincy 


St. Johns 




1 Lowell 
1 Somerville 
New Bedford 

Latin Academy 

1 St. Johns 2 
Andover 2 
CT Bryant 2 

2 Methuen 1 
Quincy 2 

Left: Coach MeNulty gets her team stirred up before 
the game. 


Below: Members of the girls track team lake time out to relax. 

Talk It Up! 

Girls Spring Track 

The Billerica girls spring track team had yet another great season 
nth three wins and three losses. These outstanding performers took 
their wins with pride by defeating Wilmington, Dracut, and Lawrence 
all by over forty points. 

Tri-captains Deborah Cohen. Karen Cotter, and Jacey McGinnis led 
the team with leadership as the runners devoted their time, effort, and 
concentration towards both practices and competitions. 

Departing seniors include: Sonya Jordan, Christine Macintosh, Deb 
Cohen. Karen Cotter. Jacey McGinnis, and Melissa Mulvey, whose 
managing efforts deserve thanks. Key returners for the 1994 season 
include: Stephanie Walsh, Jen Rouine, Andrea Salerno, Mel 
Thomas, Jamie Donovan. Jessica Guisser, and the hopeful J.V. te 

Overall, the girls track team had a successful season and looks 
forward to another one. 

First row: Jen McCoy. Sonya Jordan. Karen Cotter, Jacey McGinnis, Deb Cohen. Brittany Soares. Jen Rouine, and Jessica Geisler. 
2nd row: Catherin Patsorakis. Kim Driscoll. Jen Shaffer. Asling Cummerfurd. Michelle Vigina, Lauren Santella, Mellany Connor, 
Wendy Shaffer, and Colleen O'Conner. 3rd row: Coach Lorranger. Laurel Putnam. Nicole Ouellette, Wendy Boudrew, Jen Crider. 
Charlene Ala. Colleen Raney, Danielle Whitcomb. Cathy Aborn, Diana Fay, Kelly Milward, Jamie Donova. Coach Coutoumas, 
and Coach Murpln . 


Below: Coach Chip Jones gives advice to the team. 

Talk It Up ! 

Boys Track 

With the abilities of all members increasing every day, Billeric 
male harriers captured an outstanding record in the Merrimac Valley 
small school division. Strong points were earned in all three events, 
running, throwing, and jumping. The team ended with a great season, 
finishing second overall with a record of 4-2. Key victories included 
Wilmington 102-43. Dracut 105-40, and Haverhill 72-71. 

Key contenders for the team were: Tom McCabe. Ed Crowley, Paul 
Bellino, Brendan Finn. Adam Manoli, Dana King, and Mike Sucheki. 
Great efforts were also made by other varsity contenders, as well as the 
boy's J.V. team. 

Next season's team looks to be even more successful as coaches 
Chandler Jones and Peter Flynn work with both rookies and returning 
veterans. A great thanks goes to the parents and fans who offered great 
support at the meets. 

First row: Adam Manoli, Ed Kiprono. Chad Belanger, Tom McCabe, Ed Crowley 
row: Brendan Finn. Adam Caponigro, Bill Feirea. Niton Gupta, Peter Gonsalves, . 
King. Mike Suchecki. Danny Imbrasso, Jim Powers, Joel Breen. Ed Alain. John O'Brien. Coach Chip Jones 

. 2nd 


Talk It Up 

Girls Tennis 

Below: Tina Carraba and Gayle Pascucci pose for a picture before practice. 

The Billerica High girls varsity tennis team, under the coaching of Shi 
Granfield. had an impressive 1994 season, finishing with a record of 12 
and 4 losses. This record qualified them for their second consecutive visi 
the State Tournament. With six returning seniors, the season promised to he an 
excellent one and these girls made that promise come true. 

The leadership of this year's co-captains, seniors Julie Gibson and Casey 
Mahoney pulled the squad together. Julie headed off the roster at first singles 
w ith her persistent net game. At second singles, senior Tiffany Gurney 
performed consistently well from the baseline. Senior Lisa Katcher, at t 
singles, often came through when needed to secure the team win. 

The doubles teams added outstanding touches to the season. Each duo of 
starters was named by the Boston Globe as League All-Stars. The team of 
senior Gayle Pascucci and sophomore Tina Carraba tied together a powerful 
backhand and a pair of ''fleet feet" to serve up a number of impressive victories, 
including a noteworthy one verse Chelmsford. In the second doubles position, 
Casey and sophomore Suzanne Foisy performed equally well with their share 
of victories. 

Senior Patti Richardson and junior Abbey Spring were also important 
varsity players often rotating in at the third singles position or as a team at 
second doubles. 

The Season was a series of both close and "'runaway" victories. The girls 
to a mere two of their eight contenders, improving on last year's record of 
wins and 5 losses. The victories brought them to the culmination of the 
season at their state tournament match verse Newton South. Although they 
walked away defeated after the first round, Billerica played well with the team 
spirit their opponents lacked. 

First row: Paiti Richardson, Gayle Pascucci. Casey Mahoney, Julie Gibson. Tina Carrabba. Abbey Spring. 2nd row: Coach 
Granfield, Suzanne Foisy. Lisa Katcher. Tiffany Gurney. Alexa Pozniak, Meredith Bridge, Cheryl Harwood, Mary Foley. 

Below: D.J. Butler blasts his serve. 

Talk It Up ! 

Boys Tennis 

The boys tennis team had a tough season finishing with 
a record of 4-14. Victories included Lawrence 5-0 and 
Tewksbury 5-0. 

Senior tri-captains D.J. Butler, Scott Bolser, and John 
Diaz headed the team. Next year hopes to be a more 
promising season. 





I nwpll 


I nwrpnrp 

1 i CI VV 1 \_ 1 1 v^. \_ 







r^pnfr;) 1 

V_. L 1 1 U u 1 



A nrlovpr 




r 3 


























Above: Jeff Bass goes for a vollv 

Left: Seniors John Diaz. D.J. Butler, and Scott 
Bolser pose for a picture with Coach Savero. 


Becky Weaver shows oft' her musical talents. 

Diane Rosati works hard on the school newspaper. 

Sometimes one voice cannot be heard among millions. So what can 
you do? You can join your voice with others who are saying what 
you want to say. 

Organizations give all of us a chance to speak out and speak up, to 
find a place where our voices are heard. 

Amnesty members screamed out for universal human rights, stu- 
dents expressed themselves through the written word in Amanuen- 
sis, opinions were aired and argued in the Billerica Beat, and 
students were given a chance to explore foreign tongues in the 


it CA^it\ |«A * to- Lt toy*!, to- &4 JLJL t&M* 

-E.B. White Q 

Spanish-Italian and French clubs. The Math and Science Leagues 
offered students an objective voice of pure numbers or science. 
THE B.M.H.S. Theatre Company gave students the chance to 
speak in voices other than their own. SADD members spoke out 
against the tragedies of drinking and driving and N.H.S. spoke up 
for service and scholarship. 

Organizations gave us all a voice - so we could say what we wanted 
and needed to say, and so we could say so many different things and 
mean all of them. 


We Say It All 

Working on the 1994 Warrior Yearbook was a daunting, 
challenging task for all a small, but loyal band of Yearbook 
disciples. You can say that again, and that, by the way. is the 
theme of this year's chronicle: You can say that again! In black 
and white, and in very -expensive color, the exploits and foibles, 
the victories and losses of the class of 1994 have been recorded. 
Captions, headlines, and stories chronicle the "best years of our 

With the advice of Mr. Flynn and Miss Maarinaro, and under 
the leadership of Jen Garrett and Diane Rosati. and with special 
hellp from Dorina DeBlasi and Sharon Tabor, the yearbook took 
shape as volunteers typed, wrote, and shaped lay-outs for the 
book you hold in your hand. You'll laugh, you'll cry. and you'll 
remember the good times. You can say that again! 

Below: Co-editor Diane Rosati gets organized. Not! 

French Club Members: Matt Abbot, Jim Ambrose, Lee-ann Benjamin, Steve Brown, 
Laurie Batten. Diane Dempsey, Jessica Donaghey. Laura Este. Carrie Epsimos, Mike 
foley. Sarah Frederick, Mike Gonsalves. Sean Hagan. Lisa Datcher. Dana King Tassilo 
Kroiss, Kelley LeDoux. Jaime Lee. Magda Loret, Cindy McCarron, Jill Melanson. 
Dustienne Miller. Brian Morgan. Karen Morgan. Colleen O'Connor, Dina Passalaqua, 
Matt Rodgers. Dan Sacramone, Amy Shannon. John Stefanyyk, Mike Suchecki, Jenn 
Sullivan, Brittany Soares. Stephanie Walsh, Aubrey Weitz, Tom Weaver 

Spanish/Italian Club Members: Karen Albergo. Lori Ardell, Kristin Burdg 
Bozzi.CoreenBova, Karen Cotter, Erin Campbell. Ed Crow ley, Jamie Foti. Julie ( 
Peter Gonsalves, Kelley Golus. Shelley Gupta. Judy Geehan. Charles' Helling, ! 
Jordan. Matt Keough, Katie Kennedy. Betsy Lowe. Nicole Lopes, Kevin McE 
Lisa Mauriello. Denise Melaragni. David Nardone. Steve McCarthy, Jacey Mc 
Rob Pagliuca. Patti Richardson, Julie Roderick, Kara Shields. Jen Sapienza. 
Scarlata, Kim Tuscano, Kelly Thomas. George Wilson, George Vallee 


Left: Yearbook Staff Top: Mr. Flynn. Faith Catherwood, Karen 
Morgan, Jill Sexton, Tasha Saggese, Jodie Higgins, Tara Foumier, Leah 
Fosmire, Heather Ingalls. Ms. Marinaro. Bottom: Sonya Jordan. Sharon 
Tabor, Diane Rosati. Jennifer Garrett. Dorina Erin Raney 

Below Left: Dorina makes a list, checks it twice. 

Below: Member of the Yearbook staff gather around co-editor Jennifer 

>.D. Members: Helen Devlin, advisor. Karen Albergo, Lisa Atkinson, Matt Demers, Future Teachers of America: Sec. Row: Mr. Paglianilo. Casey Mahoney, Colleen 

erochers. Steve Evitts, Korene Gray, Neeta Jain. Sandy Keefe. Terri LeShane, Melody 
i, Melissa Migliaccio, Taryn Munson. Doug MacKinnon. Shannon Mead.T. McGarry, 
:lle Ouelette. Ed Piasecia, Esther Stinehelfer. Erica Sullivan. Bethany Slack. Amy 
ion, Dennis Simmons, Tara Travis. Sharyl Thompson, Mike Walsh. Aubrey Weitz 

McColgan. Lynne Polsi, Elaina DeBlasi. JtwJi Valin. Rita Head. Meg McNultv. Jon 
Perkins. Cheno Lencewicz. Stacey Thompson, Rich Cerasale. Alicia Mearls. Front 
row: Holly Sargent. Steve Brown. Kelley LeDoux. Sharyl Thompson, Beatrice 
Kiprono, Sandra Picariello, Melissa Mulvey. Missing: Vick Gerry, Gayle Powderly. 
Tenora Bell, Violet Mibei, Rebecca Fulti 


The Written 


The B.M.H.S. literary magazine Amanuensis 
allows students to express themselves through the 
use of words, artwork, and even music. Submitted 
by students and put together by the club*s staff 
and two advisors, the finished collection was 
published in the spring. 

This year's theme "Cast a cold eye on life, on 
death." a quote from William Butler Yeats, leads 
the readers through a non-judgemental look at the 
phases and aspects of our daily lives. The book 
provides a forum for students to say what is within 

Below: Amanuensis Staff: Mrs. Luciano. Jen Garrett. Kate King. Cyndi Pommet. Ken Nichols. M 
Morgan, Phaedra Moore, Ryan Meech, Ben King. Sarah Frederick, Melissa Morris.- Mrs. Breen. 
Loret, Kevin McDermott, Sean Haaan. Sarann Nuon. editors. David Ciccarelli, Erica Anzalone 

Billerica Beat Staff: Mrs. Giroux. advisor. Kristin Aucoin. Cathy Aborn. David 
Ciccarelli. Erika Candeger, Ann Crowther. Aaron Donchin. Carrie Epsimos. Heather 
Ferro. Sarah Frederick. Jennifer Garrett. Judy Geehan. Vicki Gerry. Conie Hemenway, 
Neeta Jain. Sean Lorway, Jaime Lee, Melissa Morris, Karen Morgan. Brian Morgan. 
Kristina Morey. Sarann Nuon. Michelle Ouelette. Nancy O'Leary, Rob Pierce. Alexa 
Pozniak, Diane Rosati. Chris Roncari, Gina Thibert. Sue Tighe. Tracey Warren 

Student Representatives to the School Committe: Michael Gonsal ves. Alexa Pc 
Sarann Nuon, Magda Loret. Marion Saunders 


Free To Speak 
Your Mind 

I Amnesty International 

I Being part of Amnesty International is a bit like trying to take on the 
liorld - literally. Not only are you tiy ing to fight oppressive governments, 
1 it you ' re also fighting your own community which can sometimes be 
• luctant to listen to new ideas. This sort of attitude managed to bring a 
loup of students at Billerica Memorial High School (who otherwise 
I d little in common ) to fight for a common cause. No one could accuse 
I ir chapter of Amnesty International of being overcrowded. Yet, the ten 
I twelve dedicated members who actively participated in Amnesty 
Ihieved more than most clubs at the school. 
I With a desire to help people who were being unjustly treated in their 
I va a mntries, we organized petition drives, T-shiit drives, attended two 
Hies on student human rights, put together infonnative videos, and 
ed very hard to make our school aware of human rights abuses. Just 
I . we thought that BMHS had given upon mankind, we saw tremendous 
[pport from the student body as well as the teachers. It was very 
w arding to see people sign the petitions and comment on our videos. 
There are so many people to thank for helping Amnesty along the 
ad: Mrs. Sidley for being the greatest adviser (as well as human being) 
the world, Mr. Staveley for helping us with our veryfiiistrating video 
j ejects, Dr. Sharkey for his constant encouragement and support of the 
eani/ation, and last but not least, to all the members of the club who 
lade it all worthwhile. 


Amensty International 

Top: Andy Nicoll. Kate King. Stephanie Sanborn. Faith Catherwood, Mrs. Sidley. Eric 
Buhle. Bottom: Karen Morgan. Jennifer Garrett, Magda Loret, Sarann Nuon, Jill 

Below: Mock Trial Members: Lisa Blades. Carrie-Ann Dedeo, Robert DeCoste. Connie 
Hemenway. Bob Hudson, Elizabeth Hogan. KristinaMorey. Allison Bannister. Liberatore, 
Jasmin Morgan, Andrew Jennings. Will Jennings, Mike Gonsalves, Robin Mabe. Mr. 
Giroux, Advisor. 

Senior Leaders: Kerry Murphy, Jessica Yarvitz. Mr. DeFeo. Kim Krawsowski and | 


Outing Club: 

First row (left to right): Stephanie Sanborn, Melissa Mul vey . Melissa Ferris. Dusty Miller 
Second row (left to right - ): Dennis Candelora. Russell Beebe. David Cushing. Robert 
Esphn, Mr. Woodbury. Mr. Patterson Third row (left to right): Lisa Katcher. Jennifer Student Government Senatorial Members: Phaedra Moore, Chns Roncan. 
Fahv, Mike Gonsalves, Eric Buhle. Zoe Lawson. Shelley Gupta Gonsalves. MichelleOuellette,SeanHagan.(m.ssmg:Mel.ssaFerns,Rob.nMabe,l 



Left: The officers of the class of 1995: Adv isor Mrs. connors. Secretary 
Jennifer Sapienza. Treasurer Lisa Muriello. and Advisor Ms. Johansen. 
President Neeta Jain, and Vice President Jennifer Rouine. 

Below: The officers of the class of 1 996: Ad visor Mrs. Giroux. Treasurer 
Bill Rochefort, Secretary Karen Morrison, Vice President Peter Calabrese, 
President Kevin McDermott. and advisor Mr. Giroux. 

Below left: The officers of the class of 1997: Advisor Ms. Capadanno, 
Treasurer Dana Putnam, Vice President Melanie Conners, Secrettary 
Rahul Gill. President Billy Saunders, and advisor Mrs. Adie. 

:e League Members: Mr. Tsoukalas. advisor, Peter Gonsalves. Michael Gonsalves. 
lark. Marc Liberatore. Melissa Thomas, Chris Marshall. Dave Barron, Robert Elias. 
■ay. Shawn Demerjian, Beatrice Kiprono. John Diaz, Robert Esplin. Brian Morgan, 
Morgan. Beth Reeder, Lisa Kaicher, David dishing. Malt Rodgers. Stephanie 
m, Mike Folev 

Audio-Visual Club: 

Standing ( Left to right ): Chuck Kemp. Brad Dioron. Pat Callahan. Don Boulette, Me. 
Walsh, Joy Lafayette. Jay Wilson, Eric Hudson Kneeling: Rob Pierce. Pat Morrison, 
Melissa Morris, Faith Hioles. Nadia Zuk, John Coyne 


Pearls Of Wisdom 

National Honor Society 

This year' s National Honor Society spoke out for schol- 
arship, leadership, service, and character. It held two 
successful blood drives to help the Red Cross. It also held 
a Basketball Shoot-Out to help raise money for the March 
of Dimes. Students shot baskets for sixty seconds and got 
pledges for each basket they made. The society also held 
a successful candle sale to raise funds for the club and other 

Several seniors were inducted this year. They include 
Katie Chalpin. David Cushing, George Wilson, and George 

National Honor Society Members: Cathy Aborn. Lori Ardell, Karen Albergo. NishaBail 
Lyle Bibler, Eric Buhle. Odette Brown. Paul Bellino. David Ciccarelli. Karen Cotter! 
Costello. Katie Chalpin. Erika Candeger, Sarah Frederick, Mike Foley. Tara Foumier 
Falite, Michael Gonsalves. Jen Garrett. Shelley Gupta. Tatiana Hippensteele, Eric Hi 
Marissa Hamilton. Rita Head, Jodi Higgins, Neeta Jain. Laurel Keenan! Lisa Katche 
Lawson. Cathy Legg. Karen Lee Magda Loret. Leslie Mauriello. Robin Morey. Melissa 1 
Jill McLaughlin. Taryn Munson. Kelly Milward. B.J. Marinello, Rich Morey. Kerry Mi 
Melissa Morris. Ken Nicoll, Tracey O'Neill Michelle Ouellette. Steph Pelton. Laurel Pi 
Chris Pomerleau, Patti Richardson. Chris Roncari. Jen Reeder. Matt Rodgers. Faith Sgroi.i 
Spring. Jen Sapienza. Stephanie Sanbom, Laura Simolaris. Katie Slater. Mike Suchccki, J 
Tebbetts, Stacey Thompson. Krystal Tylerly. Tom Weaver. Rebecca Weaver. George V 
Stephanie Walsh. Zack Zichetella 

Student Government Members: Karen Albergo. Eric Buhle. Robert DeCoste. Mike 
Foley. Tiffany Gurney. Peter Gonsalves. Michael Gonsalves, Shelley Gupta, Nitin 
Gupta. Sean Hagan, Brian Hammer. Sonya Jordan. Neeta Jain. Lisa Katcher. Ben King. 
Magda Loret. Keith Levitre. Anne Mabe. Michelle Miller, Phaedra Moore. Kristy 
Michaus, Rich Morey. Ken Nicoll, Michelle Ouellette. Beth Reeder, Chris Roncari. Matt 
Rodgers. Marion Saunders. Stephanie Sanborn, Chris Spring. Shawna Scarlata, Kym 
Tuscano. Eddie Vedder 

REM-Square Members: Mr. Warden, advisor. Robert Esplin. Neeta 
Jennings. Cathy Legg, Marc Liberatore. Ken Nicoll, Michelle Ouellette. 
Eddie Vedder 

Jain, wl 
Chris R( I 

iff ^ 

hi Ensemble 

l, Bethany SI 
on. Taren M 
Burke. Zoe L 
Diana Peta. 

First row (Left to right): Mrs. Robertson, Carrie-Anne Dedeo, Jen 
ack, Mike Medeiros, Steve Brown. Therein Hatch. Mike Ferro. Karen 
unsen, Melissa Morris Second row (Left to right): Stacey Thompson, 
awson, Russell Bebee. Jim Krochune, Chad Belanger. Joel Breen. Lucas 
Dustie Miller. Rebecca Weaver, Kelly Thomas 

Chorus: (First Row): Tiffany Chapman. Kelley Ladouv Anne Coffee. Kristine 
Matthews, Jeff Gage, Carolyn Cardella. Diana Peta. Karen McGill. Andrea Destefano. 
(Second Row) Angelica Mclnerny. Brian Morgan. Lisa Kinser, Chris Marshall. 
Meghan Robertson. Melanie Conners. Karen Morgan. Erica Sullivan. (Third Row ) 
Laura Meisner, Jackine Tenini. Cindy Roberts. Paul Prestia. Theresa LaShane. Brian 


Listen To The Doctor 

Below: Zoe Lawson and Kelly Thomas: stand-off. 

September. Auditions for The Good Doctor. After School, Auditorium. 
New Faces, Old Faces. Nervousness. Jaycee B. and Mr. Gage scurrying about 
getting ready. Fill in the forms - Name, Past acting experience, What part do you 
want. Waiting for your name to be called. Expectation. On stage, reading words 
you never saw before. Improvisation. It's over, wondering, did you do well? 

Waiting for the posting of the list. 

The list is up, and your name is there. 

First Cast Meeting - sitting on the stage, holding your part of the script, 
listening to scenes, reading your own, laughing. 

Rehearsal Schedule. You only rehearse with those who are in your scene, 
never knowing how other scenes are going, not remembering what they all were. 
Learning lines. Blocking. Character improvisation. Waiting for Gage to show 
up. Rehearsing. 

Show coming soon, a week away. The first run through. Watching the show, 
remembering each part. Laughing. Meeting/seeing people you forgot or didn't 
know were in the show. The separate scenes become a play. 

Opening night. Jitters, stage fright. Make-up. Costumes. Lights go up. 
Listening at the stage door. Are the people laughing? Will our three months 
effort be fruitful? The laughter comes. People are good, they laugh at all the right 
places, even at some new ones. 

Waiting in the wings. Hear your cue. Walk on to the stage. Stand in the light. 
Make people laugh. 

Right: Brian Hammer is "The Good Doctor.' 


Talking In Our Sleep 

Right: Chad Belanger and Jesse Graves crash in the cafe. 

Below: Stephanie Reska, Mary Battcock. Jill Furlong, Stacey Sullivan, and Kelly 
Eastman entertain the crowd. 


Above: Make room. ..the guys are in the house! 
Left: Carla Ramano stays the night. 


w- Alison Drumm, Melissa Bishop, and Marion Saunders enjoy the 
at Class Day. 

</t- Prom King Matt Eisnor and his Queen, Julie Gibson, dance the night away. 

You only need to say something once if you say it the right way. 

We said "hello" to the world and "hi" to our friends every morning. 
We said "Sorry I'm late" too many times to count and we groaned 
"I hate Mondays" after every weekend. "Is it Friday yet?" we 
questioned every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We re- 
peated our mantra "I hate tests, I hate tests" as we took every one 
of them. 

We spoke in smiles and laughter every day. 


We said "I'm sorry" again and again, but we tried to learn from our 

We spoke our minds and gave opinions freely, and repeatedly, 
much to the dismay of some. 

We said "We're here" and would not let anyone forget. 

And finally we said, we whispered, we shouted, we chanted: WE 


And you can definitely say that again. 


Annual Musical 
Takes "Carousel" 
For A Spin 

This year's musical, "Carousel," was performed by a 
multi-talented cast and a hardworking crew of over 100 
people. A more dramatic and serious show than last year's 
comical "Bye, Bye, Birdie," "Carousel" is about Billy 
Bigelow (played by Chad Belanger) and Julie Jordan (Beth 
Flaherty),who meet at a carnival in May of 1873. The two 
eventually marry and live with Julie' s cousin, Nettie Fowler 
( Becky Weaver). Billy gets himself mixed up with a brutish 
figure. Jigger Craigin (Jim Krochune), and during a robbery 
attempt, Billy is killed. To get into Heaven, Billy must 
perform a good deed down on Earth. He goes back to Earth 
to help his daughter Louise (Dustie Miller). Once he 
accomplished this task, Billy begins his journey back to 

With elaborate costumes, wonderful scenery, and ex- 
tremely beautiful singing, the performance was definitely 
deserving of the standing ovation received each of the three 
nights the play ran. 

The rest of the leads included Annette Strassberger 
(Carrie Pipperidge), Brian Hammer (Enoch Snow), Missy 
Miller (Mrs. Mullins), Kelly Thomas (Heavenly Friend), 
Lyle Bibler (Starkeeper and Dr. Seldon), and Theron Hatch 
(Enoch Snow, Jr.). Other graduating cast members who 
will be missed dearly are Jacey Bokuniewicz, Zoe Lawson, 
Diana Peta, Laurel Keenan, and Lynne Polsi. 

Above: Julie ( Belli Flaherty) is won over by Billy's (Chad Belanger) smooth style. 

Right: Mr. Snow (Brian Hammer) entertains Carrie (Annette Strassberger) and friends. 

Below: "Need I say more?" asks Chad Belanger. 

"These Are The 

Times To 
Remember . . . ' 

Everyone always says that these are the best years of our 
lives. Well, June 1, 1994, was certainly one of the best 
nights of our lives, truly a "time to remember," as the class 
of 1994 met one last time to party with friends and flames 
at the Senior Prom. 

The seniors danced, joked, and generally had a great time 
at the Westin Hotel in Waltham. The disc jockey was great 
and Billy Joel's classic-our theme- brought back memo- 
ries to everyone there. The international food court-style 
buffet was a great opportunity to pig-out for those whose 
tuxes and dresses offered a little extra room. 

We could not say all that was in our hearts that night, all 
that we thought as we twirled around the dance floor, 
looking strangely adult and sophisticated. But by the time 
10:30 came around shoes were scattered on the floor, 
jackets were off and we were just us, having one last blast 

Above: Nicole Lopes and Amy Cram pose for a final shot together. 
Left: Jennifer Critch. Kristen Burdge. Jessica Bevis and their dates prepare 


Below: King Matt Eisnor and Queen Julie Gibson with the 1994 Court. Top: Theron 
Hatch. Katie Chalpin. Mike Mastrullo. Rhondell Sawyer, Kim Krasowski and Emmanuel 
Cabral. Bottom: Kara Giblin. Julie Gibson. Matt Eisnor. and Rebecca Erikson. 

Below : Can we say 

Below: Melissa Mulvey takes a "swing" 

Class Day: 
Class Act 

A long flotilla of Billerica cars moved up the highway 
toward Cedardale for the annual Class Day romp. Graduation 
practice went well, and the weather was a warm but cloudy 75 
degrees as the class of 1994 got ready to let loose. Cedardale 
offered something for everyone: miniature golf, a hot tub, 
volleyball, tennis, whiffle ball. There was a lot of opportunity 
for friendly competition. Many, of course, chose to do some 
serious lounging around the pool, while others headed for the 
huge barbecue buffet spread. 

Chaperones, including Mr. DeFeo, Mr. Colangelo, Mr. 
O'Brien and Mrs. Endicott, looked on approvingly and, we 
think, affectionately. It was always easier to get this class to 
have fun than buckle down, and here was a day to do just that! 

Above: Jacey Bokuniewicz and Beth Flaherty relax for a minute from all the 
strenuous activities. 

Right: Walk like an Egyptian! 


|v: Michelle Miller, Dustie Miller, Hilarie Smutek, Michelle Morgan, Kristy Michalek, and Julie Roderick Below: Sonya Jordan and Annette Strassberger wind upon the golf 
around the pool. course. 

"We must embrace life and with it, the hopes and 
dreams of a better one. We must strive to make the 
most of our dreams and of the time we have. 
We hold the future in our hands, we are the masters 
of our own destinies, and we must not give up before 
we even begin. We can make our lives extraordinary 
if only we have the courage to try, to imagine all that 
we can be. We must dream and hope and plan the 
impossible. For we have the power to make it 

We have the power to change the world." 

-Jennifer Garrett 

"There were times when we all laughed together. 
There were times when we laughed at each other. 
There were times when someone was laughed at. 
There were also times we cried together. There 
were also times when people cried alone. 
A friend of mine made a list of rules to try to cope 
with in the future: 'Trust people. Believe in your- 
self. Keep your head up but not your nose. Look for 

-Zoe Lawson 

"Four years ago, we entered this school as nervous 
and apprehensive freshmen. We approached school 
looking at new faces and new beginnings. With all 
of the adjustments that were taking place, it was 
difficult to concentrate on being united as a class. 
Here we are at graduation. The time that our parents 
have been cautioning us about has finally arrived. 
We must begin a new life for ourselves-and even 
start to do our own laundry and cleaning. Our class 
size is large in numbers, but the greatest quality of 
our class is in the strength, character and personal- 
ity of each individual. There is inside of us the 
potential to be what we want to be." 

-Amy Falite 

Amy Fulite leads the turning of the tassel. 

Top: Jennifer Garrett, Kim Krasowski. and Jessica Yarvitz clap as their classmates 
receive their diplomas. 

Middle: Nicole Lopes and Melissa Mulvey are all smiles after graduating. 

Bottom: Rebecca Weaver gets a little support from Joe Meuse. 

Above right: Everyone is happy to receive their diplomas, especially Mary Albanese and 
Craig Adams. 

Right: One last huddle of friends: Helen Corcoran, Vicki Gerry, Michelle Veglas, Lisa 
Powers, and Erika Candeger. 



^ All-*.. 

Left: Dustie Miller wows the crowd with her playful singing and her feather boa. 
Above: Becky Baldwin and Christine Clooney perform a flute duet. 


Senior Awards 

Scholarships/ Awards 

Below: Mary Battcock receives her trophy as the Class of 1994 Female Athlete. 

CLASS OF 1994 

Harriet O'Connell Memorial Scholarship 

St. Theresa's Women's Club Scholarship 
Sons of ItaJy Billerica Mixed Lodge #2268 Scholarship 
In Memory of Salvatore Grieco 
James Breitmaier Memorial Fund for the Arts 
Thtlma L. Brown Memorial Scholarship 

Nicola Miccozzi .Memorial Scholarship 

Choral Music Department Scholarship 
Billerica Clerical Union (NAGE) Scholarship 
Phillip I. Collins Memorial Scholarship 
Billerica Garden Club Scholarship 
In Honor of Marv Arnold 
Howe H.S. - BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship 
and the Ralph Brigham Memorial Award 
Parker School Parent/Teacher Group Scholarship 
Kenneth B. Collins Memorial Scholarship 

William H. Lavery Memorial Scholarship 
Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship 
kann's Kookies Scholarship 
Thomas Meagher. Jr. Memorial Scholarship 
Northern Bank and Trust Scholarship 
Billerica Emblem Club Scholarship 
In Memory of Harriet L. O'Connell 
Minuteman Sportsman Club Scholarship 

Billerica Little League Education Award 
In Memory of Arthur C. and Peg Skelton 
Locke Middle School Scholarship 
Billerica Rod & Gun Club 
In Memory of Patrick Scollin 

Technical Career Scholarship 
Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship 
Analog Devices Scholarship 
Ami Jones Memorial Scholarship 
Carrie Keves Memorial Scholarship 
Billerica Elks Local Scholarship 
Billerica Federation of Teachers Scholarship 
Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship 
and In Memory of Amy Ward 
Ha j jar Parent Association Scholarship 
Terry Kilroy Memorial Scholarship 

Marshall Middle School Scholarship 
1st Lieutenant William J. Love Memorial Scholarship 

Above: Mr. Dunakin presents Dennis Candelora with the Jeff Dunakin Memorial 

Dr. Calabrese gives Lucas Breen the Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship. 

Dutile PTO Scholarship 
Nathaniel Burnett Scholarship 
Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship 
Billerica Pop Warner Scholarship 
Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Scholarship 
Rev. John T. Law ler Scholarship 
Elsie LeVasseur Memorial Scholarship 
Yining Home & School Association Scholarship 
In Memory of Marianne Kicza 
Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship 

Keith Bryan Rist Memoral Scholarship 
Billerica Youth Soccer Association Scholarship 
Kathleen A. Beautler Memorial Scholarship 
Chuck Lampson Scholarship 
In Honor of Former Superintendents 
Mr. William Flaherty , Mr. Fredrick Reil, 

and In Memory of Mr. Paul Heffernan 
Middlesex Women's Club Scholarship 

Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship 
Stephen Rohnert Memorial Scholarship 

Ditson School Association Scholarship 

Jeff Dunakin Memorial Scholarship 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship 
Kennedy School P.T.O. Scholarship 
In Honor of Catherine L. Torre 

Billerica Lions Club Scholarship 
In Memory of R. Myrton Davis 
Julie A. Sanderberg Achievement Award 

Joanne O'Brien Memorial Scholarship 
Sterling Savings Bank Scholarship 

DuPont Merck Billerica Scholarship 
Billerica Rotary Scholarship 
In Memory of Michael Olivieri 

Krau Family Scholarship 
Billerica Arts and Crafts Association 
Lisa Tammaro Scholarship 
Phil Heffernan Memorial Fund 
Foundation Scholarships 

Billerica League of Women Voters/Donna Tuttle Memorial Scholarship 
Cirriculum Associates 25th Anniversary Award 

Above: Magadalena Loret receives the Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship 
from Dr. Calabrese . 

t: Joe Muse receives his U.S. Coast Guard Appointment. 

Below: Dr. Calabrese gives Jill McLaughlin the Rev. John T. Lawler 

Teens Of The Month 

October Teens 
Eric Buhle 
Zoe Lawson 

November Teens 

Chris Spring 
Dustienne Miller 

December Teens 

Eric Hudson 
Jessica Yarvitz 

January Teens 
Lyle Bibler 
Amy Falite 

February Teens 

Paul Bellino 
Jennifer Garrett 

March Teens 
Sean Hagan 
Rebecca Eriksen 

April Teens 
Jeevanada Ramapriya 
Patricia Richardson 

Teen of the Year 
Dustienne Miller 




Cabot Corporation Scholarships 



Massachusetts Elks Scholarship 

Secondary Reading Department 
English Department 
Art Department 
Foreign Language Department 
Home Economics Department 
Industrial Technology Department 
Mathematics Department 
Science Department 

Music Department 

Business Department 

Office Simulation Award 

Marjorie F. Cooney Memorial Award 

Special Education Department 

Social Studies Department 

The Sidney Sher Award 

Work Study Department 

Physical Education Department (Male) 

Physical Education Department (Female) 

Journalism Department 

Writing Department 
Boston Globe Art Awards 

High Honor Awards 



Teenager of the Year Award 

Daughters of the American Revolution 

Class of 1994 MALE ATHLETE 







Perfect Attendance Award 



Class of 1994 FEMALE ATHLETE 

Amy Ward Memorial Foundation Award 



Left: Kristy Mickalek, Jamie Nutloli. Michele Morgan, and Kari Sullivan receive the 
Amy Ward Memorial Foundation Award with several others. 

Below: Rebecca Eriksen receives the Carrie Keyes Memorial Scholarship. 


dent Government Day Representatives 


ster of Sport Award 


te C hampions 

ine Talbot Award 

ted States Military Academy 

A est Point Appointment 

ited States Coast Guard Appiontmcnt 

. \ir Force Science / Math Award 

ny Reserve Scholar Award: 



ted States Marine Academic Award 
ted States Marine Athletic Award 
line Music Award (SemperFi) 

ional Merit Finalist 

tsachusetts Associates of 
Superintendents Awards 

idance Office Award 

in Office Award 

inr House Office Award 

ncipal's Award 

Ms' Office Award 

iClass of 1994 


'(Class of 1994 




Class <)/1994 


Class of 1994 












Presidential Academic Fitness Awards 
Maintaining an 85% or Above for Four Years B.M.H.S. 

Erica Anzalone 

Magdalena Loret 

Nicole Bachand 

Anne Mabe 

Russell E. Beebe 

Robert Marinello. Jr. 

Paul Joseph Bellino. Jr. 

Leslie Mauriello 

Lyle S. Bibler 

Jill C. McLaughlin 

Melissa Bishop 

Joseph E. Meuse 

Lindsay Blair 

Dustienne L. Miller 

Adam Bridge 

Melissa Erin Miller 

Odette Vanessa Brown 

Michelle Dawn Miller 

Eric R. Buhle 

Phaedra Noelle Moore 

Christopher Bums 

Melissa Dawn Mulvey 

David Butler 

Kerry J. Murphy 

Erika L. Candeger 

Jason Nigro 

Kathryn M. Chalpin 

Sarann M. Nuon 

Karen Cotter 

Tracey L. O'Neill 

David M. dishing 

Gay le M. Pascucci 

Carrie A. Ennion 

Tara Paskiewicz 

Rebecca M. Eriksen 

Edward Piasecki 

Jennifer L. Fahy 

Jeevanadhar Ramapriya 

Amy L. Falite 

Beth A. Reeder 

Bethany Flaherty 

Patricia A. Richardson 

Michael E. Foley 

Kristie Lee Rogers 

Tara J. Foumier 

Diane M. Rosati 

Jennifer Garrett 

Tasha L. Saggese 

Justin K. Glass 

Stephanie A. Sanborn 

Michael Gonsalves 

Marion F. Saunders 

Kelly Graham 

Jill C. Sexton 

Shelley Narian Gupta 

Christopher M. Shaffer 

Tiffany Erin Gupta 

Leigh F. Sharrock 

Sean Joseph Hagan 

Kara M. Shields 

Brian J. Hammer 

Hilarie J. Smutek 

Rita M. Head 

Christopher Spring 

Jodi L. Higgins 

Rosemarie Staudhammcr 

Eric Thomas Hudson 

Kari A. Sulli\ an 

Ruth Y. Huerta 

Michele ML Venezia 

Kate Amanda Hyland 

Rebecca M. Weaver 

Lisa M. Katcher 

Lauren A. Wells 

Laurel H. Keenan 

George Wilson 

Zoe L. Lawson 

George L. Woods. Ill 


Lett: Kendra Kreonte, Dennis Candelora, and 
Rhondell Sawyer work and study in the Senior 




§ the 1 

= Future o 


Congratulations, Joe Towne!! We are all 
very proud of all your accomplishments. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Kellie, Jeff, Amanda 


Congratulations, Becky! Thank you for 
the memories. May your star be bright, 
clearly light your way and lad you truly. 
We love you. 

Mom, Jenny and Josh. 


May you someday know how proud we are 
of you and The joy your growing up into a 
young woman has brought of us. We love 
you dearly. Good Luck and much loe and 
happiness always. Dad and Cathy. 

Congratulations Julie Gibson on a job well 
done! We wish you love, laughter and hap- 
piness. Love from Mom, Dad, Timmy and 

Congratulations Jennifer Rao 
It goes without saying that we are proud of 
you. Our only wish is that all your dreams 
come true. Don'e forget we will always love 
you, and be there for you to lean on. Love, 
Ma, Dad and Joseph. 

Congratulations, Olaf: May all your dreams 
come true. Love- Mom, Dad, & the girls 

Michele- We are so proud of you. Keep up 
the good work. We wish you only the best in 
all your future plans. Love from Mom, Dad, 
Michael, Steven, and Randy 

To Jenn Critch- Life is just beginning-Enjoy 
and remember we love you!- Love, Mom, 
Dad, and Matt 

We've been tough, we've been rough, but 
we've always been proud!! We love you, 
Jamey, -Mom, Dad, Chris, Bob 

Scott Roy- Congratulations Scott Roy!!! 
Love, Mom, Dad. Nick and Socks. 


' 207 

Best Of Luck 

From The 
Class Of 1997 

Country Club of Billenca 
Baldwin Road 
Billerica. MA 01821 
Pro Shop (508) 667-8061 
School (508) 670-5.196 



Barrie Bruce 
1 1 Sherwood Drive 
Westford. MA 01886 
(508) 692-6745 

CLASS OF 1994 




Sterling Bank of Billerica 
508 Boston Road 1-800-252-9525 








Congratulations To The Class Of 1994 

From The 
Class Of 1996 

Visit Your Hometown Independent One-Stop Bank 



Member F.D.LC. 

Acton • Billerica • Burlington • Chelmsford 
• Littleton • Melrose • Westford • Woburn 



Congratulations Janneen! 
Yabba-dabba-do! You did it! We want 
you to know we are proud of you- includ- 
ing Penny! We know you'll be a success 
in whatever you do, (as long as you stay 
off the phone!) 

Love, Mom, Dad, Danielle, and Penny 

You're the best, Jennifer Elizabeth 
Garrett! and I'm so very proud of you, as 
are all your family. We know you're des- 
tined for great things, and have the bright- 
est possible future ahead of you. Keep 
doing what you love, you do it all so well. 
I love you so much, and always will. Mom 

Chris Burns- You're The Best Burnsie- 

For all that you are Chris- 
and for all you're about to do- 
Your knowledge and athletic skills- 
Have made us so proud of you.- 
Love Mom and Dad 

Best of Luck From 

Groom Transportation, Inc. 

3 Plank Street 
BnxEWCA, Massachusetts 01821 
Fax (508) 663-7354 




Systems, Inc. 




CLASS OF 1994 

900 Technology Park Drive 
Billerica, MA 01821 




specializing in PC networking 

ind tented 

to provide sales • service • upgrades 



P.O. BOX 261 


PHONE: (508) 670-9340 
FAX: (508) 670-9327 



V J 








Caii our office fpr a free brochure 




Melissa Bishop! 
You are very 
special to us. We 
are very proud of 
you, your aca- 
demic and ath- 
letic accom- 
Love from Dad, 
Mom, Steve and 

Congratulations Rob Sturk. We are proud of all of 
your accomplishments but more importantly we are 
proud of the person you have become. Best of luck 
in your future. Love Mom, Dad and Chris. 









Congratulations Betsy ! We are so very proud 
of you and we wish you all the best in the 
future- you deserve it. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Katie, Gram, Nana and 
Uncle Larry. 




Best Of Luck 

To The 
Class Of 1994 

From The 
Class Of 1995 




Inhri D137- T ovp tr\ Tohn 

J Ullll \-J 1 CIA L^iKJ V C l\J J UI111 

Diaz rrom his proud ram- 

Congratulations Denise Ramsey. You're very 
special to us and we are proud of you and love 
you very much. 
Love, Dad, Mom, and Tiffany 

Karen, we are proud of you and your accom- 
plishments in high school. We wish you the 
same success in college. Love you, Mom, 
Dad, and Matthew 

Dear Kristy Michalek- You're so special and 
such a joy to us. We're so proud of you. 
Congratulations, honey: 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Jon 

Congratulations Jacey! 
We' re very proud of you and all your accom- 
plishments. The best of luck and happiness 
to you in the future. 
Love from Mom, Dad, Jen, and Jim. 

Leslie M. with so much Love and Pride we 
congratulate you on your accomplishments. 
Thanks for the memories! Love, Mom, Dad, 

Congratulations- Matt Daly ! We are so proud 
of you .... Wishing you happiness always- 
with Love, Mom, Dad, and Brendan. 

Congratulations Kritty! In your own special 
way you did it ! We are so happy. Here's to your 
fabulous future 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Teddy 

Congratulations T, Don't let the sharks bite. 
Have a whale of a future. Love Mom, Dad 
and Steve. 

Congratulations Dennis ! We are very proud of 

Love Mom, Dad, and Brandi. 



Matt, Mary, Scott and Sharon! 



Leo Roy 


61 7-272 6 6 17 




Congratulations Tara! 
We are proud of you today and everyday. 
Our best wishes for your future. In our 
hearts, you are already a success. 
Love, Mom and Brian 

Congratulations: Brian McCormick, You've 
come a long way and have made us very proud 
of you and your accomplishments. The future 
is yours. "GO FOR IT!" Love Mom and Kevin. 

Congratulations Katie Chalpin! Thanks for 
being the kid every parent dreams of. May 
your life be rich with happiness and good 
friends. Love from Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Eric Busalacchi ! We are proud 
of you and all that you have accomplished. You 
are the best !!! Love from Mom, Dad, and 

"Congratulations Brian McGonagle !" Words 
can not begin to express how proud we are of 
you. May life hold nothing less than the best 
for you. With all our love from Mom, Dad 
and Erin. 

To our special daughter Gayle Pascucci. We're 
proud of you for all your hard work and ac- 
complishments. Love from Mom and Dad. 


Congratulations B.M.H.S. graduate on ajob 
well done! Best of luck in all of your future 
plans! Love always, Andy, Laura, Mom and 

Congratulations! Stephen J. Fulgoni. We are 
so proud of you. We wish you much good luck 
and happiness in the future. Love. Ma, Dad. 
David, Kristin, Joseph, Michael. Maria. An- 
thony, and Andrew. XXOO 

Congratulations Theron Hatch. We always 
knew you would succeed in High School. 
You have always made us proud, even if we 
didn't always tell you. The future is yours. 
Love, Mom and Garrett 

Congratulations Jodi Higgins! 
We are proud of you not only for your accom- 
plishments but for the wonderful person that 
you are! You have brought so much happiness 
to your entire family. We Love You! Mom. 
Dad, and family 





from your 

to the class of 




Congratulations, Tammy Jalbert. 

We are very proud of 
you! Wishing you lots 
of happiness in the 
years ahead. You are 
most special to us! ! 

Love always, Mom, Dad, and Kirk 

Becky Ericksen-We are so proud of your 
accomplishments ! Dad and Sookhim, Jenny 
and Josh, Mimi and Pappy, Mimi and Doug, 
Eddy and Paula, Carol, Mary and Sully, 
Katy and Joe, and all your cousins ! We love 
you, Becky. 





Billerica Mall 
480 Boston Road • Billerica, MA 1 82 1 

(508) 667-7275 


To The 
Class Of 1994 


Tuxedos For All Occasions 
Rentals • Sales • Service 

480 Boston Road 
(Billerica Mall) 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(508) 670-9366 


Congratulations T 

Don't let the sharks bite. Have a whale of a 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Stevie 

Dear Leah, I should have realized you'd grow up! 
You'll always be my darling daughter. I hope 
we'll always be friends. 
Love, Mom 

Congratulations Erin, We love you and we're so 
proud of you. You'll be a great lawyer! 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Kerry 

Congratulations Gwen! 

We have watched you become a sensitive, caring, 
and responsible woman. But part of you will 
always be our little girl. Remember we love you 
very much and we will always be here for you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Congratulations, we are very proud of you. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Rob, Brian, & Mandy 


Pride in product 
+ Polite Service 

Pendleton Photography 

We practice the basic equation of 
customer satisfaction everyday! 

520 Boslon Road, Billcricn, MA (508) 667-7298 

Preserving m emoiies for the G reater Lowell area over 17 years! 



Best Of Luck 
Class Of 1 994 


Cabot Corporation 
Billerica Technical Center 
157 Concord Road 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 


Best Wishes To The Class Of 1994 

Trust the dentists who 
stand by their work. 

From dental implants that feel 
like your own teeth . . . 

complete satisfaction 

to advanced dentistry for 
children and adults. 


508) 667-0025 or Toll Free 1-800-427-0025 



to the Billerica High School Senior Class, 
and especially to our loyal employees 

Kristy Michalek and Michele Morgan 


Burlington Mall Food Court 

The World's Finest Ice Cream — and a great place 
for Billerica High School Students to work. 







to THE 

Class of 1994! 

"no matter where 

your future takes you, always 

remember to reach for the stars. 

Best wishes to the class of 1994!" 

--Cliff Critch 

(508) 667-4171 • 655 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 





Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1994! 

Hayes Instrument 
Service, Inc. 

530 Boston Road (Rte. 3A) 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(508) 663-4800 

Electronic Repair & Calibration 

Direct traceability to the National 
Institute of Standards & Technology 

Fast repair service on most types of 
electronic and mechanical test equipment. 

Best Wishes 
Class Of 1994 

f * 

W Orchard Hill 


667-9661 BILLERICA MA Ol 82 1 

Best Wishes To The 
Class Of 1994 

The Staff Of 

O/j // J? "%/ s> BROOKSIDE CONDOS 

<^Zs&*za>u£ ^Zs. <Lylee/e- 330 boston road suite 2 

' N BILLERICA, MA 01862 
PRESIDENT 663-3917 

•IB W 4 ' ww 



667-0930 408 BOSTON RD. 





414 Mass Avenue 

Main Office 

215 Lexington Street, Woburn, MA 01801 


43 Village Square 


45 Main Street 


482- Boston Rd., Rte, 3A 


13 Center Street 


265 Great Road 


514-516 Franklin Street 

Woburn Mall 

300 Mishawum Rd 

Woburn Center 

6 Common Street 




599 Boston Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

(508) 663-9040 


^five&ieu ^lemwiaf ^ane^a/ ffifome 


66 Concord Road ♦ Billerica, MA 01821 
(508) 667-9934 


Wilfred J. Laurendeau Dean M. Laurendeau William J. Laurendeau 




EVERETT, MA 02149 

(617) 389-1296 
(508) 667-6798 


National Datacomputer, Inc. 

The Middlesex Technology Center 
900 Middlesex Turnpike, Bldg. 5 
Billerica. MA 01821 
Telephone: 508/663-7677 
FAX: 508/667-1869 


(508) 667-6798 

15 KIRK RD. 


F P 

T Z 

L P E D 
r E C F D 


E D r C I t 


1 Andover Road 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 
(508) 663-3100 

Hours by Appointment 


Best Wishes 
325 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA. 01862 


/ 9 Sterling Road Building 4 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01862 
Phone (508)670-9181 Fax (508)670-2491 

Communications network services of the highest standard 

Advanced satellite communications networks 

Interactive digital broadband networks/multimedia 

Data - Video - Voice / WAN-LAN-MAN / VSAT-BTV-DBS 
Wireless networks - Networking products 

Program S Project management - Contract service 



TEL: (508) 667-2757 FAX: (508) 670-5763 



"Our Fuel Makes Warm Friends" 


(508) 458-6781 
(508) 667-9218 


Rte. 3A, 19 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01862-1099 

1 1 Laurie Ann Lane 
Billerica, MA 01821 

May your Future be filled with Good Luck 
and much Happiness 

(617) 935-0185 
(508) 667-2301 
Fax (508) 667-7779 




Rte. 3A at the Concord River Bridge, 
No. Billerico, MA 01 862 

Residential • Commercial • Industrial 





Proud to be part of the 
Billerica Community 
since 1968 


Fax: 508-667-4104 

Serving Companies Across the Country 
with Quality Die Castings 


Uniglobe Travel 
1 Survey Circle 
N. Billerica. MA 

Barry Danzig D.D.S. 
662 Boston Road 
Billerica. MA 01821 

C R Machine Company 
13 Alexander Road 
Billerica. MA 01821 

Paul R. Cedrone D.M.D. 
474 Boston Road 
Billerica. Ma 01821 

Stans Auto Serv. 
98 Boston Road 
N. Billerica. MA 

Hughes Lumber Co. 
15 Letchworth Ave. 
N. Billerica. MA 

Tanyx Measurements Inc. 

Stoneham Co-operative Bank 

505 Middlesex Tnpk. 

480 Boston Road 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Billerica. MA 01821 

One Stop Market 

Billerica Public Library 

420 Boston Road 

25 Concord Road 

Billerica. MA 

Billerica. Ma 01821 

Killian & Lentine 

Ralph J. Mckenna. Attorney 

409 Boston Road 

451 Middlesex Tnpk. 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Pease Graphics. Inc. 

Sterling North America 

8 Thistle Lane 

27 Sterling Road 

Billerica. MA 

Billerica. MA 01862 

Guy's Auto Body 

Classic Composition of Boston 

Innis Drive 

2 Faulkner Road 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Louis B. Gross D.D.S. 

Aotco Metal Finishing Inc. 

221 Boston Road #5 

1 1 Suburban Park Drive 

N. Billerica. MA 

Billerica. MA 01821 

Optical Systems & Technology. Inc. 
152 Rangeway Road 
North Billerica. MA 01862 





247 Boston Road 
No. Billerica, MA 01862 
(508) 667-6151 


Additional Contract Services 
A Division of ATI 
330 Boston Road 
P.O. Box 490 
Billerica, MA 01821-0490 

Steven J. Tintle 



Fax: 508-663-2066 

Class of '95 
and continued success! 



To subscribe call 1-800-339-4092 



■ M A R Tl 



Your Prescription Value Store 

Philip J. Cavaretta 
Gerry Whitney 
BS, Reg. PH 

♦ Copy & Invitations 

♦ Hallmark Gifts 

♦ Video Tape Rentals 

♦ Open 365 Days 

492 Boston Rd., The Billerica Mall, Billerica, MA 01821 



Co ngra tu la tions! 

Our Best Wishes 
to the 
Class of '94 

From the teachers who publish 
5 Esquire Road 
North Billerica, MA 01862 
(800) 225-0248 


599 Boston Rd. Rt 3A Billerica, MA 

Bedding Plants - Hanging Plants - Hardy Mums 
Perennials - Annuals - Ported Roses 
Cyclamens - Poinsettias 
Vegetable Plants - Fresh Vegetables - Apples 

Your Best Source of Quality Plants 
for Spring - Summer - Fall & Winter Beauty 

Gil Griggs 
Bill Griggs 

(508) 667-91 1 1 







3 3934 0022 1943 5 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room